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Mechanical properties of minerals in lunar and HED meteorites from nanoindentation testing: Implications for space mining

Eloy Peña‐Asensio, Josep M. Trigo‐Rodríguez, Jordi Sort, Jordi Ibáñez-Insa and Albert Rimola
Meteoritics & Planetary Science (2024)

Space weathering acts strongly on the uppermost surface of Ryugu

Moe Matsuoka, Ei-ichi Kagawa, Kana Amano, Tomoki Nakamura, Eri Tatsumi, Takahito Osawa, Takahiro Hiroi, Ralph Milliken, Deborah Domingue, Driss Takir, Rosario Brunetto, Antonella Barucci, Kohei Kitazato, Seiji Sugita, Yuri Fujioka, Osamu Sasaki, Shiho Kobayashi, Takahiro Iwata, Tomokatsu Morota, Yasuhiro Yokota, Toru Kouyama, Rie Honda, Shingo Kameda, Yuichiro Cho, Kazuo Yoshioka, et al.
Communications Earth & Environment 4 (1) (2023)

The Santa Filomena meteorite shower: Trajectory, classification, and opaque phases as indicators of metamorphic conditions

Amanda Tosi, Maria Elizabeth Zucolotto, Diana Paula Andrade, Othon Cabo Winter, Daniela Cardozo Mourão, Rafael Sfair, Karen Ziegler, Pablo Daniel Perez, Sergio Suarez, Iara Deniz Ornellas, Marcelo Zurita, Julio Cezar Mendes, Alexander Wilhelm Kellner and Wania Wolff
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 58 (5) 621 (2023)

Near to Mid-infrared Spectroscopy of (65803) Didymos as Observed by JWST: Characterization Observations Supporting the Double Asteroid Redirection Test

Andrew S. Rivkin, Cristina A. Thomas, Ian Wong, Benjamin Rozitis, Julia de León, Bryan Holler, Stefanie N. Milam, Ellen S. Howell, Heidi B. Hammel, Anicia Arredondo, John R. Brucato, Elena M. Epifani, Simone Ieva, Fiorangela La Forgia, Michael P. Lucas, Alice Lucchetti, Maurizio Pajola, Giovanni Poggiali, Jessica N. Sunshine and Josep M. Trigo-Rodríguez
The Planetary Science Journal 4 (11) 214 (2023)

Predicting residual friction angle of lunar regolith based on Chang’e-5 lunar samples

Jiayan Nie, Yifei Cui, Kostas Senetakis, et al.
Science Bulletin 68 (7) 730 (2023)

Modelling and computation of gravitational attraction, gradient tensors, rotational and horizontal invariants of Asteroid Bennu (101955), Itokawa (25143) and Eros (433) via 2D Non-Uniform FFT

Bulletin Of The Mineral Research and Exploration 1 (2023)

Formation and evolution of carbonaceous asteroid Ryugu: Direct evidence from returned samples

T. Nakamura, M. Matsumoto, K. Amano, Y. Enokido, M. E. Zolensky, T. Mikouchi, H. Genda, S. Tanaka, M. Y. Zolotov, K. Kurosawa, S. Wakita, R. Hyodo, H. Nagano, D. Nakashima, Y. Takahashi, Y. Fujioka, M. Kikuiri, E. Kagawa, M. Matsuoka, A. J. Brearley, A. Tsuchiyama, M. Uesugi, J. Matsuno, Y. Kimura, M. Sato, et al.
Science 379 (6634) (2023)

From impact refugees to deterritorialized states: Foresighting extreme legal-policy cases in asteroid impact scenarios

Elisa Simó-Soler and Eloy Peña-Asensio
Acta Astronautica 192 402 (2022)

Estimation of the space weathering timescale on (25143) Itokawa: Implications on its rejuvenation process

Sunho Jin and Masateru Ishiguro
Astronomy & Astrophysics 667 A93 (2022)

Shape Modeling of Dimorphos for the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART)

R. Terik Daly, Carolyn M. Ernst, Olivier S. Barnouin, Robert W. Gaskell, Eric E. Palmer, Hari Nair, Ray C. Espiritu, Sarah Hasnain, Dany Waller, Angela M. Stickle, Michael C. Nolan, Josep M. Trigo-Rodríguez, Elisabetta Dotto, Alice Lucchetti, Maurizio Pajola, Simone Ieva and Patrick Michel
The Planetary Science Journal 3 (9) 207 (2022)

Anticipated Geological Assessment of the (65803) Didymos–Dimorphos System, Target of the DART–LICIACube Mission

M. Pajola, O. S. Barnouin, A. Lucchetti, M. Hirabayashi, R.-L. Ballouz, E. Asphaug, C. M. Ernst, V. Della Corte, T. Farnham, G. Poggiali, J. M. Sunshine, E. Mazzotta Epifani, N. Murdoch, S. Ieva, S. R. Schwartz, S. Ivanovski, J. M. Trigo-Rodriguez, A. Rossi, N. L. Chabot, A. Zinzi, A. Rivkin, J. R. Brucato, P. Michel, G. Cremonese, E. Dotto, et al.
The Planetary Science Journal 3 (9) 210 (2022)

After DART: Using the First Full-scale Test of a Kinetic Impactor to Inform a Future Planetary Defense Mission

Thomas S. Statler, Sabina D. Raducan, Olivier S. Barnouin, Mallory E. DeCoster, Steven R. Chesley, Brent Barbee, Harrison F. Agrusa, Saverio Cambioni, Andrew F. Cheng, Elisabetta Dotto, Siegfried Eggl, Eugene G. Fahnestock, Fabio Ferrari, Dawn Graninger, Alain Herique, Isabel Herreros, Masatoshi Hirabayashi, Stavro Ivanovski, Martin Jutzi, Özgür Karatekin, Alice Lucchetti, Robert Luther, Rahil Makadia, Francesco Marzari, Patrick Michel, et al.
The Planetary Science Journal 3 (10) 244 (2022)

Stochastic Models and Control of Anchoring Mechanisms for Grasping in Microgravity

Qingpeng Wen, Jun He and Feng Gao
Applied Sciences 12 (6) 3196 (2022)

The state-of-the-art of adhesion and locomotion technologies for exploring small celestial bodies

Wei Zhang, Qinkun Cheng and Junlin Li
Advances in Space Research 70 (8) 2254 (2022)

Accurate 3D fireball trajectory and orbit calculation using the 3D-firetoc automatic Python code

Eloy Peña-Asensio, Josep Maria Trigo-Rodríguez, Maria Gritsevich and Albert Rimola
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 504 (4) 4829 (2021)

The classification of Parauapebas Meteorite: Petrological, mineralogical and elemental compositions and physical properties

Amanda A. Tosi, Maria Elizabeth Zucolotto, Wania Wolff, et al.
Planetary and Space Science 203 105250 (2021)

The reflectance spectra of CV–CK carbonaceous chondrites from the near-infrared to the visible

S Tanbakouei, Josep M Trigo-Rodríguez, J Llorca, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 507 (1) 651 (2021)

Granular flow on a rotating and gravitating elliptical body

Kumar Gaurav, Deepayan Banik, Ishan Sharma and Pravir Dutt
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 916 (2021)

Comparing the reflectivity of ungrouped carbonaceous chondrites with those of short-period comets like 2P/Encke

Safoura Tanbakouei, Josep M. Trigo-Rodríguez, Jürgen Blum, Iwan Williams and Jordi Llorca
Astronomy & Astrophysics 641 A58 (2020)

Evaluation of NEA deflection techniques. A fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making analysis for planetary defense

J.M. Sánchez-Lozano, M. Fernández-Martínez, A.A. Saucedo-Fernández and Josep M. Trigo-Rodriguez
Acta Astronautica 176 383 (2020)