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Evolutionary history of western Eos Chaos of Valles Marineris, Mars: Insights from morphological characteristics

Asif Iqbal Kakkassery, V.J. Rajesh, Rishitosh K. Sinha, Devika Padmakumar and K.S. Sajinkumar
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Characterization of planetary regolith simulants for the research and development of space resource technologies

Jared M. Long-Fox and Daniel T. Britt
Frontiers in Space Technologies 4 (2023)

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Sources of Clay‐Rich Sediment in Eberswalde Crater, Mars With Implications for Biopreservation Potential

C. M. Hughes, M. S. Rice, C. J. Barnhart, T. E. Swanson, A. M. Pfeiffer and T. A. Goudge
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Geology, in-situ resource-identification and engineering analysis of the Vernal crater area (Arabia Terra): A suitable Mars human landing site candidate

M. Pajola, R. Pozzobon, S. Silvestro, F. Salese, S. Rossato, L. Pompilio, G. Munaretto, L. Teodoro, A. Kling, E. Simioni, A. Lucchetti, L.L. Tornabene, L. Marinangeli, A.C. Tangari, J. Wilson, G. Cremonese, M. Massironi and N. Thomas
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The Tertiary sequence of Varkala coastal cliffs, southwestern India: An ideal site for Global Geopark

K.S. Sajinkumar, M. Santosh, V.R. Rani, et al.
International Journal of Geoheritage and Parks 10 (2) 308 (2022)

Assessing the role of clay and salts on the origin of MARSIS basal bright reflections

Elisabetta Mattei, Elena Pettinelli, Sebastian Emanuel Lauro, et al.
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Constraints on the formation of carbonates and low‐grade metamorphic phases in the Martian crust as a function of H 2 O‐CO 2 fluids

Julia Semprich, Justin Filiberto, Allan H. Treiman and Susanne P. Schwenzer
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Morphology, Morphometry and Distribution of Isolated Landforms in Southern Chryse Planitia, Mars

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A new laboratory emissivity and reflectance spectral library for the interpretation of Mars thermal infrared spectral data

G. Alemanno, A. Maturilli, M. D'Amore and J. Helbert
Icarus 368 114622 (2021)

Spectral classification and MGM-based mineralogical characterization of hydrated phases: The Nili Fossae case, Mars

Giovanna Serventi, Cristian Carli, Francesca Altieri, Anna Geminale and Maria Sgavetti
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Synthesis and characterization of Fe(III)-Fe(II)-Mg-Al smectite solid solutions and implications for planetary science

Valerie K. Fox, Robert J. Kupper, Bethany L. Ehlmann, et al.
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Multiscale spectral discrimination of poorly crystalline and intermixed alteration phases using aerial and ground-based ExoMars rover emulator data

E.J. Allender, C.R. Cousins, M.D. Gunn and E.R. Mare
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A Solid Interpretation of Bright Radar Reflectors Under the Mars South Polar Ice

I. B. Smith, D. E. Lalich, C. Rezza, B. H. N. Horgan, J. L. Whitten, S. Nerozzi and J. W. Holt
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Carbonate‐Phyllosilicate Parageneses and Environments of Aqueous Alteration in Nili Fossae and Mars

Vincent F. Chevrier and Marietta Morisson
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 126 (4) (2021)

Determination of optical constants from Martian analog materials using a spectro-polarimetric technique

G. Alemanno, E. Garcia-Caurel, J. Carter, et al.
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Martian Hydrated Minerals: A Significant Water Sink

Liza J. Wernicke and Bruce M. Jakosky
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Multiple mineral horizons in layered outcrops at Mawrth Vallis, Mars, signify changing geochemical environments on early Mars

Janice L. Bishop, Christoph Gross, Jacob Danielsen, et al.
Icarus 341 113634 (2020)

Mawrth Vallis, Mars: A Fascinating Place for Future In Situ Exploration

François Poulet, Christoph Gross, Briony Horgan, et al.
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Remote Compositional Analysis

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Phase Equilibria Modeling of Low‐Grade Metamorphic Martian Rocks

J. Semprich, S. P. Schwenzer, A. H. Treiman and J. Filiberto
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New Constraints on Early Mars Weathering Conditions From an Experimental Approach on Crust Simulants

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Hapke mixture modeling applied to VNIR spectra of mafic mineral mixtures and shergottites: Implications for quantitative analysis of satellite data

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Radiative‐Transfer Modeling of Spectra of Planetary Regoliths Using Cluster‐Based Dense Packing Modifications

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Smectite formation in the presence of sulfuric acid: Implications for acidic smectite formation on early Mars

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The Coevolution of Life and Environment on Mars: An Ecosystem Perspective on the Robotic Exploration of Biosignatures

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A probabilistic approach to remote compositional analysis of planetary surfaces

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Abundance retrieval of hydrous minerals around the Mars Science Laboratory landing site in Gale crater, Mars

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Evidence for a changing Martian climate from the mineralogy at Mawrth Vallis

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Mikhail Yu. Zolotov and Mikhail V. Mironenko
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Spectral and chemical characterization of jarosite in a palaeolacustrine depositional environment in Warkalli Formation in Kerala, South India and its implications

Mahima Singh, V.J. Rajesh, K.S. Sajinkumar, K. Sajeev and S.N. Kumar
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Integrating CRISM and TES hyperspectral data to characterize a halloysite-bearing deposit in Kashira crater, Mars

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History of the clay-rich unit at Mawrth Vallis, Mars: High-resolution mapping of a candidate landing site

D. Loizeau, N. Mangold, F. Poulet, et al.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 120 (11) 1820 (2015)

Weathering Profiles in Phosphorus-Rich Rocks at Gusev Crater, Mars, Suggest Dissolution of Phosphate Minerals into Potentially Habitable Near-Neutral Waters

Christopher T. Adcock and Elisabeth M. Hausrath
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Metamorphism in the Martian crust

Harry Y. McSween, Theodore C. Labotka and Christina E. Viviano‐Beck
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Quantitative compositional analysis of sedimentary materials using thermal emission spectroscopy: 2. Application to compacted fine-grained mineral mixtures and assessment of applicability of partial least squares methods

C. Pan, A. D. Rogers and M. T. Thorpe
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Removal of atmospheric features in near infrared spectra by means of principal component analysis and target transformation on Mars: I. Method

A. Geminale, D. Grassi, F. Altieri, et al.
Icarus 253 51 (2015)

Laboratory reflectance spectra of clay minerals mixed with Mars analog materials: Toward enabling quantitative clay abundances from Mars spectra

Ted L. Roush, Janice L. Bishop, Adrian J. Brown, David F. Blake and Thomas F. Bristow
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Structural and spectroscopic changes to natural nontronite induced by experimental impacts between 10 and 40 GPa

Lonia R. Friedlander, Timothy D. Glotch, David L. Bish, et al.
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Mineral abundances and different levels of alteration around Mawrth Vallis, Mars

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Widespread surface weathering on early Mars: A case for a warmer and wetter climate

John Carter, Damien Loizeau, Nicolas Mangold, François Poulet and Jean-Pierre Bibring
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Synthesis and structural characterization of ferrous trioctahedral smectites: Implications for clay mineral genesis and detectability on Mars

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Science Applications of a Multispectral Microscopic Imager for the Astrobiological Exploration of Mars

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Processing OMEGA/Mars Express hyperspectral imagery from radiance-at-sensor to surface reflectance

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A Conspicuous Clay Ovoid in Nakhla: Evidence for Subsurface Hydrothermal Alteration on Mars with Implications for Astrobiology

Elias Chatzitheodoridis, Sarah Haigh and Ian Lyon
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Mineral abundances at the final four curiosity study sites and implications for their formation

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Variability of rock texture and morphology correlated with the clay‐bearing units at Mawrth Vallis, Mars

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Thermodynamic and mass balance constraints on iron-bearing phyllosilicate formation and alteration pathways on early Mars

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Soil Diversity and Hydration as Observed by ChemCam at Gale Crater, Mars

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