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Multimessenger search for electrophilic feebly interacting particles from supernovae

Pedro De la Torre Luque, Shyam Balaji and Pierluca Carenza
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Alternative Origin of Galactic Positrons Generated by Ultraperipheral Collisions of Cosmic Rays

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MeV astrophysical spectroscopic surveyor (MASS): a compton telescope mission concept

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S-wave resonance states below the Ps(n=2) threshold in positron-potassium system: Effects of weakly coupled classical plasma and dense quantum plasma

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26Al gamma rays from the Galaxy with INTEGRAL/SPI

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EFT analysis of leptophilic dark matter at future electron-positron colliders in the mono-photon and mono- Z channels

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Serendipitous Nebular-phase JWST Imaging of SN Ia SN 2021aefx: Testing the Confinement of 56Co Decay Energy

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X-ray signature of antistars in the Galaxy

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A search for annihilating dark matter in 47 Tucanae and Omega Centauri

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An INTEGRAL/SPI view of reticulum II: particle dark matter and primordial black holes limits in the MeV range

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Strong constraints on primordial black hole dark matter from 16 years of INTEGRAL/SPI observations

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Nucleosynthesis constraints through γ-ray line measurements from classical novae

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Astrophysics with Radioactive Isotopes

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The Fermi-LAT GeV excess as a tracer of stellar mass in the Galactic bulge

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Positron annihilation in the nuclear outflows of the Milky Way

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Galactic binaries can explain the Fermi Galactic centre excess and 511 keV emission

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Effect of positron-alkali metal atom interactions in the diffuse interstellar medium

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Prospects for indirect dark matter searches with MeV photons

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Circular polarisation: a new probe of dark matter and neutrinos in the sky

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Pico-charged intermediate particles rescue dark matter interpretation of 511 keV signal

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Diffuse Galactic antimatter from faint thermonuclear supernovae in old stellar populations

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Search for 511 keV emission in satellite galaxies of the Milky Way with INTEGRAL/SPI

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Ruling out the light weakly interacting massive particle explanation of the Galactic 511 keV line

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Sgr A* as Source of the Positrons Observed in the Galactic Center Region

Pierre Jean, Nidhal Guessoum and Katia Ferrière
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