Table 2: Diffusion coefficients of the model of $15~M_{\odot}$ with $v_{\rm ini}= 300$ km s-1 when $X_{\rm c}= 0.571$.
$M_r/M_\odot$ $N_\mu^2$ $N_{\rm T}^2$ $D_{\rm ang0}$ $D_{\rm chem0}$ $D_{\rm ang1}$ $D_{\rm chem1}$ $D_{\rm ang1P}$ $D_{\rm chem1P}$ $D_{\rm shear}$ $U_{\rm circ}$
6.5726 0.48E-06 0.73E-07 0.12E+13 0.17E+09 0.15E+14 0.68E+10 0.55E+14 0.49E+11 0.40E+04 -0.19E-03
$U_{\rm magn}$       -0.66E+01   -0.77E+02   -0.29E+03    
11.0386 0.84E-09 0.26E-06 0.51E+19 0.31E+19 0.14E+14 0.15E+11 0.52E+14 0.10E+12 0.28E+07 -0.23E-04
$U_{\rm magn}$       -0.57E+08   -0.16E+03   -0.59E+03    
14.9421 0.17E-12 0.17E-06 0.16E+26 0.24E+28 0.29E+15 0.19E+12 0.15E+14 0.23E+10 0.19E+09 0.13E-03
$U_{\rm magn}$       -0.23E+14     -0.42E+03 -0.23E+02    

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