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Ultraviolet and Chromospheric Activity and Habitability of M Stars

Xue Li, Song Wang, Henggeng Han, Huiqin Yang, Chuanjie Zheng, Yang Huang and Jifeng Liu
The Astrophysical Journal 966 (1) 69 (2024)

A new catalog of magnetically active solar-like oscillators

E. Corsaro, A. Bonanno, C. Kayhan, M. P. Di Mauro, R. Reda and L. Giovannelli
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Superflare rate variability on M dwarfs

James Crowley, Michael S Wheatland and Kai Yang
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 530 (1) 457 (2024)

Long-term monitoring of large-scale magnetic fields across optical and near-infrared domains with ESPaDOnS, Narval, and SPIRou

S. Bellotti, J. Morin, L. T. Lehmann, P. Petit, G. A. J. Hussain, J.-F. Donati, C. P. Folsom, A. Carmona, E. Martioli, B. Klein, P. Fouqué, C. Moutou, S. Alencar, E. Artigau, I. Boisse, F. Bouchy, J. Bouvier, N. J. Cook, X. Delfosse, R. Doyon and G. Hébrard
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Stellar activity and differential rotation of HD 111395

M. Mittag, J. H. M. M. Schmitt, B. Fuhrmeister, J. Robrade and K.-P. Schröder
Astronomy & Astrophysics 682 A86 (2024)

Setting the Stage for the Search for Life with the Habitable Worlds Observatory: Properties of 164 Promising Planet-survey Targets

Caleb K. Harada, Courtney D. Dressing, Stephen R. Kane and Bahareh Adami Ardestani
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 272 (2) 30 (2024)

Closeby Habitable Exoplanet Survey (CHES). I. Astrometric Noise and Planetary Detection Efficiency Due to Stellar Spots and Faculae

Chunhui Bao, Jianghui Ji, Dongjie Tan, Guo Chen, Xiumin Huang, Su Wang and Yao Dong
The Astronomical Journal 167 (6) 286 (2024)

Kepler main-sequence solar-like stars: surface rotation and magnetic-activity evolution

Ângela R. G. Santos, Diego Godoy-Rivera, Adam J. Finley, Savita Mathur, Rafael A. García, Sylvain N. Breton and Anne-Marie Broomhall
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 11 (2024)

Time Variability of FUV Emission from Cool Stars on Multi-year Timescales

Leo Kamgar, Kevin France and Allison Youngblood
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 136 (2) 024202 (2024)

Absolute Ca II H & K and H-alpha flux measurements of low-mass stars: Extending R′HK to M dwarfs

C. J. Marvin, A. Reiners, G. Anglada-Escudé, S. V. Jeffers and S. Boro Saikia
Astronomy & Astrophysics 671 A162 (2023)

A multi-technique approach to identifying and/or constraining radial-velocity substellar companions

F. Philipot, A.-M. Lagrange, F. Kiefer, P. Rubini, P. Delorme and A. Chomez
Astronomy & Astrophysics 678 A107 (2023)

Simulations of Solar and Stellar Dynamos and Their Theoretical Interpretation

Petri J. Käpylä, Matthew K. Browning, Allan Sacha Brun, Gustavo Guerrero and Jörn Warnecke
Space Science Reviews 219 (7) (2023)

Multicomponent Activity Cycles Using Hilbert–Huang Analysis

E. N. Velloso, F. Anthony, J.-D. do Nascimento, L. F. Q. Silveira, J. Hall and S. H. Saar
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 945 (1) L12 (2023)

Characterisation of stellar activity of M dwarfs

L. Mignon, N. Meunier, X. Delfosse, X. Bonfils, N. C. Santos, T. Forveille, G. Gaisné, N. Astudillo-Defru, C. Lovis and S. Udry
Astronomy & Astrophysics 675 A168 (2023)

Activity of the Star Gl 414A with Two Planets and its Effect on the Loss of Mass of the Atmosphere of the Planet Gl 414A b

I. S. Savanov
Astrophysics 66 (2) 205 (2023)

Monitoring the large-scale magnetic field of AD Leo with SPIRou, ESPaDOnS, and Narval

S. Bellotti, J. Morin, L. T. Lehmann, C. P. Folsom, G. A. J. Hussain, P. Petit, J.-F. Donati, A. Lavail, A. Carmona, E. Martioli, B. Romano Zaire, E. Alecian, C. Moutou, P. Fouqué, S. Alencar, E. Artigau, I. Boisse, F. Bouchy, C. Cadieux, R. Cloutier, N. J. Cook, X. Delfosse, R. Doyon, G. Hébrard, O. Kochukhov and G. A. Wade
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Mean Field Models of Flux Transport Dynamo and Meridional Circulation in the Sun and Stars

Gopal Hazra, Dibyendu Nandy, Leonid Kitchatinov and Arnab Rai Choudhuri
Space Science Reviews 219 (5) (2023)

Hunting down white dwarf–main sequence binaries using multiwavelength observations

Prasanta K Nayak, Anindya Ganguly and Sourav Chatterjee
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 527 (3) 6100 (2023)

Where are the missing symbiotic stars? Uncovering hidden symbiotic stars in public catalogues

Stavros Akras
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 519 (4) 6044 (2023)

The space weather around the exoplanet GJ 436b

S. Bellotti, R. Fares, A. A. Vidotto, J. Morin, P. Petit, G. A. J. Hussain, V. Bourrier, J. F. Donati, C. Moutou and É. M. Hébrard
Astronomy & Astrophysics 676 A139 (2023)

Planetary system architectures with low-mass inner planets

C. Desgrange, J. Milli, G. Chauvin, Th. Henning, A. Luashvili, M. Read, M. Wyatt, G. Kennedy, R. Burn, M. Schlecker, F. Kiefer, V. D’Orazi, S. Messina, P. Rubini, A.-M. Lagrange, C. Babusiaux, L. Matrà, B. Bitsch, M. Bonavita, P. Delorme, E. Matthews, P. Palma-Bifani and A. Vigan
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White-light Superflare and Long-term Activity of the Nearby M7-type Binary EI Cnc Observed with GWAC System

Hua-Li Li, Jing Wang, Li-Ping Xin, Jian-Ying Bai, Xu-Hui Han, Hong-Bo Cai, Lei Huang, Xiao-Meng Lu, Yu-Lei Qiu, Chao Wu, Guang-Wei Li, Jing-Song Deng, Da-Wei Xu, Yuan-Gui Yang, Xiang-Gao Wang, En-Wei Liang and Jian-Yan Wei
The Astrophysical Journal 954 (2) 142 (2023)

Study of the energetic X-ray superflares from the active fast rotator AB doradus

Shweta Didel, Jeewan C Pandey, A K Srivastava and Gurpreet Singh
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 527 (2) 1705 (2023)

Unravelling the period gap using LAMOST chromospheric activity indices

Deepak Chahal, Devika Kamath, Richard de Grijs, Paolo Ventura and Xiaodian Chen
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 525 (3) 4026 (2023)

TOI-1075 b: A Dense, Massive, Ultra-short-period Hot Super-Earth Straddling the Radius Gap

Zahra Essack, Avi Shporer, Jennifer A. Burt, Sara Seager, Saverio Cambioni, Zifan Lin, Karen A. Collins, Eric E. Mamajek, Keivan G. Stassun, George R. Ricker, Roland Vanderspek, David W. Latham, Joshua N. Winn, Jon M. Jenkins, R. Paul Butler, David Charbonneau, Kevin I. Collins, Jeffrey D. Crane, Tianjun Gan, Coel Hellier, Steve B. Howell, Jonathan Irwin, Andrew W. Mann, Ali Ramadhan, Stephen A. Shectman, et al.
The Astronomical Journal 165 (2) 47 (2023)

Doppler Constraints on Planetary Companions to Nearby Sun-like Stars: An Archival Radial Velocity Survey of Southern Targets for Proposed NASA Direct Imaging Missions*  

Katherine Laliotis, Jennifer A. Burt, Eric E. Mamajek, Zhexing Li, Volker Perdelwitz, Jinglin Zhao, R. Paul Butler, Bradford Holden, Lee Rosenthal, B. J. Fulton, Fabo Feng, Stephen R. Kane, Jeremy Bailey, Brad Carter, Jeffrey D. Crane, Elise Furlan, Crystal L. Gnilka, Steve B. Howell, Gregory Laughlin, Stephen A. Shectman, Johanna K. Teske, C. G. Tinney, Steven S. Vogt, Sharon Xuesong Wang and Robert A. Wittenmyer
The Astronomical Journal 165 (4) 176 (2023)

Nonthermal Motions and Atmospheric Heating of Cool Stars

S. Boro Saikia, T. Lueftinger, V. S. Airapetian, T. Ayres, M. Bartel, M. Guedel, M. Jin, K. G. Kislyakova and P. Testa
The Astrophysical Journal 950 (2) 124 (2023)

Gaia Data Release 3

A. C. Lanzafame, E. Brugaletta, Y. Frémat, R. Sordo, O. L. Creevey, V. Andretta, G. Scandariato, I. Busà, E. Distefano, A. J. Korn, P. de Laverny, A. Recio-Blanco, A. Abreu Aramburu, M. A. Álvarez, R. Andrae, C. A. L. Bailer-Jones, J. Bakker, I. Bellas-Velidis, A. Bijaoui, N. Brouillet, A. Burlacu, R. Carballo, L. Casamiquela, L. Chaoul, A. Chiavassa, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 674 A30 (2023)

The Apparent Absence of Forward Scattering in the HD 53143 Debris Disk

Christopher C. Stark, Bin Ren, Meredith A. MacGregor, Ward S. Howard, Spencer A. Hurt, Alycia J. Weinberger, Glenn Schneider and Elodie Choquet
The Astrophysical Journal 945 (2) 131 (2023)

X-Ray Activity Variations and Coronal Abundances of the Star–Planet Interaction Candidate HD 179949

Anshuman Acharya, Vinay L. Kashyap, Steven H. Saar, Kulinder Pal Singh and Manfred Cuntz
The Astrophysical Journal 951 (2) 152 (2023)

KOBEsim: A Bayesian observing strategy algorithm for planet detection in radial velocity blind-search surveys

O. Balsalobre-Ruza, J. Lillo-Box, A. Berihuete, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 669 A18 (2023)

Nondetection of Helium in the Hot Jupiter WASP-48b

Katherine A. Bennett, Seth Redfield, Antonija Oklopčić, Ilaria Carleo, Joe P. Ninan and Michael Endl
The Astronomical Journal 165 (6) 264 (2023)

Stellar Cycles in Fully Convective Stars and a New Interpretation of Dynamo Evolution

Zackery A. Irving, Steven H. Saar, Bradford J. Wargelin and José-Dias do Nascimento
The Astrophysical Journal 949 (2) 51 (2023)

Multi-wavelength aperture polarimetry of debris disc host stars

Jonathan P Marshall, Daniel V Cotton, Kimberly Bott, Jeremy Bailey, Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer and Emma L Brown
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 522 (2) 2777 (2023)

The Oceanus Moving Group: A New 500 Myr Old Host for the Nearest Brown Dwarf

Jonathan Gagné, Leslie Moranta, Jacqueline K. Faherty, Rocio Kiman, Dominic Couture, Arnaud René Larochelle, Mark Popinchalk and Daniella Morrone
The Astrophysical Journal 945 (2) 119 (2023)

Disentangling Stellar and Airglow Emission Lines from Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS) Spectra 

Fernando Cruz Aguirre, Allison Youngblood, Kevin France and Vincent Bourrier
The Astrophysical Journal 946 (2) 98 (2023)

LAMOST medium-resolution spectroscopic survey of binarity and exotic star (LAMOST-MRS-B): Observation strategy and target selection

Jiao Li, Jiang-Dan Li, Yan-Jun Guo, et al.
Chinese Physics B 32 (1) 019501 (2023)

A sub-Neptune transiting the young field star HD 18599  at 40 pc

J P de Leon, J H Livingston, J S Jenkins, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 522 (1) 750 (2023)

Dynamo modelling for cycle variability and occurrence of grand minima in Sun-like stars: rotation rate dependence

Vindya Vashishth, Bidya Binay Karak and Leonid Kitchatinov
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 522 (2) 2601 (2023)

A Hale-like Cycle in the Solar Twin 18 Scorpii

J.-D. do Nascimento, S. A. Barnes, S. H. Saar, G. F. Porto de Mello, J. C. Hall, F. Anthony, L. de Almeida, E. N. Velloso, J. S. da Costa, P. Petit, A. Strugarek, B. J. Wargelin, M. Castro, K. G. Strassmeier and A. S. Brun
The Astrophysical Journal 958 (1) 57 (2023)

Активность звезды Gl 414A с двумя планетами и ее влияние на потерю массы атмосферой планеты Gl 414Ab

И. С. Саванов
Astrophysics 223 (2023)

An Attempt to Construct an Activity Cycle Catalog with Kepler Long-Cadence Light Curves

Yu-Fu Shen, Gang Zhao and Sarah A. Bird
Universe 8 (9) 488 (2022)

Statistics of BY Draconis chromospheric variable stars

Deepak Chahal, Richard de Grijs, Devika Kamath and Xiaodian Chen
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 514 (4) 4932 (2022)

Linking chromospheric activity and magnetic field properties for late-type dwarf stars

E L Brown, S V Jeffers, S C Marsden, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 514 (3) 4300 (2022)

A dense mini-Neptune orbiting the bright young star HD 18599

Jose I Vines, James S Jenkins, Zaira Berdiñas, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 518 (2) 2627 (2022)

ariadne: measuring accurate and precise stellar parameters through SED fitting

Jose I Vines and James S Jenkins
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 513 (2) 2719 (2022)

A new estimation of astrometric exoplanet detection limits in the habitable zone around nearby stars

N. Meunier and A.-M. Lagrange
Astronomy & Astrophysics 659 A104 (2022)

Dynamical Mass of the Young Substellar Companion HD 984 B

Kyle Franson, Brendan P. Bowler, Timothy D. Brandt, Trent J. Dupuy, Quang H. Tran, G. Mirek Brandt, Yiting Li and Adam L. Kraus
The Astronomical Journal 163 (2) 50 (2022)

Probing Galactic variations in the fine-structure constant using solar twin stars: Systematic errors

Daniel A Berke, Michael T Murphy, Chris Flynn and Fan Liu
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 519 (1) 1221 (2022)

Mitigating stellar activity jitter with different line lists for least-squares deconvolution

S. Bellotti, P. Petit, J. Morin, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 657 A107 (2022)

Stellar Chromospheric Activity Database of Solar-like Stars Based on the LAMOST Low-Resolution Spectroscopic Survey

Weitao Zhang, Jun Zhang, Han He, Zhiping Song, Ali Luo and Haotong Zhang
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 263 (1) 12 (2022)

Powering Stellar Magnetism: Energy Transfers in Cyclic Dynamos of Sun-like Stars

Allan Sacha Brun, Antoine Strugarek, Quentin Noraz, Barbara Perri, Jacobo Varela, Kyle Augustson, Paul Charbonneau and Juri Toomre
The Astrophysical Journal 926 (1) 21 (2022)

Activity cycles in RS CVn-type stars

C I Martínez, P J D Mauas and A P Buccino
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 512 (4) 4835 (2022)

Time evolution of magnetic activity cycles in young suns: The curious case of κ Ceti

S. Boro Saikia, T. Lüftinger, C. P. Folsom, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 658 A16 (2022)

A 20 Second Cadence View of Solar-type Stars and Their Planets with TESS: Asteroseismology of Solar Analogs and a Recharacterization of π Men c

Daniel Huber, Timothy R. White, Travis S. Metcalfe, Ashley Chontos, Michael M. Fausnaugh, Cynthia S. K. Ho, Vincent Van Eylen, Warrick H. Ball, Sarbani Basu, Timothy R. Bedding, Othman Benomar, Diego Bossini, Sylvain Breton, Derek L. Buzasi, Tiago L. Campante, William J. Chaplin, Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, Margarida S. Cunha, Morgan Deal, Rafael A. García, Antonio García Muñoz, Charlotte Gehan, Lucía González-Cuesta, Chen Jiang, Cenk Kayhan, et al.
The Astronomical Journal 163 (2) 79 (2022)

Analysis of Gaia radial-velocity standards: stability and new substellar companion candidates

A Boulkaboul, Y Damerdji, T Morel, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 517 (2) 1849 (2022)

SCExAO and Keck Direct Imaging Discovery of a Low-mass Companion Around the Accelerating F5 Star HIP 5319*

Noah Swimmer, Thayne Currie, Sarah Steiger, G. Mirek Brandt, Timothy D. Brandt, Olivier Guyon, Masayuki Kuzuhara, Jeffrey Chilcote, Taylor Tobin, Tyler D. Groff, Julien Lozi, John I. III Bailey, Alexander B. Walter, Neelay Fruitwala, Nicholas Zobrist, Jennifer Pearl Smith, Gregoire Coiffard, Rupert Dodkins, Kristina K. Davis, Miguel Daal, Bruce Bumble, Sebastien Vievard, Nour Skaf, Vincent Deo, Nemanja Jovanovic, et al.
The Astronomical Journal 164 (4) 152 (2022)

An investigation of the magnetic activity of HD 134319 based on TESS photometry and ground-based spectroscopy

Fukun Xu, Shenghong Gu and Panogiotis Ioannidis
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 514 (2) 2958 (2022)

White Dwarf Binaries across the H-R Diagram

Borja Anguiano, Steven R. Majewski, Keivan G. Stassun, Carles Badenes, Christine Mazzola Daher, Don Dixon, Carlos Allende Prieto, Donald P. Schneider, Adrian M. Price-Whelan and Rachael L. Beaton
The Astronomical Journal 164 (4) 126 (2022)

Searching for Stellar and Planetary Emission in Large Field-of-view Radio Sky Surveys

Jason Ling, Andrea Isella, Christopher Johns-Krull and T. Joseph W. Lazio
The Astrophysical Journal 926 (2) 228 (2022)

Revisiting BD-06 1339b: A Likely False Positive Caused by Stellar Activity

Emilie R. Simpson, Tara Fetherolf, Stephen R. Kane, Zhexing Li, Joshua Pepper and Teo Močnik
The Astronomical Journal 163 (5) 215 (2022)

On the Characterization of GJ 504: A Magnetically Active Planet-host Star Observed by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS)

Maria Pia Di Mauro, Raffaele Reda, Savita Mathur, Rafael A. García, Derek L. Buzasi, Enrico Corsaro, Othman Benomar, Lucía González Cuesta, Keivan G. Stassun, Serena Benatti, Valentina D’Orazi, Luca Giovannelli, Dino Mesa and Nicolas Nardetto
The Astrophysical Journal 940 (1) 93 (2022)

TOI-1231 b: A Temperate, Neptune-sized Planet Transiting the Nearby M3 Dwarf NLTT 24399

Jennifer A. Burt, Diana Dragomir, Paul Mollière, Allison Youngblood, Antonio García Muñoz, John McCann, Laura Kreidberg, Chelsea X. Huang, Karen A. Collins, Jason D. Eastman, Lyu Abe, Jose M. Almenara, Ian J. M. Crossfield, Carl Ziegler, Joseph E. Rodriguez, Eric E. Mamajek, Keivan G. Stassun, Samuel P. Halverson, Steven Villanueva, R. Paul Butler, Sharon Xuesong Wang, Richard P. Schwarz, George R. Ricker, Roland Vanderspek, David W. Latham, et al.
The Astronomical Journal 162 (3) 87 (2021)

Stellar chromospheric activity of 1674 FGK stars from the AMBRE-HARPS sample

J. Gomes da Silva, N. C. Santos, V. Adibekyan, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 646 A77 (2021)

Magnetic field and chromospheric activity evolution of HD 75332: a rapid magnetic cycle in an F star without a hot Jupiter

E L Brown, S C Marsden, M W Mengel, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 501 (3) 3981 (2021)

A circular polarization survey for radio stars with the Australian SKA Pathfinder

Joshua Pritchard, Tara Murphy, Andrew Zic, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 502 (4) 5438 (2021)

Asteroseismology of low-mass stars: the balance between partial ionization and Coulomb interactions

Ana Brito and Ilídio Lopes
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 507 (4) 5747 (2021)

Simulating starspot activity jitter for spectral types F–M: Realistic estimates for a representative sample of known exoplanet hosts

Stefano Bellotti and Heidi Korhonen
Astronomische Nachrichten 342 (7-8) 926 (2021)