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Prediction of solar energetic events impacting space weather conditions

Manolis K. Georgoulis, Stephanie L. Yardley, Jordan A. Guerra, Sophie A. Murray, Azim Ahmadzadeh, Anastasios Anastasiadis, Rafal Angryk, Berkay Aydin, Dipankar Banerjee, Graham Barnes, Alessandro Bemporad, Federico Benvenuto, D. Shaun Bloomfield, Monica Bobra, Cristina Campi, Enrico Camporeale, Craig E. DeForest, A. Gordon Emslie, David Falconer, Li Feng, Weiqun Gan, Lucie M. Green, Sabrina Guastavino, Mike Hapgood, Dustin Kempton, et al.
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Analysis of modeled 3D solar magnetic field during 30 X/M-class solar flares

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Magnetic Evolution of an Active Region Producing Successive Flares and Confined Eruptions

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Using relative field line helicity as an indicator for solar eruptivity

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A Study of Preflare Solar Coronal Magnetic Fields: Magnetic Energy and Helicity

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Modeling the formation and eruption of coronal structures by linking data-driven magnetofrictional and MHD simulations for AR 12673

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Changes of Magnetic Energy and Helicity in Solar Active Regions from Major Flares

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Turbulent convection as a significant hidden provider of magnetic helicity in solar eruptions

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Numerical Simulation of Solar Magnetic Flux Emergence Using the AMR–CESE–MHD Code

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Deciphering the Pre–solar-storm Features of the 2017 September Storm From Global and Local Dynamics

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Magnetic helicity and free magnetic energy as tools for probing eruptions in two differently evolving solar active regions

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Editorial: Flux rope interaction with the ambient corona: From jets to CMEs

Peter Wyper, Pankaj Kumar and Benjamin Lynch
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A New Magnetic Parameter of Active Regions Distinguishing Large Eruptive and Confined Solar Flares

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On the Differences in the Periodic Behavior of Magnetic Helicity Flux in Flaring Active Regions with and without X-class Events

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Earth-affecting solar transients: a review of progresses in solar cycle 24

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PMI: The Photospheric Magnetic Field Imager

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The Scientific Foundation of Space Weather

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Probing the Effect of Cadence on the Estimates of Photospheric Energy and Helicity Injections in Eruptive Active Region NOAA AR 11158

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Characteristics of SEP Events and Their Solar Origin During the Evolution of Active Region NOAA 10069

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Magnetic Helicity Budget of Solar Active Regions Prolific of Eruptive and Confined Flares

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Low-dimensional paradigms for high-dimensional hetero-chaos

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