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The universal power spectrum of quasars in optical wavelengths

P. Arévalo, E. Churazov, P. Lira, P. Sánchez-Sáez, S. Bernal, L. Hernández-García, E. López-Navas and P. Patel
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Dwarf AGNs from variability for the origins of seeds (DAVOS): optical variability of broad-line dwarf AGNs from the zwicky transient facility

Z Franklin Wang, Colin J Burke, Xin Liu and Yue Shen
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K2 Optical Emission from OJ 287 and Other γ-Ray Blazars on Hours-to-weeks Timescales from 2014 to 2018

Ann E. Wehrle, Michael Carini, Paul J. Wiita, Joshua Pepper, B. Scott Gaudi, Richard W. Pogge, Keivan G. Stassun and Steven Villanueva
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Interesting clues to detect hidden tidal disruption events in active galactic nuclei

Xue-Guang Zhang
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 526 (4) 6015 (2023)

Dust dynamics in AGN winds: a new mechanism for multiwavelength AGN variability

Nadine H Soliman and Philip F Hopkins
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A new 2D stochastic methodology for simulating variable accretion discs: propagating fluctuations and epicyclic motion

Samuel G D Turner and Christopher S Reynolds
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BASS-XL: X-ray variability properties of unobscured active galactic nuclei

Alessia Tortosa, Claudio Ricci, Patricia Arévalo, Michael J Koss, Franz E Bauer, Benny Trakhtenbrot, Richard Mushotzky, Matthew J Temple, Federica Ricci, Alejandra Rojas Lilayu, Taiki Kawamuro, Turgay Caglar, Tingting Liu, Fiona Harrison, Kyuseok Oh, Meredith Clark Powell, Daniel Stern and Claudia Megan Urry
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Optical variability in quasars: scalings with black hole mass and Eddington ratio depend on the observed time-scales

P Arévalo, P Lira, P Sánchez-Sáez, P Patel, E López-Navas, E Churazov and L Hernández-García
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Probing the disc–jet coupling in S4 0954+65, PKS 0903−57, and 4C +01.02 with γ-rays

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Temperature fluctuations in quasar accretion discs from spectroscopic monitoring data

Zachary Stone and Yue Shen
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Examining AGN UV/Optical Variability beyond the Simple Damped Random Walk

Weixiang Yu, Gordon T. Richards, Michael S. Vogeley, Jackeline Moreno and Matthew J. Graham
The Astrophysical Journal 936 (2) 132 (2022)

The variability and soft X-ray excess properties of narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies: TheSwiftview

Nan Ding, Qiusheng Gu, Yunyong Tang, et al.
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Characterizing the γ-Ray Variability of Active Galactic Nuclei with the Stochastic Process Method

Haiyun 海云 Zhang 张, Dahai 大海 Yan 闫 and Li 力 Zhang 张
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Optical variability of quasars with 20-yr photometric light curves

Zachary Stone, Yue Shen, Colin J Burke, et al.
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A Physical Model for the UV/Optical Power Spectra of AGN

Christos Panagiotou, Iossif Papadakis, Erin Kara, Elias Kammoun and Michal Dovčiak
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Dwarf AGNs from variability for the origins of seeds (DAVOS): Intermediate-mass black hole demographics from optical synoptic surveys

Colin J Burke, Yue Shen, Xin Liu, Priyamvada Natarajan, Neven Caplar, Jillian M Bellovary and Z Franklin Wang
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Properties of a Previously Unidentified Instrumental Signature in Kepler/K2 That was Confused for AGN Variability

Jackeline Moreno, Rachel Buttry, John O’Brien, Michael S. Vogeley, Gordon T. Richards and Krista Lynne Smith
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A characteristic optical variability time scale in astrophysical accretion disks

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The feasibility and flexibility of selecting quasars by variability using ensemble machine learning algorithms

Da-Ming Yang, Zhang-Liang Xie and Jun-Xian Wang
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Improving Damped Random Walk Parameters for SDSS Stripe 82 Quasars with Pan-STARRS1

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Investigating the theory of propagating fluctuations with numerical models of stochastic accretion discs

Samuel G D Turner and Christopher S Reynolds
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Searching for Changing-state AGNs in Massive Data Sets. I. Applying Deep Learning and Anomaly-detection Techniques to Find AGNs with Anomalous Variability Behaviors

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Optical Variability of ICRF3 Quasars in the Pan-STARRS 3Pi Survey with Functional Principal Component Analysis

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Individual optical variability of active galactic nuclei from the MEXSAS2 sample

M Laurenti, F Vagnetti, R Middei and M Paolillo
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Corona-heated Accretion-disk Reprocessing: A Physical Model to Decipher the Melody of AGN UV/Optical Twinkling

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Extending the variability selection of active galactic nuclei in the W-CDF-S and SERVS/SWIRE region

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A geometric method of analysis for the light curves of active galactic nuclei

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Mid-infrared variability of γ-ray emitting blazars

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Optical Variability Modeling of Newly Identified Blazar Candidates behind Magellanic Clouds

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Optical Variability of the Dwarf AGN NGC 4395 from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

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The spectral energy distributions of active galactic nuclei

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Black holes, gravitational waves and fundamental physics: a roadmap

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Can Reverberation-measured Quasars Be Used for Cosmology?

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Robust identification of active galactic nuclei through HST optical variability in GOODS-S: comparison with the X-ray and mid-IR-selected samples★

E Pouliasis, I Georgantopoulos, A Z Bonanos, et al.
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Stochastic Modeling Handbook for Optical AGN Variability

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Measuring the Variability in K2 Optical Light Curves of the Binary Black Hole Candidate OJ 287 and Other Fermi Active Galactic Nuclei in 2014–2015

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Stochastic modelling of star-formation histories I: the scatter of the star-forming main sequence

Sandro Tacchella and Neven Caplar
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The QUEST-La Silla AGN Variability Survey: Selection of AGN Candidates through Optical Variability

P. Sánchez-Sáez, P. Lira, R. Cartier, N. Miranda, L. C. Ho, P. Arévalo, F. E. Bauer, P. Coppi and C. Yovaniniz
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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Reverberation Mapping Project: Comparison of Lag Measurement Methods with Simulated Observations

Jennifer I-Hsiu Li, Yue Shen, W. N. Brandt, C. J. Grier, P. B. Hall, L. C. Ho, Y. Homayouni, K. Horne, D. P. Schneider, J. R. Trump and D. A. Starkey
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Supermassive Black Holes with High Accretion Rates in Active Galactic Nuclei. X. Optical Variability Characteristics

Kai-Xing Lu, Ying-Ke Huang, Zhi-Xiang Zhang, Kai Wang, Pu Du, Chen Hu, Ming Xiao, Yan-Rong Li, Jin-Ming Bai, Wei-Hao Bian, Ye-Fei Yuan, Luis C. Ho and Jian-Min Wang
The Astrophysical Journal 877 (1) 23 (2019)

Time Delay Measurement of Mg ii Line in CTS C30.10 with SALT

Bożena Czerny, Aleksandra Olejak, Mateusz Rałowski, Szymon Kozłowski, Mary Loli Martinez Aldama, Michal Zajacek, Wojtek Pych, Krzysztof Hryniewicz, Grzegorz Pietrzyński, Catalina Sobrino Figaredo, Martin Haas, Justyna Średzińska, Magdalena Krupa, Agnieszka Kurcz, Andrzej Udalski, Marek Gorski, Vladimir Karas, Swayamtrupta Panda, Marzena Sniegowska, Mohammad-Hassan Naddaf, Maciej Bilicki and Marek Sarna
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Medium-band Photometry Reverberation Mapping of Nearby Active Galactic Nuclei

Joonho Kim, Myungshin Im, Changsu Choi and Sungyong Hwang
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The Kepler Light Curves of AGN: A Detailed Analysis

Krista Lynne Smith, Richard F. Mushotzky, Patricia T. Boyd, Matt Malkan, Steve B. Howell and Dawn M. Gelino
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A physical model of the broad-band continuum of AGN and its implications for the UV/X relation and optical variability

Aya Kubota and Chris Done
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Did ASAS-SN Kill the Supermassive Black Hole Binary Candidate PG1302-102?

Tingting Liu, Suvi Gezari and M. Coleman Miller
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 859 (1) L12 (2018)

Modeling the Variability of Active Galactic Nuclei by an Infinite Mixture of Ornstein–Uhlenbeck (OU) Processes

Tadafumi Takata, Yusuke Mukuta and Yoshikiko Mizumoto
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Modelling dust rings in early-type galaxies through a sequence of radiative transfer simulations and 2D image fitting

P Bonfini, O González-Martín, J Fritz, et al.
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Testing the relativistic Doppler boost hypothesis for supermassive black hole binary candidates

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Evolution of Quasar Stochastic Variability along Its Main Sequence

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The QUEST–La Silla AGN Variability Survey: Connection between AGN Variability and Black Hole Physical Properties

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Extracting information from AGN variability

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Tracing the accretion history of supermassive black holes through X-ray variability: results from the ChandraDeep Field-South

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What does CIVλ1549 tell us about the physical driver of the Eigenvector quasar sequence?

J. W. Sulentic, A. del Olmo, P. Marziani, et al.
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How Far Is Quasar UV/Optical Variability from a Damped Random Walk at Low Frequency?

Hengxiao 潇 Guo 郭恒, Junxian 贤 Wang 王俊, Zhenyi 翼 Cai 蔡振 and Mouyuan 远 Sun 孙谋
The Astrophysical Journal 847 (2) 132 (2017)

Detection of Time Lags between Quasar Continuum Emission Bands Based On Pan-STARRS Light Curves

Yan-Fei Jiang (姜燕飞), Paul J. Green, Jenny E. Greene, Eric Morganson, Yue Shen, Anna Pancoast, Chelsea L. MacLeod, Scott F. Anderson, W. N. Brandt, C. J. Grier, H.-W. Rix, John J. Ruan, Pavlos Protopapas, Caroline Scott, W. S. Burgett, K. W. Hodapp, M. E. Huber, N. Kaiser, R. P. Kudritzki, E. A. Magnier, N. Metcalfe, J. T. Tonry, R. J. Wainscoat and C. Waters
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Deepest View of AGN X-Ray Variability with the 7 Ms Chandra Deep Field-South Survey

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Near-infrared Variability of Obscured and Unobscured X-Ray-selected AGNs in the COSMOS Field

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A Method to Measure the Unbiased Decorrelation Timescale of the AGN Variable Signal from Structure Functions

Szymon Kozłowski
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A population of short-period variable quasars from PTF as supermassive black hole binary candidates

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