Table 3: Observational and system simulation parameters.
Simulation parameter   Value
Imaging wavelength $\lambda_{\rm im}$ 2.2 $\mu $m
Sensing wavelength $\lambda_{\rm s}$ 0.7 $\mu $m
Outer scale L0 50 m
Fried parameter (at 0.5 $\mu $m) r0 0.17 m
Central obscuration   0
LGS altitude H 90 km
DM conjugation:    
DM1 h0 0
DM2 h1 10 km
WFS integration time:    
Shack-Hartmann $\tau$ 1 ms
Tip-tilt sensor $\tau_{\rm T}$ 10 ms
Guide star V magnitude:    
NGS m* 10
Tip-tilt m* 10
LGS m* 10
Sky brightness $m_{\rm sky}$ 20.5 mag/arcs2

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