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The GAPS Programme at TNG

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The Hubble PanCET program: The near-ultraviolet transmission spectrum of WASP-79b

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NIGHT: A compact, near-infrared, high-resolution spectrograph to survey helium in exoplanet systems

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Mass Loss by Atmospheric Escape from Extremely Close-in Planets

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Space-weather-driven Variations in Lyα Absorption Signatures of Exoplanet Atmospheric Escape: MHD Simulations and the Case of AU Mic b

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The Atmospheric Wind of Hot Exoplanets and its Manifestations in Observations: from Energy Estimates to 3D MHD Models

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How does the mass and activity history of the host star affect the population of low-mass planets?

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X-ray irradiation and evaporation of the four young planets around V1298 Tau

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Super-Earth masses sculpted by pebble isolation around stars of different masses

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13 (2019)

Photo-evaporation of close-in gas giants orbiting around G and M stars

Daniele Locci, Cesare Cecchi-Pestellini and Giuseppina Micela
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Global 3D Hydrodynamic Modeling of In-transit Lyα Absorption of GJ 436b

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Observability of hydrogen-rich exospheres in Earth-like exoplanets

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Suppressed Far-UV Stellar Activity and Low Planetary Mass Loss in the WASP-18 System*

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An Ultra-short Period Rocky Super-Earth with a Secondary Eclipse and a Neptune-like Companion around K2-141

Luca Malavolta, Andrew W. Mayo, Tom Louden, Vinesh M. Rajpaul, Aldo S. Bonomo, Lars A. Buchhave, Laura Kreidberg, Martti H. Kristiansen, Mercedes Lopez-Morales, Annelies Mortier, Andrew Vanderburg, Adrien Coffinet, David Ehrenreich, Christophe Lovis, Francois Bouchy, David Charbonneau, David R. Ciardi, Andrew Collier Cameron, Rosario Cosentino, Ian J. M. Crossfield, Mario Damasso, Courtney D. Dressing, Xavier Dumusque, Mark E. Everett, Pedro Figueira, et al.
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Detection of Helium in the Atmosphere of the Exo-Neptune HAT-P-11b

Megan Mansfield, Jacob L. Bean, Antonija Oklopčić, Laura Kreidberg, Jean-Michel Désert, Eliza M.-R. Kempton, Michael R. Line, Jonathan J. Fortney, Gregory W. Henry, Matthias Mallonn, Kevin B. Stevenson, Diana Dragomir, Romain Allart and Vincent Bourrier
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M. Salz, S. Czesla, P. C. Schneider, et al.
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Grid of upper atmosphere models for 1–40 M⊕ planets: application to CoRoT-7 b and HD 219134 b,c

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Hubble PanCET: an extended upper atmosphere of neutral hydrogen around the warm Neptune GJ 3470b

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Modeling of Absorption by Heavy Minor Species for the Hot Jupiter HD 209458b

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The Cosmic Shoreline: The Evidence that Escape Determines which Planets Have Atmospheres, and what this May Mean for Proxima Centauri B

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The effect of ISM absorption on stellar activity measurements and its relevance for exoplanet studies

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An overabundance of low-density Neptune-like planets

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Hot Jupiter breezes: time-dependent outflows from extrasolar planets

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Scientific problems addressed by the Spektr-UV space project (world space Observatory—Ultraviolet)

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Theory for planetary exospheres: III. Radiation pressure effect on the Circular Restricted Three Body Problem and its implication on planetary atmospheres

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