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Mechanical strength distribution in Geminid meteoroids derived via fireball modeling

Tomáš Henych, Jiří Borovička, Vlastimil Vojáček and Pavel Spurný
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First holistic modelling of meteoroid ablation and fragmentation: A case study of the Orionids recorded by the Canadian Automated Meteor Observatory

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WISE/NEOWISE Multiepoch Imaging of the Potentially Geminid-related Asteroids: (3200) Phaethon, 2005 UD, and 1999 YC

Toshihiro Kasuga and Joseph R. Masiero
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Analysis of the First Optical Detection of a Meteoroidal Impact on the Lunar Surface Recorded from Brazil

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The meteor Database of observations in 2019–2021 with the automatical video and spectral meteor patrol of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

A. Mozgova
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Electrostatic dust ejection from asteroid (3200) Phaethon with the aid of mobile alkali ions at perihelion

Hiroshi Kimura, Katsuhito Ohtsuka, Shota Kikuchi, et al.
Icarus 382 115022 (2022)

Taurid Stream #628: A Reservoir of Large Cometary Impactors

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Occurrence and Altitude of the Long‐Lived Nonspecular Meteor Trails During Meteor Showers at High Latitudes

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Verification of the Flow Regimes Based on High-fidelity Observations of Bright Meteors

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In Search of Recent Disruption of (3200) Phaethon: Model Implication and Hubble Space Telescope Search

Quanzhi 志 Ye 叶泉, Paul A. Wiegert and Man-To 韬 Hui 许文
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Evidence of Eta Aquariid outbursts recorded in the classic Maya hieroglyphic script using orbital integrations

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The Geminid meteoroid stream as a potential meteorite dropper: a case study

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Application of new methods of interpretation of meteor observations at the Institute of Astrophysics of Tajikistan

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Evidence for an asteroid–comet continuum from simulations of carbonaceous microxenolith dynamical evolution

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Material properties of transition objects 3200 Phaethon and 2003 EH1

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