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Modern nuclear and astrophysical constraints of dense matter in a redefined chiral approach

Rajesh Kumar, Yuhan Wang, Nikolas Cruz Camacho, Arvind Kumar, Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler and Veronica Dexheimer
Physical Review D 109 (7) (2024)

Neutron stars in accreting systems – Signatures of the QCD phase transition

Noshad Khosravi Largani, Tobias Fischer, Shota Shibagaki, Pablo Cerdá-Durán and Alejandro Torres-Forné
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Detecting the third family of compact stars with normalizing flows

Valéria Carvalho, Márcio Ferreira, Constança Providência and Michał Bejger
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Constraining the Onset Density for the QCD Phase Transition with the Neutrino Signal from Core-collapse Supernovae

Noshad Khosravi Largani, Tobias Fischer and Niels-Uwe F. Bastian
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Exploring thermal effects of the hadron-quark matter transition in neutron star mergers

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Speed of sound and phase transitions in neutron stars indicated by the thick neutron skin of Pb208

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Effects of onset of phase transition on binary neutron star mergers

Shamim Haque, Ritam Mallick and Shashikesh K Thakur
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A model-agnostic analysis of hybrid stars with reactive interfaces

Germán Lugones, Mauro Mariani and Ignacio F. Ranea-Sandoval
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Two first-order phase transitions in hybrid compact stars: Higher-order multiplet stars, reaction modes, and intermediate conversion speeds

Peter B. Rau and Armen Sedrakian
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Ab-initio QCD Calculations Impact the Inference of the Neutron-star-matter Equation of State

Tyler Gorda, Oleg Komoltsev and Aleksi Kurkela
The Astrophysical Journal 950 (2) 107 (2023)

Effect of color superconductivity on the mass of hybrid neutron stars in an effective model with perturbative QCD asymptotics

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Anisotropic Quark Stars with an Interacting Quark Equation of State within the Complexity Factor Formalism

Ángel Rincón, Grigoris Panotopoulos and Ilídio Lopes
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Twin stars as probes of the nuclear equation of state: Effects of rotation through the PSR J0952-0607 pulsar and constraints via the tidal deformability from the GW170817 event

Lazaros Tsaloukidis, P. S. Koliogiannis, A. Kanakis-Pegios and Ch. C. Moustakidis
Physical Review D 107 (2) (2023)

Anisotropic quark stars within 4D Einstein–Gauss–Bonnet gravity

Takol Tangphati, Grigoris Panotopoulos, Ayan Banerjee and Anirudh Pradhan
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Neutron stars in Gauss-Bonnet gravity: Nonlinear scalarization and gravitational phase transitions

Daniela D. Doneva, Christian J. Krüger, Kalin V. Staykov and Petar Y. Yordanov
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Evidence against a strong first-order phase transition in neutron star cores: Impact of new data

Len Brandes, Wolfram Weise and Norbert Kaiser
Physical Review D 108 (9) (2023)

Reverse phase transitions in binary neutron-star systems with exotic-matter cores

Maximiliano Ujevic, Henrique Gieg, Federico Schianchi, et al.
Physical Review D 107 (2) (2023)

Finding Structure in the Speed of Sound of Supranuclear Matter from Binary Love Relations

Hung Tan, Veronica Dexheimer, Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler and Nicolás Yunes
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Breaking of universal relationships of axial wI modes in hybrid stars: Rapid and slow hadron-quark conversion scenarios

Ignacio F. Ranea-Sandoval, Octavio M. Guilera, Mauro Mariani and Germán Lugones
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Probing the Incompressibility of Nuclear Matter at Ultrahigh Density through the Prompt Collapse of Asymmetric Neutron Star Binaries

Albino Perego, Domenico Logoteta, David Radice, et al.
Physical Review Letters 129 (3) (2022)

Core-collapse Supernova Simulations and the Formation of Neutron Stars, Hybrid Stars, and Black Holes

Takami Kuroda, Tobias Fischer, Tomoya Takiwaki and Kei Kotake
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Isoentropic equations of state of $$\beta $$-stable hadronic matter with a quark phase transition

Domenico Logoteta, Ignazio Bombaci and Albino Perego
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The role of the hadron-quark phase transition in core-collapse supernovae

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Universal relations for rapidly rotating cold and hot hybrid stars

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Hybrid stars with large strange quark cores constrained by GW170817

Márcio Ferreira, Renan Câmara Pereira and Constança Providência
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Twin stars: probe of phase transition from hadronic to quark matter

Themistoklis Deloudis, Polychronis Koliogiannis, Charalampos Moustakidis, et al.
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Hybrid stars in the light of the merging event GW170817

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GW190814 as a massive rapidly rotating neutron star with exotic degrees of freedom

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Phenomenological QCD equations of state for neutron star dynamics: Nuclear-2SC continuity and evolving effective couplings

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Future physics perspectives on the equation of state from heavy ion collisions to neutron stars

V Dexheimer, J Noronha, J Noronha-Hostler, N Yunes and C Ratti
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Interior solutions of relativistic stars with anisotropic matter in scale-dependent gravity

Grigoris Panotopoulos, Ángel Rincón and Ilídio Lopes
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Investigating the I-Love-Q and w -mode universal relations using piecewise polytropes

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Physical Review D 103 (2) (2021)

The energy budget of the transition of a neutron star into the third family branch

David E. Alvarez‐Castillo
Astronomische Nachrichten 342 (1-2) 234 (2021)

Studying the onset of deconfinement with multi‐messenger astronomy of neutron stars

David Blaschke and Mateusz Cierniak
Astronomische Nachrichten 342 (1-2) 227 (2021)

Constraint on phase transition with the multimessenger data of neutron stars

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Core-collapse Supernova Explosions Driven by the Hadron-quark Phase Transition as a Rare r-process Site

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On the stability of two-flavor and three-flavor quark matter in quark stars within the framework of NJL model

Qianyi Wang, Tong Zhao and Hongshi Zong
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Bayesian Inference of Dense Matter Equation of State within Relativistic Mean Field Models Using Astrophysical Measurements

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Neutron Star Properties: Quantifying the Effect of the Crust–Core Matching Procedure

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Was GW170817 a Canonical Neutron Star Merger? Bayesian Analysis with a Third Family of Compact Stars

David Blaschke, Alexander Ayriyan, David Alvarez-Castillo and Hovik Grigorian
Universe 6 (6) 81 (2020)

Cosmic-Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory

Piotr Homola, Dmitriy Beznosko, Gopal Bhatta, Łukasz Bibrzycki, Michalina Borczyńska, Łukasz Bratek, Nikolay Budnev, Dariusz Burakowski, David E. Alvarez-Castillo, Kevin Almeida Cheminant, Aleksander Ćwikła, Punsiri Dam-o, Niraj Dhital, Alan R. Duffy, Piotr Głownia, Krzysztof Gorzkiewicz, Dariusz Góra, Alok C. Gupta, Zuzana Hlávková, Martin Homola, Joanna Jałocha, Robert Kamiński, Michał Karbowiak, Marcin Kasztelan, Renata Kierepko, et al.
Symmetry 12 (11) 1835 (2020)

Parameter estimation for strong phase transitions in supranuclear matter using gravitational-wave astronomy

Peter T. H. Pang, Tim Dietrich, Ingo Tews and Chris Van Den Broeck
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Hybrid star within the framework of a lowest-order constraint variational method

S. Khanmohamadi, H. R. Moshfegh and S. Atashbar Tehrani
Physical Review D 101 (2) (2020)

Delta baryons and diquark formation in the cores of neutron stars

Germán Malfatti, Milva G. Orsaria, Ignacio F. Ranea-Sandoval, Gustavo A. Contrera and Fridolin Weber
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Relativistic hybrid stars with sequential first-order phase transitions and heavy-baryon envelopes

Jia Jie Li, Armen Sedrakian and Mark Alford
Physical Review D 101 (6) (2020)

Searching for Exotic Cores with Binary Neutron Star Inspirals

Hsin-Yu Chen, Paul M. Chesler and Abraham Loeb
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Mixed phase transition from hypernuclear matter to deconfined quark matter fulfilling mass-radius constraints of neutron stars

M Shahrbaf, D Blaschke and S Khanmohamadi
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Cooling of hybrid neutron stars with microscopic equations of state

J-B Wei, G F Burgio, H-J Schulze and D Zappalà
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Role of the conserved charges in the chiral symmetry restoration phase transition

Pedro Costa, Renan Câmara Pereira and Constança Providência
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Constraining the onset density of the hadron-quark phase transition with gravitational-wave observations

Sebastian Blacker, Niels-Uwe F. Bastian, Andreas Bauswein, et al.
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Nonperturbative quark matter equations of state with vector interactions

Konstantin Otto, Micaela Oertel and Bernd-Jochen Schaefer
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First-order phase transition from hypernuclear matter to deconfined quark matter obeying new constraints from compact star observations

M. Shahrbaf, D. Blaschke, A. G. Grunfeld and H. R. Moshfegh
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Studying the parameters of the extended σ-ω model for neutron star matter

David Alvarez-Castillo, Alexander Ayriyan, Gergely Gábor Barnaföldi, Hovik Grigorian and Péter Pósfay
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Equation of state for hot QCD and compact stars from a mean-field approach

Anton Motornenko, Jan Steinheimer, Volodymyr Vovchenko, Stefan Schramm and Horst Stoecker
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Third family of compact stars within a nonlocal chiral quark model equation of state

D. E. Alvarez-Castillo, D. B. Blaschke, A. G. Grunfeld and V. P. Pagura
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From the microscopic to the macroscopic world: from nucleons to neutron stars

S Gandolfi, J Lippuner, A W Steiner, et al.
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Cosmological Constant Effects on the Properties of Mass Twin Compact Stars

Noshad Khosravi Largani, David Edwin Álvarez-Castillo, I. Bobrikov, et al.
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Bayesian Analysis for Extracting Properties of the Nuclear Equation of State from Observational Data Including Tidal Deformability from GW170817

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Impact of the Nuclear Equation of State on the Stability of Hybrid Neutron Stars

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Can magnetic fields (de)stabilize twin stars?

R O Gomes, V Dexheimer, S Han and S Schramm
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