Highlights - Volume 477-1 (January I 2008)

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HIGHLIGHTS: this week in A&A

Volume 477-1 (January I 2008)


In section 4. Extragalactic astronomy

“On the onset of galactic winds in quiescent star forming galaxies”, by Y. Dubois and R. Teyssier, A&A 477, p. 79

The authors have simulated the feedback effect of star formation on the dynamics of galaxy formation. They wanted to tackle the overcooling problem, i.e. that too many stars are formed in the early times of baryonic systems. The results are that the galactic outflows are not enough to solve the problem. 


In section 4. Extragalactic astronomy

“Spatial distribution of dust in the shell elliptical NGC 5982”, by C. del Burgo, D. Carter, and G. Sikkema, A&A 477, p. 105

The authors have made a multiwavelength study of shells around the elliptical galaxy NGC 5982. Shells are thought to be the vestiges of a minor merger, one of the formation events in elliptical galaxies. It is the first time that shells around an elliptical galaxy have been observed and detected in the mid-infrared. All ISM tracers are observed in the N5982 shells with different distributions (dust, warm gas, HI gas), which are important clues to the nature of the event.  


In section 5. Galactic structure, stellar clusters and populations

“Unveiling the X-ray point source population of the young massive cluster Westerlund 1”, by J.S. Clark, M. P. Muno, I. Negueruela, S. M. Dougherty, P. A. Crowther, S. P. Goodwin, and R. de Grijs, A&A 477, p. 147

This paper describes the X-ray point sources in the most massive (105 Msun) young (5 Myr) star cluster in the Milky Way, Westerlund 1. The X-ray emission from low-mass pre-main sequence stars and from evolved massive single and binary stars is detected, providing the *only* available spatially resolved template for the X-ray emission of extragalactic young massive clusters. 



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