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An analytical theory for the resolution attainable using eclipse mapping of exoplanets

Sasha Boone, David Grant and Mark Hammond
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 528 (1) 596 (2024)

Toward Atmospheric Retrievals of Panchromatic Light Curves: ExPLOR-ing Generalized Inversion Techniques for Transiting Exoplanets with JWST and Ariel

Q. Changeat, Y. Ito, A. F. Al-Refaie, K. H. Yip and T. Lueftinger
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The radiative and dynamical impact of clouds in the atmosphere of the hot Jupiter WASP-43 b

L. Teinturier, B. Charnay, A. Spiga, B. Bézard, J. Leconte, A. Mechineau, E. Ducrot, E. Millour and N. Clément
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Super-Earth LHS3844b is Tidally Locked

Xintong Lyu, Daniel D. B. Koll, Nicolas B. Cowan, Renyu Hu, Laura Kreidberg and Brian E. J. Rose
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The impact of spectral line wing cut-off: recommended standard method with application to MAESTRO opacity data base

Ehsan (Sam) Gharib-Nezhad, Natasha E Batalha, Katy Chubb, Richard Freedman, Iouli E Gordon, Robert R Gamache, Robert J Hargreaves, Nikole K Lewis, Jonathan Tennyson and Sergei N Yurchenko
RAS Techniques and Instruments 3 (1) 44 (2024)

Is the Atmosphere of the Ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-121 b Variable?

Q. Changeat, J. W. Skinner, J. Y-K. Cho, J. Nättilä, I. P. Waldmann, A. F. Al-Refaie, A. Dyrek, B. Edwards, T. Mikal-Evans, M. Joshua, G. Morello, N. Skaf, A. Tsiaras, O. Venot and K. H. Yip
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SO2, silicate clouds, but no CH4 detected in a warm Neptune

Achrène Dyrek, Michiel Min, Leen Decin, Jeroen Bouwman, Nicolas Crouzet, Paul Mollière, Pierre-Olivier Lagage, Thomas Konings, Pascal Tremblin, Manuel Güdel, John Pye, Rens Waters, Thomas Henning, Bart Vandenbussche, Francisco Ardevol Martinez, Ioannis Argyriou, Elsa Ducrot, Linus Heinke, Gwenael van Looveren, Olivier Absil, David Barrado, Pierre Baudoz, Anthony Boccaletti, Christophe Cossou, Alain Coulais, et al.
Nature 625 (7993) 51 (2024)

Thermal tides in neutrally stratified atmospheres: Revisiting the Earth’s Precambrian rotational equilibrium

Mohammad Farhat, Pierre Auclair-Desrotour, Gwenaël Boué, Russell Deitrick and Jacques Laskar
Astronomy & Astrophysics 684 A49 (2024)

Modelling the day–night temperature variations of ultra-hot Jupiters: confronting non-grey general circulation models and observations

Xianyu Tan, Thaddeus D Komacek, Natasha E Batalha, Drake Deming, Roxana Lupu, Vivien Parmentier and Raymond T Pierrehumbert
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 528 (1) 1016 (2024)

A Direct Comparison between the Use of Double Gray and Multiwavelength Radiative Transfer in a General Circulation Model with and without Radiatively Active Clouds

Isaac Malsky, Emily Rauscher, Michael T. Roman, Elspeth K. H. Lee, Hayley Beltz, Arjun Savel, Eliza M.-R. Kempton and L. Cinque
The Astrophysical Journal 961 (1) 66 (2024)

Hotter than Expected: Hubble Space Telescope (HST)/WFC3 Phase-resolved Spectroscopy of a Rare Irradiated Brown Dwarf with Strong Internal Heat Flux

Rachael C. Amaro, Dániel Apai, Yifan Zhou, Ben W. P. Lew, Sarah L. Casewell, L. C. Mayorga, Mark S. Marley, Xianyu Tan, Joshua D. Lothringer, Vivien Parmentier and Travis Barman
The Astrophysical Journal 948 (2) 129 (2023)

Examining NHD versus QHD in the GCM THOR with non-grey radiative transfer for the hot Jupiter regime

Pascal A Noti, Elspeth K H Lee, Russell Deitrick and Mark Hammond
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 524 (3) 3396 (2023)

Photochemical Hazes Dramatically Alter Temperature Structure and Atmospheric Circulation in 3D Simulations of Hot Jupiters

Maria E. Steinrueck, Tommi Koskinen, Panayotis Lavvas, Vivien Parmentier, Sebastian Zieba, Xianyu Tan, Xi Zhang and Laura Kreidberg
The Astrophysical Journal 951 (2) 117 (2023)

Dynamics and clouds in planetary atmospheres from telescopic observations

Agustín Sánchez-Lavega, Patrick Irwin and Antonio García Muñoz
The Astronomy and Astrophysics Review 31 (1) (2023)

Carbon monoxide emission lines reveal an inverted atmosphere in the ultra hot Jupiter WASP-33 b consistent with an eastward hot spot

Lennart van Sluijs, Jayne L Birkby, Joshua Lothringer, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 522 (2) 2145 (2023)

The Inhomogeneity Effect. III. Weather Impacts on the Heat Flow of Hot Jupiters

Xi Zhang, Cheng Li, Huazhi Ge and Tianhao Le
The Astrophysical Journal 957 (1) 22 (2023)

Characterization and modelling of exoplanetary atmospheres

Benjamin Charnay and Pierre Drossart
Comptes Rendus. Physique 24 (S2) 1 (2023)

3D Global climate model of an exo-Venus: a modern Venus-like atmosphere for the nearby super-Earth LP 890-9 c

Diogo Quirino, Gabriella Gilli, Lisa Kaltenegger, Thomas Navarro, Thomas J Fauchez, Martin Turbet, Jérémy Leconte, Sébastien Lebonnois and Francisco González-Galindo
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters 523 (1) L86 (2023)

Magnetic winding and turbulence in ultra-hot Jupiters

Clàudia Soriano-Guerrero, Daniele Viganò, Rosalba Perna, Taner Akgün and Carlos Palenzuela
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 525 (1) 626 (2023)

A Lack of Variability between Repeated Spitzer Phase Curves of WASP-43b

Matthew M. Murphy, Thomas G. Beatty, Michael T. Roman, Isaac Malsky, Alex Wingate, Grace Ochs, L. Cinque, Hayley Beltz, Emily Rauscher, Eliza M.-R. Kempton and Kevin B. Stevenson
The Astronomical Journal 165 (3) 107 (2023)

Diagnosing Limb Asymmetries in Hot and Ultrahot Jupiters with High-resolution Transmission Spectroscopy

Arjun B. Savel, Eliza M.-R. Kempton, Emily Rauscher, Thaddeus D. Komacek, Jacob L. Bean, Matej Malik and Isaac Malsky
The Astrophysical Journal 944 (1) 99 (2023)

A Shallow-water Model Exploration of Atmospheric Circulation on Sub-Neptunes: Effects of Radiative Forcing and Rotation Period

Ekaterina Landgren, Alice Nadeau, Nikole Lewis, Tiffany Kataria and Peter Hitchcock
The Planetary Science Journal 4 (6) 106 (2023)

The Eclipse-mapping Null Space: Comparing Theoretical Predictions with Observed Maps

Ryan C. Challener and Emily Rauscher
The Astronomical Journal 166 (4) 176 (2023)

Magnetohydrodynamical Torsional Oscillations from Thermoresistive Instability in Hot Jupiters

Raphaël Hardy, Paul Charbonneau and Andrew Cumming
The Astrophysical Journal 959 (1) 41 (2023)

A JWST NIRSpec Phase Curve for WASP-121b: Dayside Emission Strongest Eastward of the Substellar Point and Nightside Conditions Conducive to Cloud Formation

Thomas Mikal-Evans, David K. Sing, Jiayin Dong, Daniel Foreman-Mackey, Tiffany Kataria, Joanna K. Barstow, Jayesh M. Goyal, Nikole K. Lewis, Joshua D. Lothringer, Nathan J. Mayne, Hannah R. Wakeford, Duncan A. Christie and Zafar Rustamkulov
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 943 (2) L17 (2023)

Retrieval Survey of Metals in Six Ultrahot Jupiters: Trends in Chemistry, Rain-out, Ionization, and Atmospheric Dynamics

Siddharth Gandhi, Aurora Kesseli, Yapeng Zhang, Amy Louca, Ignas Snellen, Matteo Brogi, Yamila Miguel, Núria Casasayas-Barris, Stefan Pelletier, Rico Landman, Cathal Maguire and Neale P. Gibson
The Astronomical Journal 165 (6) 242 (2023)

Planet Eclipse Mapping with Long-term Baseline Drifts

Everett Schlawin, Ryan Challener, Megan Mansfield, Emily Rauscher, Arthur Adams and Jacob Lustig-Yaeger
The Astronomical Journal 165 (5) 210 (2023)

Aura-3D: A Three-dimensional Atmospheric Retrieval Framework for Exoplanet Transmission Spectra

Matthew C. Nixon and Nikku Madhusudhan
The Astrophysical Journal 935 (2) 73 (2022)

Phase curve and geometric albedo of WASP-43b measured with CHEOPS, TESS, and HST WFC3/UVIS

G. Scandariato, V. Singh, D. Kitzmann, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 668 A17 (2022)

Mapping the Pressure-dependent Day–Night Temperature Contrast of a Strongly Irradiated Atmosphere with HST Spectroscopic Phase Curve

Ben W. P. Lew, Dániel Apai, Yifan Zhou, Mark Marley, L. C. Mayorga, Xianyu Tan, Vivien Parmentier, Sarah Casewell and Siyi Xu (许偲艺)
The Astronomical Journal 163 (1) 8 (2022)

Thermal Phase Curves of XO-3b: An Eccentric Hot Jupiter at the Deuterium Burning Limit

Lisa Dang, Taylor J. Bell, Nicolas B. Cowan, Daniel Thorngren, Tiffany Kataria, Heather A. Knutson, Nikole K. Lewis, Keivan G. Stassun, Jonathan J. Fortney, Eric Agol, Gregory P. Laughlin, Adam Burrows, Karen A. Collins, Drake Deming, Diana Jovmir, Jonathan Langton, Sara Rastegar and Adam P. Showman
The Astronomical Journal 163 (1) 32 (2022)

Effective Drag in Rotating, Poorly Conducting Plasma Turbulence

Santiago J. Benavides, Keaton J. Burns, Basile Gallet and Glenn R. Flierl
The Astrophysical Journal 938 (2) 92 (2022)

TRIDENT: A Rapid 3D Radiative-transfer Model for Exoplanet Transmission Spectra

Ryan J. MacDonald and Nikole K. Lewis
The Astrophysical Journal 929 (1) 20 (2022)

HST/WFC3 Complete Phase-resolved Spectroscopy of White-dwarf-brown-dwarf Binaries WD 0137 and EPIC 2122

Yifan Zhou, Dániel Apai, Xianyu Tan, Joshua D. Lothringer, Ben W. P. Lew, Sarah L. Casewell, Vivien Parmentier, Mark S. Marley, Siyi 偲艺 Xu 许 and L. C. Mayorga
The Astronomical Journal 163 (1) 17 (2022)

The Effect of Interior Heat Flux on the Atmospheric Circulation of Hot and Ultra-hot Jupiters

Thaddeus D. Komacek, Peter Gao, Daniel P. Thorngren, Erin M. May and Xianyu Tan
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 941 (2) L40 (2022)

Roaring Storms in the Planetary-mass Companion VHS 1256-1257 b: Hubble Space Telescope Multiepoch Monitoring Reveals Vigorous Evolution in an Ultracool Atmosphere

Yifan Zhou, Brendan P. Bowler, Dániel Apai, Tiffany Kataria, Caroline V. Morley, Marta L. Bryan, Andrew J. Skemer and Björn Benneke
The Astronomical Journal 164 (6) 239 (2022)

Cloudy and Cloud-free Thermal Phase Curves with PICASO: Applications to WASP-43b

Nina Robbins-Blanch, Tiffany Kataria, Natasha E. Batalha and Danica J. Adams
The Astrophysical Journal 930 (1) 93 (2022)

The mass-radius relation of intermediate-mass planets outlined by hydrodynamic escape and thermal evolution

D. Kubyshkina and L. Fossati
Astronomy & Astrophysics 668 A178 (2022)

Jet streams and tracer mixing in the atmospheres of brown dwarfs and isolated young giant planets

Xianyu Tan
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 511 (4) 4861 (2022)

Lightning-induced chemistry on tidally-locked Earth-like exoplanets

Marrick Braam, Paul I Palmer, Leen Decin, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 517 (2) 2383 (2022)

Is binning always sinning? The impact of time-averaging for exoplanet phase curves

Giuseppe Morello, Achrène Dyrek and Quentin Changeat
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 517 (2) 2151 (2022)

WASP-35 and HAT-P-30/WASP-51: Reanalysis using TESS and Ground-based Transit Photometry

Lu Bai, Shenghong Gu, Xiaobin Wang, Leilei Sun, Chi-Tai Kwok and Ho-Keung Hui
The Astronomical Journal 163 (5) 208 (2022)

Magnetic induction processes in hot Jupiters, application to KELT-9b

Wieland Dietrich, Sandeep Kumar, Anna Julia Poser, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 517 (3) 3113 (2022)

Spatially resolving the terminator: variation of Fe, temperature, and winds in WASP-76 b across planetary limbs and orbital phase

Siddharth Gandhi, Aurora Kesseli, Ignas Snellen, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 515 (1) 749 (2022)

Variability from Thermoresistive Instability in the Atmospheres of Hot Jupiters

Raphaël Hardy, Andrew Cumming and Paul Charbonneau
The Astrophysical Journal 940 (2) 123 (2022)

Influences of Internal Forcing on Atmospheric Circulations of Irradiated Giant Planets

Yuchen Lian, Adam P. Showman, Xianyu Tan and Yongyun Hu
The Astrophysical Journal 928 (2) 166 (2022)

Chemical variation with altitude and longitude on exo-Neptunes: Predictions for Ariel phase-curve observations

Julianne I. Moses, Pascal Tremblin, Olivia Venot and Yamila Miguel
Experimental Astronomy 53 (2) 279 (2022)

Impact of stellar flares on the chemical composition and transmission spectra of gaseous exoplanets orbiting M dwarfs

T. Konings, R. Baeyens and L. Decin
Astronomy & Astrophysics 667 A15 (2022)

Magnetic Drag and 3D Effects in Theoretical High-resolution Emission Spectra of Ultrahot Jupiters: the Case of WASP-76b

Hayley Beltz, Emily Rauscher, Eliza M.-R. Kempton, Isaac Malsky, Grace Ochs, Mireya Arora and Arjun Savel
The Astronomical Journal 164 (4) 140 (2022)

No Umbrella Needed: Confronting the Hypothesis of Iron Rain on WASP-76b with Post-processed General Circulation Models

Arjun B. Savel, Eliza M.-R. Kempton, Matej Malik, Thaddeus D. Komacek, Jacob L. Bean, Erin M. May, Kevin B. Stevenson, Megan Mansfield and Emily Rauscher
The Astrophysical Journal 926 (1) 85 (2022)

Toward a multidimensional analysis of transmission spectroscopy

Aurélien Falco, Tiziano Zingales, William Pluriel and Jérémy Leconte
Astronomy & Astrophysics 658 A41 (2022)

GCM-motivated Multidimensional Temperature Parametrization Scheme for Phase-curve Retrieval

Ian Dobbs-Dixon and Jasmina Blecic
The Astrophysical Journal 929 (1) 46 (2022)

Patchy Nightside Clouds on Ultra-hot Jupiters: General Circulation Model Simulations with Radiatively Active Cloud Tracers

Thaddeus D. Komacek, Xianyu Tan, Peter Gao and Elspeth K. H. Lee
The Astrophysical Journal 934 (1) 79 (2022)

The THOR + HELIOS general circulation model: multiwavelength radiative transfer with accurate scattering by clouds/hazes

Russell Deitrick, Kevin Heng, Urs Schroffenegger, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 512 (3) 3759 (2022)

Toward a multidimensional analysis of transmission spectroscopy

Tiziano Zingales, Aurélien Falco, William Pluriel and Jérémy Leconte
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Observational Consequences of Shallow-water Magnetohydrodynamics on Hot Jupiters

A. W. Hindle, P. J. Bushby and T. M. Rogers
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 916 (1) L8 (2021)

Gas envelopes of exoplanets—hot Jupiters

Dmitrii V. Bisikalo, Valerii I. Shematovich, Pavel V. Kaygorodov and Andrei G. Zhilkin
Uspekhi Fizicheskih Nauk 191 (08) 785 (2021)

Decomposing the iron cross-correlation signal of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-76b in transmission using 3D Monte Carlo radiative transfer

Joost P Wardenier, Vivien Parmentier, Elspeth K H Lee, Michael R Line and Ehsan Gharib-Nezhad
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 506 (1) 1258 (2021)

Time-resolved Rotational Velocities in the Upper Atmosphere of WASP-33 b*

P. Wilson Cauley, Ji Wang, Evgenya L. Shkolnik, Ilya Ilyin, Klaus G. Strassmeier, Seth Redfield and Adam G. Jensen
The Astronomical Journal 161 (3) 152 (2021)

Three-dimensional Climate Simulations for the Detectability of Proxima Centauri b

Daniele Galuzzo, Chiara Cagnazzo, Francesco Berrilli, Federico Fierli and Luca Giovannelli
The Astrophysical Journal 909 (2) 191 (2021)

Visible-light Phase Curves from the Second Year of the TESS Primary Mission

Ian Wong, Daniel Kitzmann, Avi Shporer, Kevin Heng, Tara Fetherolf, Björn Benneke, Tansu Daylan, Stephen R. Kane, Roland Vanderspek, Sara Seager, Joshua N. Winn, Jon M. Jenkins and Eric B. Ting
The Astronomical Journal 162 (4) 127 (2021)

Storms, Variability, and Multiple Equilibria on Hot Jupiters

James Y-K. Cho, Jack W. Skinner and Heidar Th. Thrastarson
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 913 (2) L32 (2021)

Clouds in Three-dimensional Models of Hot Jupiters over a Wide Range of Temperatures. I. Thermal Structures and Broadband Phase-curve Predictions

Michael T. Roman, Eliza M.-R. Kempton, Emily Rauscher, Caleb K. Harada, Jacob L. Bean and Kevin B. Stevenson
The Astrophysical Journal 908 (1) 101 (2021)

Grid of pseudo-2D chemistry models for tidally locked exoplanets – I. The role of vertical and horizontal mixing

Robin Baeyens, Leen Decin, Ludmila Carone, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 505 (4) 5603 (2021)

Hot Jupiters: Origins, Structure, Atmospheres

Jonathan J. Fortney, Rebekah I. Dawson and Thaddeus D. Komacek
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 126 (3) (2021)

Modeling the High-resolution Emission Spectra of Clear and Cloudy Nontransiting Hot Jupiters

Isaac Malsky, Emily Rauscher, Eliza M.-R. Kempton, Michael Roman, Deryl Long and Caleb K. Harada
The Astrophysical Journal 923 (1) 62 (2021)

Longitudinally Resolved Spectral Retrieval (ReSpect) of WASP-43b

Patricio E. Cubillos, Dylan Keating, Nicolas B. Cowan, Johanna M. Vos, Ben Burningham, Marie Ygouf, Theodora Karalidi, Yifan Zhou and Eileen C. Gonzales
The Astrophysical Journal 915 (1) 45 (2021)

Evidence of three mechanisms explaining the radius anomaly of hot Jupiters

P. Sarkis, C. Mordasini, Th. Henning, G. D. Marleau and P. Mollière
Astronomy & Astrophysics 645 A79 (2021)

Spitzer Phase-curve Observations and Circulation Models of the Inflated Ultrahot Jupiter WASP-76b

Erin M. May, Thaddeus D. Komacek, Kevin B. Stevenson, Eliza M.-R. Kempton, Jacob L. Bean, Matej Malik, Jegug Ih, Megan Mansfield, Arjun B. Savel, Drake Deming, Jean-Michel Desert, Y. Katherina Feng, Jonathan J. Fortney, Tiffany Kataria, Nikole Lewis, Caroline Morley, Emily Rauscher and Adam Showman
The Astronomical Journal 162 (4) 158 (2021)

The Magnetic Mechanism for Hotspot Reversals in Hot Jupiter Atmospheres

A. W. Hindle, P. J. Bushby and T. M. Rogers
The Astrophysical Journal 922 (2) 176 (2021)

Angular momentum and heat transport on tidally locked hot Jupiter planets

João M Mendonça
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 491 (1) 1456 (2020)

Modeling the Atmospheres of Tidally Locked Super-Earths Orbiting Low-Mass Host Stars Using a Nonhydrostatic General Circulation Model

M. V. Razumovskiy and A. V. Rodin
Astronomy Letters 46 (6) 400 (2020)

Equatorial retrograde flow in WASP-43b elicited by deep wind jets?

Thomas Henning, Olivia Venot, Paula Sarkis, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 496 (3) 3582 (2020)

Black widow formation by pulsar irradiation and sustained magnetic braking

Sivan Ginzburg and Eliot Quataert
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 500 (2) 1592 (2020)

A Global Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Model with a Mass- and Energy-conserving Vertically Implicit Correction (VIC) Scheme

Huazhi 志 Ge 葛華, Cheng Li, Xi Zhang and Dongwook Lee
The Astrophysical Journal 898 (2) 130 (2020)

BEER analysis of Kepler and CoRoT light curves – V. eBEER: extension of the algorithm to eccentric binaries

M Engel, S Faigler, S Shahaf and T Mazeh
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 497 (4) 4884 (2020)