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The elusive atmosphere of WASP–12 b

S. Czesla, M. Lampón, D. Cont, F. Lesjak, J. Orell-Miquel, J. Sanz-Forcada, E. Nagel, L. Nortmann, K. Molaverdikhani, M. López-Puertas, F. Yan, A. Quirrenbach, J. A. Caballero, E. Pallé, J. Aceituno, P. J. Amado, Th. Henning, S. Khalafinejad, D. Montes, A. Reiners, I. Ribas and A. Schweitzer
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Closeby Habitable Exoplanet Survey (CHES): an Astrometry Mission for Probing Nearby Habitable Planets

Jianghui JI, Haitao LI, Junbo ZHANG, Dong LI, Liang FANG, Su WANG, Lei DENG, Guo CHEN, Fei LI, Yao DONG, Baoquan LI, Xiaodong GAO and Hao XIAN
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A possibly solar metallicity atmosphere escaping from HAT-P-32b revealed by Hα and He absorption

Dongdong Yan, Jianheng Guo, Kwang-il Seon, Manuel López-Puertas, Stefan Czesla and Manuel Lampón
Astronomy & Astrophysics 686 A208 (2024)

Progress on Exoplanet Detection and Research in Space

Jilin ZHOU, Jiwei XIE, Jian GE, Jianghui JI, Jiangpei DOU, Subo DONG, Huigen LIU, Wei WANG, Jianheng GUO, Cong YU, Xuening BAI, Fabo FENG and Beibei LIU
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Sun-as-a-star variability of Hα and Ca II 854.2 nm lines

Garrett Zills, Serena Criscuoli, Luca Bertello and Alexei Pevtsov
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 10 (2024)

Signs of Similar Stellar Obliquity Distributions for Hot and Warm Jupiters Orbiting Cool Stars

Marvin Morgan, Brendan P. Bowler, Quang H. Tran, Erik Petigura, Vighnesh Nagpal and Sarah Blunt
The Astronomical Journal 167 (2) 48 (2024)

Progress on Exoplanet Detection and Research in Space

Jilin ZHOU, Jiwei XIE, Jian GE, Jianghui JI, Jiangpei DOU, Subo DONG, Huigen LIU, Wei WANG, Jianheng GUO, Cong YU, Xuening BAI, Fabo FENG and Beibei LIU
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High-resolution Transmission Spectroscopy of Ultrahot Jupiter WASP–33b with NEID

Yuanheng 远恒 Yang 杨, Guo 果 Chen 陈, Songhu Wang and Fei 飞 Yan 严
The Astronomical Journal 167 (1) 36 (2024)

3D non-LTE modeling of the stellar center-to-limb variation for transmission spectroscopy studies

G. Canocchi, K. Lind, C. Lagae, A. G. M. Pietrow, A. M. Amarsi, D. Kiselman, O. Andriienko and H. J. Hoeijmakers
Astronomy & Astrophysics 683 A242 (2024)

Modeling of Absorption in the Hα Line for the Exoplanet WASP-52b

S. S. Sharipov, I. B. Miroshnichenko and I. F. Shaikhislamov
Astronomy Reports 67 (3) 272 (2023)

Multiepoch Detections of the Extended Atmosphere and Transmission Spectra of KELT-9b with a 1.5 m Telescope

Nataliea Lowson, George Zhou, Duncan J. Wright, Chelsea X. Huang, João M. Mendonça, Samuel H. C. Cabot, Christa Pudmenzky, Robert A. Wittenmyer, David W. Latham, Allyson Bieryla, Gilbert A. Esquerdo, Perry Berlind and Michael L. Calkins
The Astronomical Journal 165 (3) 101 (2023)

Detection of Rubidium and Samarium in the Atmosphere of the Ultrahot Jupiter MASCARA-4b

Zewen Jiang, Wei Wang, Gang Zhao, Meng Zhai, Yaqing Shi, Yujuan Liu, Jingkun Zhao and Yuqin Chen
The Astronomical Journal 165 (6) 230 (2023)

Modeling of Absorption in the Hα Line for the Exoplanet WASP-52b

S. S. Sharipov, I. B. Miroshnichenko and I. F. Shaikhislamov
Астрономический журнал 100 (3) 281 (2023)

Detection of atmospheric species and dynamics in the bloated hot Jupiter WASP-172 b with ESPRESSO

J. V. Seidel, B. Prinoth, E. Knudstrup, H. J. Hoeijmakers, J. J. Zanazzi and S. Albrecht
Astronomy & Astrophysics 678 A150 (2023)

Homogeneous search for helium in the atmosphere of 11 gas giant exoplanets with SPIRou

R. Allart, P.-B. Lemée-Joliecoeur, A. Y. Jaziri, D. Lafrenière, E. Artigau, N. Cook, A. Darveau-Bernier, L. Dang, C. Cadieux, A. Boucher, V. Bourrier, E. K. Deibert, S. Pelletier, M. Radica, B. Benneke, A. Carmona, R. Cloutier, N. B. Cowan, X. Delfosse, J.-F. Donati, R. Doyon, P. Figueira, T. Forveille, P. Fouqué, E. Gaidos, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 677 A164 (2023)

Atmospheric composition of WASP-85Ab with ESPRESSO/VLT observations

Zewen Jiang, Wei Wang, Guo Chen, Fei Yan, Heather M. Cegla, Patricio Rojo, Yaqing Shi, Qinglin Ouyang, Meng Zhai, Yujuan Liu, Fei Zhao and Yuqin Chen
Astronomy & Astrophysics 677 A110 (2023)

Understanding Sun-as-a-Star Variability of Solar Balmer Lines

S. Criscuoli, S. Marchenko, M. DeLand, D. Choudhary and G. Kopp
The Astrophysical Journal 951 (2) 151 (2023)

Evidence for the Late Arrival of Hot Jupiters in Systems with High Host-star Obliquities

Jacob H. Hamer and Kevin C. Schlaufman
The Astronomical Journal 164 (1) 26 (2022)

Modeling the Hα and He 10830 Transmission Spectrum of WASP-52b

Dongdong Yan, Kwang-il Seon, Jianheng Guo, Guo Chen and Lifang Li
The Astrophysical Journal 936 (2) 177 (2022)

Mining the Ultrahot Skies of HAT-P-70b: Detection of a Profusion of Neutral and Ionized Species

Aaron Bello-Arufe, Samuel H. C. Cabot, João M. Mendonça, Lars A. Buchhave and Alexander D. Rathcke
The Astronomical Journal 163 (2) 96 (2022)

Optimal parameter space for detecting stellar differential rotation and centre-to-limb convective variations

N. Roguet-Kern, H. M. Cegla and V. Bourrier
Astronomy & Astrophysics 661 A97 (2022)

The Upper Edge of the Neptune Desert Is Stable Against Photoevaporation

Shreyas Vissapragada, Heather A. Knutson, Michael Greklek-McKeon, Antonija Oklopčić, Fei Dai, Leonardo A. dos Santos, Nemanja Jovanovic, Dimitri Mawet, Maxwell A. Millar-Blanchaer, Kimberly Paragas, Jessica J. Spake, Samaporn Tinyanont and Gautam Vasisht
The Astronomical Journal 164 (6) 234 (2022)

Detection of barium in the atmospheres of the ultra-hot gas giants WASP-76b and WASP-121b

T. Azevedo Silva, O. D. S. Demangeon, N. C. Santos, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 666 L10 (2022)

Characterization of exoplanetary atmospheres through a model-unbiased spectral survey methodology

A. Lira-Barria, P. M. Rojo and R. A. Mendez
Astronomy & Astrophysics 657 A36 (2022)

Keck/NIRSPEC Studies of He i in the Atmospheres of Two Inflated Hot Gas Giants Orbiting K Dwarfs: WASP-52b and WASP-177b

James Kirk, Leonardo A. Dos Santos, Mercedes López-Morales, Munazza K. Alam, Antonija Oklopčić, Morgan MacLeod, Li Zeng and George Zhou
The Astronomical Journal 164 (1) 24 (2022)

Transmission spectroscopy of MASCARA-1b with ESPRESSO: Challenges of overlapping orbital and Doppler tracks

N. Casasayas-Barris, F. Borsa, E. Palle, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 664 A121 (2022)

A survey of sodium absorption in 10 giant exoplanets with high-resolution transmission spectroscopy

Adam B Langeveld, Nikku Madhusudhan and Samuel H C Cabot
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 514 (4) 5192 (2022)

Measuring Elemental Abundances of JWST Target Stars for Exoplanet Characterization. I. FGK Stars

Jared R. Kolecki and Ji 吉 Wang 王
The Astronomical Journal 164 (3) 87 (2022)

Stellar Obliquities in Exoplanetary Systems

Simon H. Albrecht, Rebekah I. Dawson and Joshua N. Winn
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 134 (1038) 082001 (2022)

On the Effect of Stellar Activity on Low-resolution Transit Spectroscopy and the use of High Resolution as Mitigation

Frédéric Genest, David Lafrenière, Anne Boucher, Antoine Darveau-Bernier, René Doyon, Étienne Artigau and Neil Cook
The Astronomical Journal 163 (5) 231 (2022)

A Multiwavelength Look at the GJ 9827 System: No Evidence of Extended Atmospheres in GJ 9827b and d from HST and CARMENES Data

Ilaria Carleo, Allison Youngblood, Seth Redfield, Nuria Casasayas Barris, Thomas R. Ayres, Hunter Vannier, Luca Fossati, Enric Palle, John H. Livingston, Antonino F. Lanza, Prajwal Niraula, Julián D. Alvarado-Gómez, Guo Chen, Davide Gandolfi, Eike W. Guenther, Jeffrey L. Linsky, Evangelos Nagel, Norio Narita, Lisa Nortmann, Evgenya L. Shkolnik and Monika Stangret
The Astronomical Journal 161 (3) 136 (2021)

Time-resolved Rotational Velocities in the Upper Atmosphere of WASP-33 b*

P. Wilson Cauley, Ji Wang, Evgenya L. Shkolnik, Ilya Ilyin, Klaus G. Strassmeier, Seth Redfield and Adam G. Jensen
The Astronomical Journal 161 (3) 152 (2021)

Lyα Flux Impact from the Parent Star on Hα Absorption in the Atmospheres of the Hot Jupiters HD189733b and HD 209458b

I. B. Miroshnichenko, I. F. Shaikhislamov, A. G. Berezutskii, M. S. Rumenskikh and E. S. Vetrova
Astronomy Reports 65 (1) 61 (2021)

Spectral signature of atmospheric winds in high-resolution transit observations

Engin Keles
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 502 (1) 1456 (2021)

A spectral survey of WASP-19b with ESPRESSO

Elyar Sedaghati, Ryan J MacDonald, Núria Casasayas-Barris, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 505 (1) 435 (2021)

The obliquity and atmosphere of the ultra-hot Jupiter TOI-1431b (MASCARA-5b): A misaligned orbit and no signs of atomic or molecular absorptions

M. Stangret, E. Pallé, N. Casasayas-Barris, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 654 A73 (2021)

CARMENES detection of the Ca II infrared triplet and possible evidence of He I in the atmosphere of WASP-76b

N. Casasayas-Barris, J. Orell-Miquel, M. Stangret, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 654 A163 (2021)

Evidence for TiO in the Atmosphere of the Hot Jupiter HAT-P-65 b

Guo Chen, Enric Pallé, Hannu Parviainen, Felipe Murgas and Fei Yan
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 913 (1) L16 (2021)

A Preponderance of Perpendicular Planets

Simon H. Albrecht, Marcus L. Marcussen, Joshua N. Winn, Rebekah I. Dawson and Emil Knudstrup
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 916 (1) L1 (2021)

Atmosphere Escape Inferred from Modeling the Hα Transmission Spectrum of WASP-121b

Dongdong Yan, Jianheng Guo, Chenliang Huang and Lei Xing
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 907 (2) L47 (2021)

The Dark World: A Tale of WASP-43b in Reflected Light with HST WFC3/UVIS

Jonathan Fraine, L. C. Mayorga, Kevin B. Stevenson, Nikole K. Lewis, Tiffany Kataria, Jacob L. Bean, Giovanni Bruno, Jonathan J. Fortney, Laura Kreidberg, Caroline V. Morley, Nelly C Mouawad, Kamen O. Todorov, Vivien Parmentier, Hannah Wakeford, Y. Katherina Feng, Brian M. Kilpatrick and Michael R. Line
The Astronomical Journal 161 (6) 269 (2021)

Radial Velocity Monitoring of the Young Star Hubble 4: Disentangling Star-spot Lifetimes from Orbital Motion*

Adolfo Carvalho, Christopher M. Johns-Krull, L. Prato and Jay Anderson
The Astrophysical Journal 910 (1) 33 (2021)

Generic Models for Disk-resolved and Disk-integrated Phase-dependent Linear Polarization of Light Reflected from Exoplanets

Aritra Chakrabarty and Sujan Sengupta
The Astrophysical Journal 917 (2) 83 (2021)

Atmospheric Rossiter–McLaughlin effect and transmission spectroscopy of WASP-121b with ESPRESSO

F. Borsa, R. Allart, N. Casasayas-Barris, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 645 A24 (2021)

TESS Reveals a Short-period Sub-Neptune Sibling (HD 86226c) to a Known Long-period Giant Planet*

Johanna Teske, Matías R. Díaz, Rafael Luque, Teo Močnik, Julia V. Seidel, Jon Fernández Otegi, Fabo Feng, James S. Jenkins, Enric Pallè, Damien Ségransan, Stèphane Udry, Karen A. Collins, Jason D. Eastman, George R. Ricker, Roland Vanderspek, David W. Latham, Sara Seager, Joshua N. Winn, Jon M. Jenkins, David. R. Anderson, Thomas Barclay, François Bouchy, Jennifer A. Burt, R. Paul Butler, Douglas A. Caldwell, et al.
The Astronomical Journal 160 (2) 96 (2020)

Constraints on Metastable Helium in the Atmospheres of WASP-69b and WASP-52b with Ultranarrowband Photometry

Shreyas Vissapragada, Heather A. Knutson, Nemanja Jovanovic, Caleb K. Harada, Antonija Oklopčić, James Eriksen, Dimitri Mawet, Maxwell A. Millar-Blanchaer, Samaporn Tinyanont and Gautam Vasisht
The Astronomical Journal 159 (6) 278 (2020)

Mass-loss rate and local thermodynamic state of the KELT-9 b thermosphere from the hydrogen Balmer series

A. Wyttenbach, P. Mollière, D. Ehrenreich, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 638 A87 (2020)

LRG-BEASTS: ground-based detection of sodium and a steep optical slope in the atmosphere of the highly inflated hot-saturn WASP-21b

L Alderson, J Kirk, M López-Morales, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 497 (4) 5182 (2020)

Probing the atmosphere of HD189733b with the Na i and K i lines

E Keles, D Kitzmann, M Mallonn, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 498 (1) 1023 (2020)

Alkaline exospheres of exoplanet systems: evaporative transmission spectra

Andrea Gebek and Apurva V Oza
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 497 (4) 5271 (2020)