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Possible Effects of Volcanic Eruptions on the Modern Atmosphere of Venus

Colin F. Wilson, Emmanuel Marcq, Cédric Gillmann, Thomas Widemann, Oleg Korablev, Nils T. Mueller, Maxence Lefèvre, Paul B. Rimmer, Séverine Robert and Mikhail Y. Zolotov
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Atacama Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (AtLAST) science: Planetary and cometary atmospheres

Martin Cordiner, Alexander Thelen, Thibault Cavalie, Richard Cosentino, Leigh N. Fletcher, Mark Gurwell, Katherine de Kleer, Yi-Jehng Kuan, Emmanuel Lellouch, Arielle Moullet, Conor Nixon, Imke de Pater, Nicholas Teanby, Bryan Butler, Steven Charnley, Stefanie Milam, Raphael Moreno, Mark Booth, Pamela Klaassen, Claudia Cicone, Tony Mroczkowski, Luca Di Mascolo, Doug Johnstone, Eelco van Kampen, Minju Lee, et al.
Open Research Europe 4 78 (2024)

Venus Evolution Through Time: Key Science Questions, Selected Mission Concepts and Future Investigations

Thomas Widemann, Suzanne E. Smrekar, James B. Garvin, Anne Grete Straume-Lindner, Adriana C. Ocampo, Mitchell D. Schulte, Thomas Voirin, Scott Hensley, M. Darby Dyar, Jennifer L. Whitten, Daniel C. Nunes, Stephanie A. Getty, Giada N. Arney, Natasha M. Johnson, Erika Kohler, Tilman Spohn, Joseph G. O’Rourke, Colin F. Wilson, Michael J. Way, Colby Ostberg, Frances Westall, Dennis Höning, Seth Jacobson, Arnaud Salvador, Guillaume Avice, et al.
Space Science Reviews 219 (7) (2023)

Correlation of Venusian Mesoscale Cloud Morphology Between Images Acquired at Various Wavelengths

M. Narita, T. Imamura, Y. J. Lee, S. Watanabe, A. Yamazaki, T. Satoh, M. Taguchi, T. M. Sato, T. Fukuhara, M. Yamada, T. Kouyama and N. Iwagami
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 127 (6) (2022)

Low levels of sulphur dioxide contamination of Venusian phosphine spectra

Jane S Greaves, Paul B Rimmer, Anita M S Richards, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 514 (2) 2994 (2022)

Local-time Dependence of Chemical Species in the Venusian Mesosphere

Wencheng D. Shao, Xi Zhang, João Mendonça and Thérèse Encrenaz
The Planetary Science Journal 3 (1) 3 (2022)

Reflectivity of Venus’s Dayside Disk During the 2020 Observation Campaign: Outcomes and Future Perspectives

Yeon Joo Lee, Antonio García Muñoz, Atsushi Yamazaki, Eric Quémerais, Stefano Mottola, Stephan Hellmich, Thomas Granzer, Gilles Bergond, Martin Roth, Eulalia Gallego-Cano, Jean-Yves Chaufray, Rozenn Robidel, Go Murakami, Kei Masunaga, Murat Kaplan, Orhan Erece, Ricardo Hueso, Petr Kabáth, Magdaléna Špoková, Agustín Sánchez-Lavega, Myung-Jin Kim, Valeria Mangano, Kandis-Lea Jessup, Thomas Widemann, Ko-ichiro Sugiyama, et al.
The Planetary Science Journal 3 (9) 209 (2022)

A Simple Condensation Model for the H2SO4‐H2O Gas‐Cloud System on Venus

Longkang Dai, Xi Zhang, Wencheng D. Shao, Carver J. Bierson and Jun Cui
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 127 (3) (2022)

The Diverse Planetary Ingassing/Outgassing Paths Produced over Billions of Years of Magmatic Activity

F. Gaillard, M. A. Bouhifd, E. Füri, et al.
Space Science Reviews 217 (1) (2021)

Hydroxide Salts in the Clouds of Venus: Their Effect on the Sulfur Cycle and Cloud Droplet pH

Paul B. Rimmer, Sean Jordan, Tereza Constantinou, Peter Woitke, Oliver Shorttle, Richard Hobbs and Alessia Paschodimas
The Planetary Science Journal 2 (4) 133 (2021)

Complications in the ALMA Detection of Phosphine at Venus

Alex B. Akins, Andrew P. Lincowski, Victoria S. Meadows and Paul G. Steffes
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 907 (2) L27 (2021)

Investigation of UV Absorbers on Venus Using the 283 and 365 nm Phase Curves Obtained From Akatsuki

Y. J. Lee, A. García Muñoz, A. Yamazaki, M. Yamada, S. Watanabe and T. Encrenaz
Geophysical Research Letters 48 (7) (2021)

BepiColombo Science Investigations During Cruise and Flybys at the Earth, Venus and Mercury

Valeria Mangano, Melinda Dósa, Markus Fränz, et al.
Space Science Reviews 217 (1) (2021)

Venus Atmospheric Dynamics at Two Altitudes: Akatsuki and Venus Express Cloud Tracking, Ground-Based Doppler Observations and Comparison with Modelling

Pedro Machado, Thomas Widemann, Javier Peralta, et al.
Atmosphere 12 (4) 506 (2021)

Claimed Detection of PH3 in the Clouds of Venus Is Consistent with Mesospheric SO2

Andrew P. Lincowski, Victoria S. Meadows, David Crisp, Alex B. Akins, Edward W. Schwieterman, Giada N. Arney, Michael L. Wong, Paul G. Steffes, M. Niki Parenteau and Shawn Domagal-Goldman
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No evidence of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus from independent analyses

G. L. Villanueva, M. Cordiner, P. G. J. Irwin, et al.
Nature Astronomy 5 (7) 631 (2021)

Spatial and Temporal Variability of the 365‐nm Albedo of Venus Observed by the Camera on Board Venus Express

Y. J. Lee, P. Kopparla, J. Peralta, S. E. Schröder, T. Imamura, T. Kouyama and S. Watanabe
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 125 (6) (2020)

A Recharge Oscillator Model for Interannual Variability in Venus’ Clouds

Pushkar Kopparla, Ashwin Seshadri, Takeshi Imamura and Yeon Joo Lee
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Revisiting the Sulfur‐Water Chemical System in the Middle Atmosphere of Venus

Wencheng D. Shao, Xi Zhang, Carver J. Bierson and Therese Encrenaz
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 125 (8) (2020)

Brightness modulations of our nearest terrestrial planet Venus reveal atmospheric super-rotation rather than surface features

Y. J. Lee, A. García Muñoz, T. Imamura, et al.
Nature Communications 11 (1) (2020)

Long-term Variations of Venus’s 365 nm Albedo Observed by Venus Express, Akatsuki, MESSENGER, and the Hubble Space Telescope

Yeon Joo Lee, Kandis-Lea Jessup, Santiago Perez-Hoyos, Dmitrij V. Titov, Sebastien Lebonnois, Javier Peralta, Takeshi Horinouchi, Takeshi Imamura, Sanjay Limaye, Emmanuel Marcq, Masahiro Takagi, Atsushi Yamazaki, Manabu Yamada, Shigeto Watanabe, Shin-ya Murakami, Kazunori Ogohara, William M. McClintock, Gregory Holsclaw and Anthony Roman
The Astronomical Journal 158 (3) 126 (2019)