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Thermodynamic and Magnetic Topology Evolution of the X1.0 Flare on 2021 October 28 Simulated by a Data-driven Radiative Magnetohydrodynamic Model

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Confinedness of an X3.1-class Solar Flare Occurred in NOAA 12192: Analysis from Multi-instrument Observations

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Understanding the Lateral Drifting of an Erupting Filament with a Data-constrained Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation

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Prominence instability and CMEs triggered by massive coronal rain in the solar atmosphere

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Reconstruction of Coronal Magnetic Fields Using a Poloidal–Toroidal Representation

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Data-driven, time-dependent modeling of pre-eruptive coronal magnetic field configuration at the periphery of NOAA AR 11726

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Apparent Footpoint Rotation and Writhe of Double Hot Channels in a Solar Flare

Yanjie Liu, Yingna Su, Rui Liu, et al.
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Aiying Duan, Chaowei Jiang, Yue Guo, Xueshang Feng and Jun Cui
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Boris Filippov
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Multiwavelength Observations of the Formation and Eruption of a Complex Filament

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