Highlight : A deep optical/near-infrared catalogue of Serpens (vol. 513)

Vol. 513In section 14. Catalogs and data23 April 2010

A deep optical/near-infrared catalogue of Serpens

by L. Spezzi, B. Merin, I. Oliveira, E.F. van Dishoeck, and J.M. Brown, A&A 513, A38

The Spitzer Legacy program "Core to Disk", the c2d program, has left a "goldmine" of information about the young stellar object population in nearby molecular clouds, allowing estimates of both the rate of star formation and the timescale for the various phases of protostellar evolution. These data can be used to most effect when complementary observations at other wavelengths are available, and the optical study of the Serpens cloud by Spezzi and collaborators highlighted in this issue is one example. The authors combine their data with X-ray studies to identify diskless or weak T Tauri stars in the region.