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Investigation of the records of earthquake slip in carbonaceous materials from the Taiwan Chelungpu fault by means of infrared and Raman spectroscopies

Tetsuro Hirono, Yuka Maekawa and Hikaru Yabuta
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 16 (5) 1233 (2015)
DOI: 10.1002/2014GC005622
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Mid-IR, Far-IR, Raman micro-spectroscopy, and FESEM–EDX study of IDP L2021C5: Clues to its origin

R. Brunetto, J. Borg, E. Dartois, et al.
Icarus 212 (2) 896 (2011)
DOI: 10.1016/j.icarus.2011.01.038
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Surface Transformations of Bioglass 45S5 during Scaffold Synthesis for Bone Tissue Engineering

Sara Abdollahi, Alvin Chih Chien Ma and Marta Cerruti
Langmuir 29 (5) 1466 (2013)
DOI: 10.1021/la304647r
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Effect of Chlorine on the Structure and Reactivity of Char Derived from Solid Waste

Binhang Hu, Qunxing Huang, A. C. Thanos Bourtsalas, et al.
Energy & Fuels 31 (7) 7606 (2017)
DOI: 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.7b01042
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Assessment of Key Environmental Factors Influencing the Sedimentation and Aggregation Behavior of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles in Aquatic Environment

Rizwan Khan, Muhammad Inam, Saba Zam, Du Park and Ick Yeom
Water 10 (5) 660 (2018)
DOI: 10.3390/w10050660
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Biofilm alters tetracycline and copper adsorption behaviors onto polyethylene microplastics

Yuan Wang, Xuejiang Wang, Yuan Li, et al.
Chemical Engineering Journal 123808 (2019)
DOI: 10.1016/j.cej.2019.123808
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Solution-processed Al-chelated gelatin for highly transparent non-volatile memory applications

Yu-Chi Chang and Yeong-Her Wang
Applied Physics Letters 106 (12) 123302 (2015)
DOI: 10.1063/1.4916028
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Crystallization Behavior of Liquid CaO-SiO2-FeO-MnO Slag in Relation to Its Reaction with Moisture

Juncheng Li, Debashish Bhattacharjee, Xiaojun Hu, et al.
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B 50 (4) 1931 (2019)
DOI: 10.1007/s11663-019-01595-z
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Characterization of insoluble organic matter in primitive meteorites by microRaman spectroscopy

Henner Busemann, M. O'D. Alexander and Larry R. Nittler
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 42 (7-8) 1387 (2007)
DOI: 10.1111/j.1945-5100.2007.tb00581.x
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Speciation of sulfur in the insoluble organic matter from carbonaceous chondrites by XANES spectroscopy

F.-R. Orthous-Daunay, E. Quirico, L. Lemelle, et al.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 300 (3-4) 321 (2010)
DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2010.10.012
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Nanoscale infrared spectroscopy as a non-destructive probe of extraterrestrial samples

Gerardo Dominguez, A. S. Mcleod, Zack Gainsforth, et al.
Nature Communications 5 (1) 5445 (2014)
DOI: 10.1038/ncomms6445
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Carbon in Meteoroids: Wild 2 Dust Analyses, IDPs and Cometary Dust Analogues

Alessandra Rotundi and Frans J. M. Rietmeijer
Earth, Moon, and Planets 102 (1-4) 473 (2008)
DOI: 10.1007/s11038-007-9218-7
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Soluble organic compounds in the Tagish Lake meteorite

Robert W. Hilts, Christopher D. K. Herd, Danielle N. Simkus and Greg F. Slater
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 49 (4) 526 (2014)
DOI: 10.1111/maps.12272
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MGS-TES Spectra Suggest a Basaltic Component in the Regolith of Phobos

Timothy D. Glotch, Christopher S. Edwards, Mehmet Yesiltas, et al.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 123 (10) 2467 (2018)
DOI: 10.1029/2018JE005647
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Pyrite and Organic Compounds Coexisting in Intrusive Mafic Xenoliths (Hyblean Plateau, Sicily): Implications for Subsurface Abiogenesis

Vittorio Scribano, Sergei K. Simakov, Claudio Finocchiaro, Alessandra Correale and Salvatore Scirè
Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres 49 (1-2) 19 (2019)
DOI: 10.1007/s11084-019-09581-w
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Influence of Organic Ligands on the Colloidal Stability and Removal of ZnO Nanoparticles from Synthetic Waters by Coagulation

Rizwan Khan, Muhammad Inam, Du Park, et al.
Processes 6 (9) 170 (2018)
DOI: 10.3390/pr6090170
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Paucity of Tagish Lake-like parent bodies in the Asteroid Belt and among Jupiter Trojans

P. Vernazza, D. Fulvio, R. Brunetto, et al.
Icarus 225 (1) 517 (2013)
DOI: 10.1016/j.icarus.2013.04.019
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Compositional diversity in insoluble organic matter in type 1, 2 and 3 chondrites as detected by infrared spectroscopy

Yoko Kebukawa, Conel M.O’D. Alexander and George D. Cody
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 75 (12) 3530 (2011)
DOI: 10.1016/j.gca.2011.03.037
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Estimation of carbonate concentration and characterization of marine sediments by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

S. Veerasingam and R. Venkatachalapathy
Infrared Physics & Technology 66 136 (2014)
DOI: 10.1016/j.infrared.2014.06.005
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Influence of water chemistry on the environmental behaviors of commercial ZnO nanoparticles in various water and wastewater samples

Yu-Huei Peng, Yi-Chun Tsai, Chia-En Hsiung, Yi-Hsuan Lin and Yang-hsin Shih
Journal of Hazardous Materials 322 348 (2017)
DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2016.10.003
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A highly sensitive and selective turn-on fluorogenic and colorimetric sensor based on pyrene-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for Hg2+ detection and cell imaging

Ling Chen, Baozhan Zheng, Yong Guo, et al.
Talanta 117 338 (2013)
DOI: 10.1016/j.talanta.2013.09.001
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G. Matrajt, G. Flynn, D. Brownlee, D. Joswiak and S. Bajt
The Astrophysical Journal 765 (2) 145 (2013)
DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/765/2/145
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S. Merouane, Z. Djouadi, L. Le Sergeant d'Hendecourt, B. Zanda and J. Borg
The Astrophysical Journal 756 (2) 154 (2012)
DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/756/2/154
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Variation of naturally occurring radionuclides, dose rate and mineral characteristics with particle size and altitude in bottom sediments of a river originating from Anamalai hills in the Western Ghats of India

N. Krishnamoorthy, S. Mullainathan and R. Mehra
Environmental Earth Sciences 74 (4) 3467 (2015)
DOI: 10.1007/s12665-015-4382-y
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Nature vs. nurture debate on TNO carbons: constraints from Raman spectroscopy

R. Brunetto, C. Stehlé, C. Joblin and L. d’Hendecourt
EAS Publications Series 58 195 (2012)
DOI: 10.1051/eas/1258030
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Distribution of clay minerals in marine sediments off Chennai, Bay of Bengal, India: Indicators of sediment sources and transport processes

Subramanian VEERASINGAM, Ramdoss VENKATACHALAPATHY and Thirunavukkarasu RAMKUMAR
International Journal of Sediment Research 29 (1) 11 (2014)
DOI: 10.1016/S1001-6279(14)60018-4
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FTIR analysis of the organics in IDPs: Comparison with the IR spectra of the diffuse interstellar medium

G. Matrajt, G. M. Muñoz Caro, E. Dartois, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 433 (3) 979 (2005)
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20041605
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Comparison of the Raman spectra of ion irradiated soot and collected extraterrestrial carbon

R. Brunetto, T. Pino, E. Dartois, et al.
Icarus 200 (1) 323 (2009)
DOI: 10.1016/j.icarus.2008.11.004
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Formation of Metal Electrode on Si3N4Substrate by Electrochemical Technique

Sung-Chul Shin, Ji-Won Kim, Se-Hun Kwon and Jae-Hong Lim
Journal of the Korean institute of surface engineering 49 (6) 530 (2016)
DOI: 10.5695/JKISE.2016.49.6.530
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Micro-spectroscopic characterization of organic and hydrous components in weathered Antarctic micrometeorites

A. Suzuki, Y. Yamanoi, T. Nakamura and S. Nakashima
Earth, Planets and Space 62 (1) 33 (2010)
DOI: 10.5047/eps.2008.11.001
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Mid-infrared study of the molecular structure variability of insoluble organic matter from primitive chondrites

F.-R. Orthous-Daunay, E. Quirico, P. Beck, et al.
Icarus 223 (1) 534 (2013)
DOI: 10.1016/j.icarus.2013.01.003
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Development and characterization of novel alginate-based hydrogels as vehicles for bone substitutes

D.S. Morais, M.A. Rodrigues, T.I. Silva, et al.
Carbohydrate Polymers 95 (1) 134 (2013)
DOI: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2013.02.067
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Infrared imaging spectroscopy with micron resolution of Sutter's Mill meteorite grains

Mehmet Yesiltas, Yoko Kebukawa, Robert E. Peale, et al.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 49 (11) 2027 (2014)
DOI: 10.1111/maps.12321
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Astrophysics in 2004

Virginia Trimble and Markus Aschwanden
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 117 (830) 311 (2005)
DOI: 10.1086/429117
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Organic and inorganic correlations for Northwest Africa 852 by synchrotron-based Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy

Mehmet Yesiltas, Robert E. Peale, Miriam Unger, Julia Sedlmair and Carol J. Hirschmugl
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 50 (10) 1684 (2015)
DOI: 10.1111/maps.12498
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Kinetics of organic matter degradation in the Murchison meteorite for the evaluation of parent-body temperature history

Meteoritics & Planetary Science 45 (1) 99 (2010)
DOI: 10.1111/j.1945-5100.2009.01008.x
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Associations of organic matter with minerals in Tagish Lake meteorite via high spatial resolution synchrotron-based FTIR microspectroscopy

Mehmet Yesiltas and Yoko Kebukawa
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 51 (3) 584 (2016)
DOI: 10.1111/maps.12609
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Laser mass spectrometric detection of extraterrestrial aromatic molecules: Mini-review and examination of pulsed heating effects

M. K. Spencer, M. R. Hammond and R. N. Zare
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (47) 18096 (2008)
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0801860105
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Produced water treatment using forward osmosis membranes: Evaluation of extended-time performance and fouling

Elizabeth A. Bell, Taylor E. Poynor, Kathryn B. Newhart, et al.
Journal of Membrane Science 525 77 (2017)
DOI: 10.1016/j.memsci.2016.10.032
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Pulse-laser irradiation experiments of Murchison CM2 chondrite for reproducing space weathering on C-type asteroids

Moe Matsuoka, Tomoki Nakamura, Yuki Kimura, et al.
Icarus 254 135 (2015)
DOI: 10.1016/j.icarus.2015.02.029
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Combined micro-Raman, micro-infrared, and field emission scanning electron microscope analyses of comet 81P/Wild 2 particles collected by Stardust

A. Rotundi, G. A. Baratta, J. Borg, et al.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 43 (1-2) 367 (2008)
DOI: 10.1111/j.1945-5100.2008.tb00628.x
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Characterization of carbonaceous matter in xenolithic clasts from the Sharps (H3.4) meteorite: Constraints on the origin and thermal processing

Yoko Kebukawa, Michael E. Zolensky, Queenie H.S. Chan, et al.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 196 74 (2017)
DOI: 10.1016/j.gca.2016.09.024
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Observations of Cometary Organics: A Post Rosetta Review

Andrew D. Morse and Queenie H. S. Chan
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 3 (9) 1773 (2019)
DOI: 10.1021/acsearthspacechem.9b00129
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Effect of pre-ozonation on nanofiltration membrane fouling during water reuse applications

Hooman Vatankhah, Conner C. Murray, Jacob W. Brannum, Johan Vanneste and Christopher Bellona
Separation and Purification Technology 205 203 (2018)
DOI: 10.1016/j.seppur.2018.03.052
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Organic and mineralogic heterogeneity of the Paris meteorite followed by FTIR hyperspectral imaging

Z. Dionnet, A. Aleon-Toppani, D. Baklouti, et al.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 53 (12) 2608 (2018)
DOI: 10.1111/maps.13178
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Recent Advancements and Motivations of Simulated Pluto Experiments

Caitlin J. Ahrens, William M. Grundy, Kathleen E. Mandt, et al.
Space Science Reviews 214 (8) (2018)
DOI: 10.1007/s11214-018-0558-6
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Nanoscale infrared imaging analysis of carbonaceous chondrites to understand organic-mineral interactions during aqueous alteration

Yoko Kebukawa, Hanae Kobayashi, Norio Urayama, et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (3) 753 (2019)
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1816265116
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Meteorite nanoparticles as models for interstellar grains: Synthesis and preliminary characterisation

M. N. Mautner, V. Abdelsayed, M. S. El-Shall, et al.
Faraday Discussions 133 103 (2006)
DOI: 10.1039/b518207g
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Heating experiments of the Tagish Lake meteorite: Investigation of the effects of short-term heating on chondritic organics

Queenie H. S. Chan, Aiko Nakato, Yoko Kebukawa, et al.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 54 (1) 104 (2019)
DOI: 10.1111/maps.13193
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Synchrotron-based infrared microspectroscopy as a useful tool to study hydration states of meteorite constituents

L. V. Moroz, M. Schmidt, U. Schade, T. Hiroi and M. A. Ivanova
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 41 (8) 1219 (2006)
DOI: 10.1111/j.1945-5100.2006.tb00517.x
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Rapid contamination during storage of carbonaceous chondrites prepared for micro FTIR measurements

Meteoritics & Planetary Science 44 (4) 545 (2009)
DOI: 10.1111/j.1945-5100.2009.tb00750.x
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Spatial distribution of organic matter in the Bells CM2 chondrite using near-field infrared microspectroscopy

Yoko KEBUKAWA, Satoru NAKASHIMA, Michio ISHIKAWA, et al.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 45 (3) 394 (2010)
DOI: 10.1111/j.1945-5100.2010.01030.x
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Advances in Meteoroid and Meteor Science

Alessandra Rotundi and Frans J. M. Rietmeijer
Advances in Meteoroid and Meteor Science 473 (2008)
DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-78419-9_63
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Mineralogical and spectroscopic investigation of the Tagish Lake carbonaceous chondrite by X-ray diffraction and infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Matthew R. M. IZAWA, Roberta L. FLEMMING, Penelope L. KING, Ron C. PETERSON and Phil J. A. McCAUSLAND
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 45 (4) 675 (2010)
DOI: 10.1111/j.1945-5100.2010.01043.x
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Investigation of organo-carbonate associations in carbonaceous chondrites by Raman spectroscopy

Queenie H.S. Chan, Michael E. Zolensky, Robert J. Bodnar, Charles Farley and Jacob C.H. Cheung
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 201 392 (2017)
DOI: 10.1016/j.gca.2016.10.048
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Complexation of Antimony with Natural Organic Matter: Performance Evaluation during Coagulation-Flocculation Process

Muhammad Inam, Rizwan Khan, Du Park, et al.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 16 (7) 1092 (2019)
DOI: 10.3390/ijerph16071092
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Interaction of Arsenic Species with Organic Ligands: Competitive Removal from Water by Coagulation-Flocculation-Sedimentation (C/F/S)

Muhammad Ali Inam, Rizwan Khan, Muhammad Akram, et al.
Molecules 24 (8) 1619 (2019)
DOI: 10.3390/molecules24081619
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Comparison of FT‐IR spectra of bulk and acid insoluble organic matter in chondritic meteorites: An implication for missing carbon during demineralization

Yoko Kebukawa, Conel M. O'D. Alexander and George D. Cody
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 54 (7) 1632 (2019)
DOI: 10.1111/maps.13302
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Elemental, isotopic, and structural changes in Tagish Lake insoluble organic matter produced by parent body processes

C. M. O'D. Alexander, G. D. Cody, Y. Kebukawa, et al.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 49 (4) 503 (2014)
DOI: 10.1111/maps.12282
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Closed circuit desalination of O&G produced water: An evaluation of NF/RO performance and integrity

Stephanie M. Riley, Danika C. Ahoor, Karl Oetjen and Tzahi Y. Cath
Desalination 442 51 (2018)
DOI: 10.1016/j.desal.2018.05.004
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