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PM 1-322: New variable planetary nebula

E. Paunzen, K. Bernhard, J. Budaj, F.-J. Hambsch, S. Hümmerich, D. Jones and J. Krtička
Astronomy & Astrophysics 676 A88 (2023)

Disentangling the two sub-populations of early Herbig Be stars using VLT/X-shooter spectra

B. Shridharan, B. Mathew, R. Arun, T. B. Cysil, A. Subramaniam, P. Manoj, G. Maheswar and T. P. Sudheesh
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Recent Progress in Finding Binary Systems with the B[e] Phenomenon

Anatoly S. Miroshnichenko, Sergei V. Zharikov, Nadine Manset, et al.
Galaxies 11 (1) 36 (2023)

New Insight into the FS CMa System MWC 645 from Near-Infrared and Optical Spectroscopy

Andrea Fabiana Torres, María Laura Arias, Michaela Kraus, Lorena Verónica Mercanti and Tõnis Eenmäe
Galaxies 11 (3) 72 (2023)

Tracing Accretion onto Herbig Ae/Be Stars Using the Brγ Line

Sierra L. Grant, Catherine C. Espaillat, Sean Brittain, Caleb Scott-Joseph and Nuria Calvet
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Multiwavelength Observations of MWC 297: Constraints on Disk Inclination and Mass Outflow

William D. Vacca and Göran Sandell
The Astrophysical Journal 941 (2) 189 (2022)

Toward Understanding the B[e] Phenomenon. IX. Nature and Binarity of MWC645

A. S. Nodyarov, A. S. Miroshnichenko, S. A. Khokhlov, S. V. Zharikov, N. Manset, V. G. Klochkova, K. N. Grankin, A. A. Arkharov, N. Efimova, S. Klimanov, V. M. Larionov, R. J. Rudy, R. C. Puetter, R. B. Perry, I. V. Reva, C. T. Omarov and R. I. Kokumbaeva
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Intelligent Astrophysics

Ivan Zelinka, Thanh Cong Truong, Diep Quoc Bao, Lumir Kojecky and Eslam Amer
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Resolving the Circumstellar Environment of the Galactic B[e] Supergiant Star MWC 137.II. Nebular Kinematics and Stellar Variability*

Michaela Kraus, Tiina Liimets, Alexei Moiseev, Julieta P. Sánchez Arias, Dieter H. Nickeler, Lydia S. Cidale and David Jones
The Astronomical Journal 162 (4) 150 (2021)

A new photometric study of B[e] stars in the infrared

Pei-Sheng Chen, Jie-Ying Liu and Hong-Guang Shan
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 73 (4) 837 (2021)

First high-resolution optical spectra of the distant emission-line star VES 723 (IRAS 02110+6212)

A S Miroshnichenko, V G Klochkova, E L Chentsov, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 507 (1) 879 (2021)

Active deep learning method for the discovery of objects of interest in large spectroscopic surveys

P. Škoda, O. Podsztavek and P. Tvrdík
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Uncovering Red and Dusty Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources with Spitzer

Ryan M. Lau, Marianne Heida, Dominic J. Walton, Mansi M. Kasliwal, Scott M. Adams, Ann Marie Cody, Kishalay De, Robert D. Gehrz, Felix Fürst, Jacob E. Jencson, Jamie A. Kennea and Frank Masci
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Resolving the kinematics of the discs around Galactic B[e] supergiants

G Maravelias, M Kraus, L S Cidale, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 480 (1) 320 (2018)

Evolutionary synthesis of automatic classification on astroinformatic big data

Lumír Kojecký, Ivan Zelinka and Petr Šaloun
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Resolving the Circumstellar Environment of the Galactic B[e] Supergiant Star MWC 137 from Large to Small Scales*

Michaela Kraus, Tiina Liimets, Cristina E. Cappa, Lydia S. Cidale, Dieter H. Nickeler, Nicolas U. Duronea, Maria L. Arias, Diah S. Gunawan, Mary E. Oksala, Marcelo Borges Fernandes, Grigoris Maravelias, Michel Curé and Miguel Santander-García
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Identification of Interesting Objects in Large Spectral Surveys Using Highly Parallelized Machine Learning

Petr Škoda, Andrej Palička, Jakub Koza and Ksenia Shakurova
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B. Kučerová, D. Korčáková, J. Polster, et al.
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Toward Understanding the B[e] Phenomenon. I. Definition of the Galactic FS CMa Stars

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Resolving the B[e] star Hen 3-1191 at 10 $\mathsf{\mu}$m with VLTI/MIDI

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Analysis of the circumstellar environment of the B[ e] star HD 45677 (FS Canis Majoris)

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