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Where Are the Water Worlds? Identifying Exo-water-worlds Using Models of Planet Formation and Atmospheric Evolution

Aritra Chakrabarty and Gijs D. Mulders
The Astrophysical Journal 966 (2) 185 (2024)

Dust-gas coupling in turbulence- and MHD wind-driven protoplanetary disks: Implications for rocky planet formation

Teng Ee Yap and Konstantin Batygin
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Matthew S. Clement, Elisa V. Quintana and Billy L. Quarles
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The Exoplanet Radius Valley from Gas-driven Planet Migration and Breaking of Resonant Chains

André Izidoro, Hilke E. Schlichting, Andrea Isella, Rajdeep Dasgupta, Christian Zimmermann and Bertram Bitsch
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Disentangling atmospheric compositions of K2-18 b with next generation facilities

Quentin Changeat, Billy Edwards, Ahmed F. Al-Refaie, et al.
Experimental Astronomy 53 (2) 391 (2022)

Running the gauntlet – survival of small circumbinary planets migrating through destabilizing resonances

David V Martin and Evan Fitzmaurice
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Rapid-then-slow migration reproduces mass distribution of TRAPPIST-1 system

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Orbit decay of 2–100 au planetary remnants around white dwarfs with no gravitational assistance from planets

Dimitri Veras, Yusuf Birader and Uwais Zaman
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 510 (3) 3379 (2022)

Hubble WFC3 Spectroscopy of the Habitable-zone Super-Earth LHS 1140 b

Billy Edwards, Quentin Changeat, Mayuko Mori, Lara O. Anisman, Mario Morvan, Kai Hou Yip, Angelos Tsiaras, Ahmed Al-Refaie, Ingo Waldmann and Giovanna Tinetti
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Rapid formation of super-Earths around low-mass stars

Brianna Zawadzki, Daniel Carrera and Eric B Ford
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The Effect of a Strong Pressure Bump in the Sun’s Natal Disk: Terrestrial Planet Formation via Planetesimal Accretion Rather than Pebble Accretion

André Izidoro, Bertram Bitsch and Rajdeep Dasgupta
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The ‘breaking the chains’ migration model for super-Earth formation: the effect of collisional fragmentation

Leandro Esteves, André Izidoro, Bertram Bitsch, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 509 (2) 2856 (2021)

Migrating Planets into Ultra-short-period Orbits during Episodic Accretion Events

Juliette C. Becker, Konstantin Batygin and Fred C. Adams
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Probing the impact of varied migration and gas accretion rates for the formation of giant planets in the pebble accretion scenario

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The Nature and Origins of Sub‐Neptune Size Planets

Jacob L. Bean, Sean N. Raymond and James E. Owen
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How dust fragmentation may be beneficial to planetary growth by pebble accretion

J. Drążkowska, S. M. Stammler and T. Birnstiel
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The onset of instability in resonant chains

Alessandro Morbidelli and Gabriele Pichierri
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Observational Constraints on the Formation and Evolution of Neptune-Class Exoplanets

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Kazuhiro D. Kanagawa and Ewa Szuszkiewicz
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Promoted mass growth of multiple, distant giant planets through pebble accretion and planet–planet collision

Masahiro Ogihara, Beibei Liu and John Wimarsson
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Unified Simulations of Planetary Formation and Atmospheric Evolution: Effects of Pebble Accretion, Giant Impacts, and Stellar Irradiation on Super-Earth Formation

Masahiro Ogihara and Yasunori Hori
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Influence of sub- and super-solar metallicities on the composition of solid planetary building blocks

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Near mean motion resonance of terrestrial planet pair induced by giant planet: application to Kepler-68 system

Jianghui Ji, Su Wang and Mengrui Pan
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Irradiated Ocean Planets Bridge Super-Earth and Sub-Neptune Populations

Olivier Mousis, Magali Deleuil, Artyom Aguichine, Emmanuel Marcq, Joseph Naar, Lorena Acuña Aguirre, Bastien Brugger and Thomas Gonçalves
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Unified Simulations of Planetary Formation and Atmospheric Evolution. II. Rapid Disk Clearing by Photoevaporation Yields Low-mass Super-Earth Atmospheres

Masahiro Ogihara, Masanobu Kunitomo and Yasunori Hori
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Ejection of close-in super-Earths around low-mass stars in the giant impact stage

Yuji Matsumoto, Pin-Gao Gu, Eiichiro Kokubo, Shoichi Oshino and Masashi Omiya
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Chemical diversity of super-Earths as a consequence of formation

Jennifer Scora, Diana Valencia, Alessandro Morbidelli and Seth Jacobson
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Rocky super-Earths or waterworlds: the interplay of planet migration, pebble accretion, and disc evolution

Bertram Bitsch, Sean N. Raymond and Andre Izidoro
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Kojima-1Lb Is a Mildly Cold Neptune around the Brightest Microlensing Host Star

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Migration-driven diversity of super-Earth compositions

Sean N Raymond, Thibault Boulet, Andre Izidoro, Leandro Esteves and Bertram Bitsch
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Inside-out Planet Formation. IV. Pebble Evolution and Planet Formation Timescales

Xiao 晓 Hu 胡, Jonathan C. Tan, Zhaohuan 寰 Zhu 朱照, Sourav Chatterjee, Tilman Birnstiel, Andrew N. Youdin and Subhanjoy Mohanty
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Capture into first-order resonances and long-term stability of pairs of equal-mass planets

Gabriele Pichierri, Alessandro Morbidelli and Aurélien Crida
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Compositional Imprints in Density–Distance–Time: A Rocky Composition for Close-in Low-mass Exoplanets from the Location of the Valley of Evaporation

Sheng Jin and Christoph Mordasini
The Astrophysical Journal 853 (2) 163 (2018)

The dynamical evolution of transiting planetary systems including a realistic collision prescription

Alexander J Mustill, Melvyn B Davies and Anders Johansen
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Formation of close-in super-Earths in evolving protoplanetary disks due to disk winds

Masahiro Ogihara, Eiichiro Kokubo, Takeru K. Suzuki and Alessandro Morbidelli
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Inner Super-Earths, Outer Gas Giants: How Pebble Isolation and Migration Feedback Keep Jupiters Cold

Jeffrey Fung and Eve J. Lee
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Inside-out Planet Formation. V. Structure of the Inner Disk as Implied by the MRI

Subhanjoy Mohanty, Marija R. Jankovic, Jonathan C. Tan and James E. Owen
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Identifying Inflated Super-Earths and Photo-evaporated Cores

Daniel Carrera, Eric B. Ford, Andre Izidoro, Daniel Jontof-Hutter, Sean N. Raymond and Angie Wolfgang
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Collisional Fragmentation Is Not a Barrier to Close-in Planet Formation

Joshua Wallace, Scott Tremaine and John Chambers
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Formation, Evolution, and Dynamics of Young Solar Systems

Bertram Bitsch and Anders Johansen
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Andre Izidoro, Masahiro Ogihara, Sean N. Raymond, et al.
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Terrestrial planet formation under migration: systems near the 4:2:1 mean motion resonance

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Formation, Evolution, and Dynamics of Young Solar Systems

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Saving Super-Earths: Interplay between Pebble Accretion and Type I Migration

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