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Article Contents
1 Introduction
2 Gradient of the $\gamma $-ray emissivity in the galactic disk
3 Basic ideas for a new approach of CR propagation in the galaxy
4 Anisotropic diffusion coefficient
5 A simple model for the galactic CR source distribution
6 Flattening of the radial $\gamma $-ray emissivity gradient
7 Radially dependent cosmic ray driven outflows
8 Models of advective and anisotropic diffusive CR transport
9 Source contributions to the $\gamma $-ray background
10 Discussion and conclusions
Appendix A: The halo size from local characteristics of the CR flux
Appendix C: Determination of the integration constants ${c_\mathsf{1}}$ and $c_\mathsf{2}$
Appendix D: Determination of integration contours for the Green's function ${G(\xi,\, \bar{r},\,r^\prime)}$

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