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Beyond Gaia DR3: Tracing the [α/M] – [M/H] bimodality from the inner to the outer Milky Way disc with Gaia-RVS and convolutional neural networks

G. Guiglion, S. Nepal, C. Chiappini, S. Khoperskov, G. Traven, A. B. A. Queiroz, M. Steinmetz, M. Valentini, Y. Fournier, A. Vallenari, K. Youakim, M. Bergemann, S. Mészáros, S. Lucatello, R. Sordo, S. Fabbro, I. Minchev, G. Tautvaišienė, Š. Mikolaitis and J. Montalbán
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Spectroscopic Distance, Mass, and Age Estimations for APOGEE DR17

Alexander Stone-Martinez, Jon A. Holtzman, Julie Imig, Christian Nitschelm, Keivan G. Stassun and Joel R. Brownstein
The Astronomical Journal 167 (2) 73 (2024)

Disentangling Stellar Age Estimates from Galactic Chemodynamical Evolution

Jeff Shen, Joshua S. 佳士 Speagle 沈, J. Ted Mackereth, Yuan-Sen 源森 Ting 丁 and Jo Bovy
The Astrophysical Journal 960 (1) 84 (2024)

Spectroscopic age estimates for APOGEE red-giant stars: Precise spatial and kinematic trends with age in the Galactic disc

F. Anders, P. Gispert, B. Ratcliffe, C. Chiappini, I. Minchev, S. Nepal, A. B. A. Queiroz, J. A. S. Amarante, T. Antoja, G. Casali, L. Casamiquela, A. Khalatyan, A. Miglio, H. Perottoni and M. Schultheis
Astronomy & Astrophysics 678 A158 (2023)

Unveiling the time evolution of chemical abundances across the Milky Way disc with APOGEE

Bridget Ratcliffe, Ivan Minchev, Friedrich Anders, Sergey Khoperskov, Guillaume Guiglion, Tobias Buck, Katia Cunha, Anna Queiroz, Christian Nitschelm, Szabolcs Meszaros, Matthias Steinmetz, Roelof S de Jong, Samir Nepal, Richard R Lane and Jennifer Sobeck
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Stellar Characterization and Radius Inflation of Hyades M-dwarf Stars from the APOGEE Survey

Fábio Wanderley, Katia Cunha, Diogo Souto, Verne V. Smith, Lyra Cao, Marc Pinsonneault, C. Allende Prieto, Kevin Covey, Thomas Masseron, Ilaria Pascucci, Keivan G. Stassun, Ryan Terrien, Galen J. Bergsten, Dmitry Bizyaev, José G. Fernández-Trincado, Henrik Jönsson, Sten Hasselquist, Jon A. Holtzman, Richard R. Lane, Suvrath Mahadevan, Steven R. Majewski, Dante Minniti, Kaike Pan, Javier Serna, Jennifer Sobeck and Guy S. Stringfellow
The Astrophysical Journal 951 (2) 90 (2023)

Mode Mixing and Rotational Splittings. II. Reconciling Different Approaches to Mode Coupling 

J. M. Joel 加冕 Ong 王 and Charlotte Gehan
The Astrophysical Journal 946 (2) 92 (2023)

Characterizing Observed Extra Mixing Trends in Red Giants using the Reduced Density Ratio from Thermohaline Models

Adrian E. Fraser, Meridith Joyce, Evan H. Anders, Jamie Tayar and Matteo Cantiello
The Astrophysical Journal 941 (2) 164 (2022)

Mixed-mode Asteroseismology of Red Giant Stars Through the Luminosity Bump

Christopher J. Lindsay, J. M. Joel Ong and Sarbani Basu
The Astrophysical Journal 931 (2) 116 (2022)

Evidence of globular cluster abundance anomalies in the SMC intermediate-age cluster Kron 3

C Salgado, G S Da Costa, D Yong, R Salinas, J E Norris, A D Mackey, A F Marino and A P Milone
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 515 (2) 2511 (2022)

APOGEE Chemical Abundance Patterns of the Massive Milky Way Satellites

Sten Hasselquist, Christian R. Hayes, Jianhui Lian, David H. Weinberg, Gail Zasowski, Danny Horta, Rachael Beaton, Diane K. Feuillet, Elisa R. Garro, Carme Gallart, Verne V. Smith, Jon A. Holtzman, Dante Minniti, Ivan Lacerna, Matthew Shetrone, Henrik Jönsson, Maria-Rosa L. Cioni, Sean P. Fillingham, Katia Cunha, Robert O’Connell, José G. Fernández-Trincado, Ricardo R. Muñoz, Ricardo Schiavon, Andres Almeida, Borja Anguiano, et al.
The Astrophysical Journal 923 (2) 172 (2021)

The ASAS-SN catalogue of variable stars IX: The spectroscopic properties of Galactic variable stars

T Jayasinghe, C S Kochanek, K Z Stanek, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 503 (1) 200 (2021)

Weighing stars from birth to death: mass determination methods across the HRD

Aldo Serenelli, Achim Weiss, Conny Aerts, et al.
The Astronomy and Astrophysics Review 29 (1) (2021)

Most “Young” α-rich Stars Have High Masses but are Actually Old

Meng Zhang, Maosheng Xiang, Hua-Wei Zhang, Yuan-Sen Ting, Hans-Walter Rix, Ya-Qian Wu, Yang Huang, Wei-Xiang Sun, Zhi-Jia Tian, Chun Wang and Xiao-Wei Liu
The Astrophysical Journal 922 (2) 145 (2021)

A Metallicity Study of F, G, K, and M Dwarfs in the Coma Berenices Open Cluster from the APOGEE Survey

Diogo Souto, Katia Cunha and Verne V. Smith
The Astrophysical Journal 917 (1) 11 (2021)

On the Nitrogen variation in ∼2 Gyr old massive star clusters in the large Magellanic Cloud

S Martocchia, C Lardo, M Rejkuba, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 505 (4) 5389 (2021)

Prospects for Galactic and stellar astrophysics with asteroseismology of giant stars in the TESS continuous viewing zones and beyond

J Ted Mackereth, Andrea Miglio, Yvonne Elsworth, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 502 (2) 1947 (2021)

Photometric characterization of multiple populations in star clusters: the impact of the first dredge-up

Maurizio Salaris, Chris Usher, Silvia Martocchia, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 492 (3) 3459 (2020)

The Gaia-ESO survey: 3D NLTE abundances in the open cluster NGC 2420 suggest atomic diffusion and turbulent mixing are at the origin of chemical abundance variations

Ekaterina Semenova, Maria Bergemann, Morgan Deal, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 643 A164 (2020)

Multiple populations in massive star clusters under the magnifying glass of photometry: theory and tools

Santi Cassisi and Maurizio Salaris
The Astronomy and Astrophysics Review 28 (1) (2020)

The Gaia–ESO Survey: Carbon Abundance in the Galactic Thin and Thick Disks*

Mariagrazia Franchini, Carlo Morossi, Paolo Di Marcantonio, Miguel Chavez, Vardan Zh. Adibekyan, Amelia Bayo, Thomas Bensby, Angela Bragaglia, Francesco Calura, Sonia Duffau, Anais Gonneau, Ulrike Heiter, Georges Kordopatis, Donatella Romano, Luca Sbordone, Rodolfo Smiljanic, Gražina Tautvaišienė, Mathieu Van der Swaelmen, Elisa Delgado Mena, Gerry Gilmore, Sofia Randich, Giovanni Carraro, Anna Hourihane, Laura Magrini, Lorenzo Morbidelli, et al.
The Astrophysical Journal 888 (2) 55 (2020)

Determining the size of the helium core of KIC 9970396 using asteroseismology: a red giant approaching the red giant bump

Xinyi Zhang, Yan Li, Tao Wu and Jie Su
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 494 (1) 511 (2020)

Mapping the Galactic Disk with the LAMOST and Gaia Red Clump Sample. V. On the Origin of the “Young” [α/Fe]-enhanced Stars

W.-X. Sun, Y. Huang, H.-F. Wang, C. Wang, M. Zhang, X.-Y. Li, B.-Q. Chen, H.-W. Zhang, D.-D. Wei, D.-K. Jiang and X.-W. Liu
The Astrophysical Journal 903 (1) 12 (2020)

Exploring the Stellar Age Distribution of the Milky Way Bulge Using APOGEE

Sten Hasselquist, Gail Zasowski, Diane K. Feuillet, Mathias Schultheis, David M. Nataf, Borja Anguiano, Rachael L. Beaton, Timothy C. Beers, Roger E. Cohen, Katia Cunha, José G. Fernández-Trincado, D. A. García-Hernández, Doug Geisler, Jon A. Holtzman, Jennifer Johnson, Richard R. Lane, Steven R. Majewski, Christian Moni Bidin, Christian Nitschelm, Alexandre Roman-Lopes, Ricardo Schiavon, Verne V. Smith and Jennifer Sobeck
The Astrophysical Journal 901 (2) 109 (2020)

A Comparison of the Chemical Composition of Main-sequence and Giant Stars in the Open Cluster NCC 752

Michael G. Lum and Ann Merchant Boesgaard
The Astrophysical Journal 878 (2) 99 (2019)

Excitation and charge transfer in low-energy hydrogen atom collisions with neutral carbon and nitrogen

A. M. Amarsi and P. S. Barklem
Astronomy & Astrophysics 625 A78 (2019)

The Gaia-ESO survey: Calibrating a relationship between age and the [C/N] abundance ratio with open clusters

G. Casali, L. Magrini, E. Tognelli, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 629 A62 (2019)

Dynamical heating across the Milky Way disc using APOGEE and Gaia

J Ted Mackereth, Jo Bovy, Henry W Leung, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 489 (1) 176 (2019)

Insights from the APOKASC determination of the evolutionary state of red-giant stars by consolidation of different methods

Yvonne Elsworth, Saskia Hekker, Jennifer A Johnson, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 489 (4) 4641 (2019)

Origin of α-rich young stars: clues from C, N, and O

Saskia Hekker and Jennifer A Johnson
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 487 (3) 4343 (2019)

APOGEE [C/N] Abundances across the Galaxy: Migration and Infall from Red Giant Ages

Sten Hasselquist, Jon A. Holtzman, Matthew Shetrone, Jamie Tayar, David H. Weinberg, Diane Feuillet, Katia Cunha, Marc H. Pinsonneault, Jennifer A. Johnson, Jonathan Bird, Timothy C. Beers, Ricardo Schiavon, Ivan Minchev, J. G. Fernández-Trincado, D. A. García-Hernández, Christian Nitschelm and Olga Zamora
The Astrophysical Journal 871 (2) 181 (2019)

The Red-giant Branch Bump Revisited: Constraints on Envelope Overshooting in a Wide Range of Masses and Metallicities

Saniya Khan, Oliver J. Hall, Andrea Miglio, Guy R. Davies, Benoît Mosser, Léo Girardi and Josefina Montalbán
The Astrophysical Journal 859 (2) 156 (2018)

The Second APOKASC Catalog: The Empirical Approach

Marc H. Pinsonneault, Yvonne P. Elsworth, Jamie Tayar, Aldo Serenelli, Dennis Stello, Joel Zinn, Savita Mathur, Rafael A. García, Jennifer A. Johnson, Saskia Hekker, Daniel Huber, Thomas Kallinger, Szabolcs Mészáros, Benoit Mosser, Keivan Stassun, Léo Girardi, Thaíse S. Rodrigues, Victor Silva Aguirre, Deokkeun An, Sarbani Basu, William J. Chaplin, Enrico Corsaro, Katia Cunha, D. A. García-Hernández, Jon Holtzman, et al.
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 239 (2) 32 (2018)

Binary stars in the Galactic thick disc

Robert G. Izzard, Holly Preece, Paula Jofre, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 473 (3) 2984 (2018)

Age-resolved chemistry of red giants in the solar neighbourhood

Diane K Feuillet, Jo Bovy, Jon Holtzman, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 477 (2) 2326 (2018)

Chemodynamical Clustering Applied to APOGEE Data: Rediscovering Globular Clusters

Boquan Chen, Elena D’Onghia, Stephen A. Pardy, Anna Pasquali, Clio Bertelli Motta, Bret Hanlon and Eva K. Grebel
The Astrophysical Journal 860 (1) 70 (2018)

APOGEE Chemical Abundances of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy

Sten Hasselquist, Matthew Shetrone, Verne Smith, Jon Holtzman, Andrew McWilliam, J. G. Fernández-Trincado, Timothy C. Beers, Steven R. Majewski, David L. Nidever, Baitian Tang, Patricia B. Tissera, Emma Fernández Alvar, Carlos Allende Prieto, Andres Almeida, Borja Anguiano, Giuseppina Battaglia, Leticia Carigi, Gloria Delgado Inglada, Peter Frinchaboy, D. A. García-Hernández, Doug Geisler, Dante Minniti, Vinicius M. Placco, Mathias Schultheis, Jennifer Sobeck and Sandro Villanova
The Astrophysical Journal 845 (2) 162 (2017)

Masses and Ages for 230,000 LAMOST Giants, via Their Carbon and Nitrogen Abundances

Anna Y. Q. Ho, Hans-Walter Rix, Melissa K. Ness, David W. Hogg, Chao Liu and Yuan-Sen 源森 Ting 丁
The Astrophysical Journal 841 (1) 40 (2017)

PLATO as it is: A legacy mission for Galactic archaeology

A. Miglio, C. Chiappini, B. Mosser, G. R. Davies, K. Freeman, L. Girardi, P. Jofré, D. Kawata, B. M. Rendle, M. Valentini, L. Casagrande, W. J. Chaplin, G. Gilmore, K. Hawkins, B. Holl, T. Appourchaux, K. Belkacem, D. Bossini, K. Brogaard, M.‐J. Goupil, J. Montalbán, A. Noels, F. Anders, T. Rodrigues, G. Piotto, et al.
Astronomische Nachrichten 338 (6) 644 (2017)


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Observing the products of stellar evolution in the old open cluster M67 with APOGEE

Clio Bertelli Motta, Maurizio Salaris, Anna Pasquali and Eva K. Grebel
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Nitrogen depletion in field red giants: mixing during the He flash?

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Red giant masses and ages derived from carbon and nitrogen abundances

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