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The influence of small bipolar magnetic regions on basic solar quantities

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Understanding the secular variability of solar irradiance: the potential of Ca II K observations

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Climate Change Science and Policy—A Guided Tour across the Space of Attitudes and Outcomes

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Challenges in the Detection and Attribution of Northern Hemisphere Surface Temperature Trends Since 1850

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An ecohydrological journey of 4500 years reveals a stable but threatened precipitation–groundwater recharge relation around Jerusalem

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Klimatyczne ABC. Interdyscyplinarne podstawy współczesnej wiedzy o zmianie klimatu

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Klimatyczne ABC. Interdyscyplinarne podstawy współczesnej wiedzy o zmianie klimatu (2021)

Overview of the Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment (SORCE) Seventeen-Year Mission

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Global temperature modes shed light on the Holocene temperature conundrum

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On the Contribution of Quiet-Sun Magnetism to Solar Irradiance Variations: Constraints on Quiet-Sun Variability and Grand-minimum Scenarios

M. Rempel
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Antarctic Winds: Pacemaker of Global Warming, Global Cooling, and the Collapse of Civilizations

W. Davis and W. Davis
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Characteristic Time Scales of Decadal to Centennial Changes in Global Surface Temperatures Over the Past 150 Years

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The Sun is less active than other solar-like stars

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Long-term trends in Arctic surface temperature and potential causality over the last 100 years

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Climate Dynamics 55 (5-6) 1443 (2020)

The Dimmest State of the Sun

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Solar Cycles in Salvage Logging: National Data from the Czech Republic Confirm Significant Correlation

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How faculae and network relate to sunspots, and the implications for solar and stellar brightness variations

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Modelling solar irradiance from ground-based photometric observations

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Solar Angular Momentum Loss over the Past Several Millennia

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Pluridisciplinary analysis and multi-archive reconstruction of paleofloods: Societal demand, challenges and progress

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