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FARGOCPT: 2D Multiphysics code for simulating disk interactions with stars, planets, and particles

Thomas Rometsch, Lucas M. Jordan, Tobias W. Moldenhauer, Dennis Wehner, Steven Rendon Restrepo, Tobias W. A. Müller, Giovanni Picogna, Wilhelm Kley and Cornelis P. Dullemond
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Francesco Marzari and Gennaro D’Angelo
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PGNets: planet mass prediction using convolutional neural networks for radio continuum observations of protoplanetary discs

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The role of density perturbation on planet formation by pebble accretion

G Andama, N Ndugu, S K Anguma and E Jurua
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 512 (4) 5278 (2022)

Eccentric Gap Induced by a Super-Jupiter-mass Planet

Yuki A. Tanaka, Kazuhiro D. Kanagawa, Hidekazu Tanaka and Takayuki Tanigawa
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Resilience of Planetesimal Formation in Weakly Reinforced Pressure Bumps

Daniel Carrera, Andrew J. Thomas, Jacob B. Simon, Matthew A. Small, Katherine A. Kretke and Hubert Klahr
The Astrophysical Journal 927 (1) 52 (2022)

Modeling the nonaxisymmetric structure in the HD 163296 disk with planet-disk interaction

P. J. Rodenkirch, T. Rometsch, C. P. Dullemond, P. Weber and W. Kley
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Vortex in a strongly coupled dusty plasma embedded in an external magnetic field

Chitrita Dasgupta and Sarit Maitra
Physics of Plasmas 28 (4) (2021)

First 3D grid-based gas-dust simulations of circumstellar discs with an embedded planet

Fabian Binkert, Judit Szulágyi and Til Birnstiel
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 506 (4) 5969 (2021)

Planet gap opening across stellar masses

Cathie J Clarke, Attila Juhasz, Giovanni P Rosotti and Catriona A Sinclair
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 493 (3) 3535 (2020)

Architecture of Three-planet Systems Predicted from the Observed Protoplanetary Disk of HL Tau

Shijie 士杰 Wang 汪, Kazuhiro D. 和弘 Kanagawa 金川, Toshinori 利憲 Hayashi 林 and Yasushi 藤靖 Suto 須
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Including Dust Coagulation in Hydrodynamic Models of Protoplanetary Disks: Dust Evolution in the Vicinity of a Jupiter-mass Planet

Joanna Dra̧żkowska, Shengtai Li, Til Birnstiel, Sebastian M. Stammler and Hui Li
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Circumstellar Dust Distribution in Systems with Two Planets in Resonance

Francesco Marzari, Gennaro D’Angelo and Giovanni Picogna
The Astronomical Journal 157 (2) 45 (2019)

On the Planetary Interpretation of Multiple Gaps and Rings in Protoplanetary Disks Seen By ALMA

Ryan Miranda and Roman R. Rafikov
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 878 (1) L9 (2019)

HL Tau Disk in HCO+ (3–2) and (1–0) with ALMA: Gas Density, Temperature, Gap, and One-arm Spiral

Hsi-Wei Yen, Pin-Gao Gu, Naomi Hirano, et al.
The Astrophysical Journal 880 (2) 69 (2019)

Pebble accretion in Class 0/I YSOs as a possible pathway for early planet formation

Yuki A Tanaka and Yusuke Tsukamoto
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Linear growth of streaming instability in pressure bumps

Jérémy Auffinger and Guillaume Laibe
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Dusty disc–planet interaction with dust-free simulations

Jhih-Wei Chen and Min-Kai Lin
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Isotopic evolution of the protoplanetary disk and the building blocks of Earth and the Moon

Martin Schiller, Martin Bizzarro and Vera Assis Fernandes
Nature 555 (7697) 507 (2018)

A Subgrid Model for the Growth of Dust Particles in Hydrodynamical Simulations of Protoplanetary Disks

Tomas Tamfal, Joanna Dra̧żkowska, Lucio Mayer and Clement Surville
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The Disk Substructures at High Angular Resolution Project (DSHARP). VII. The Planet–Disk Interactions Interpretation

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Impacts of Dust Feedback on a Dust Ring Induced by a Planet in a Protoplanetary Disk

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Dawes Review 7: The Tidal Downsizing Hypothesis of Planet Formation

Sergei Nayakshin
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Kazuhiro D. Kanagawa, Takahiro Ueda, Takayuki Muto and Satoshi Okuzumi
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Kazuhiro D. Kanagawa, Hidekazu Tanaka, Takayuki Muto and Takayuki Tanigawa
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An opening criterion for dust gaps in protoplanetary discs

Giovanni Dipierro and Guillaume Laibe
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Two mechanisms for dust gap opening in protoplanetary discs

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Mass constraint for a planet in a protoplanetary disk from the gap width

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