Highlights - 12 March 2010 (vol. 511)


HIGHLIGHTS: this week in A&A

12 March 2010 (vol. 511)


In section 7. Stellar structure and evolution

“Dynamical evolution of titanium, strontium, and yttrium spots on the surface of the HgMn star HD 11753”, by M. Briquet, H. Korhonen, J.F. Gonzalez, S. Hubrig, and T. Hackman, A&A 511, A71

Using high-resolution spectra of three typical HgMn stars, the authors look for the presence of SPB-like pulsations and inhomogeneous surface distribution of various chemical elements. They find in particular that HD11753 displays noticeable changes in the surface distributions of Ti II, Sr II, and YII between two datasets separated by 65 days. This suggests that some as yet not understood physical process causes a rather rapid dynamical evolution of chemical spots in stars with radiative envelopes. 


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