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Article Contents
1 Introduction
2 Linearized equations of the shocked Bondi flow
3 Spectrum of eigenfrequencies
4 The sound of vorticity
5 Vortical-acoustic instability at high frequency
6 Vortical-acoustic instability at low frequency
7 Effects of post-shock acceleration: A global instability with a local criterion
8 Discussion
9 Conclusions
Appendix A: Vorticity perturbations produced by the perturbed shock
Appendix B: Approximations of the acoustic perturbation
Appendix C: Formulation of the boundary value problem
Appendix D: Calculation of ${\cal Q}_\mathsf{adv}$
Appendix E: Decomposition of the perturbation onto vorticity waves and acoustic waves in the WKB approximation
Appendix F: WKB approximation of the dispersion relation
Appendix G: Analysis of the phase relation of the two cycles
Appendix H: Pseudosound approximation of the dispersion relation

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