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Formation of AlO, AlOH, and Al(OH)3 in the Interstellar Medium and Circumstellar Envelopes of AGB Stars

Rebecca A. Firth, Kailey M. Bell and Ryan C. Fortenberry
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 8 (5) 974 (2024)

Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of [Al, N, C, O, H]: Connectivity to Aluminium‐Bearing Species in the Universe

Lina Wang, Xin Jiang, Beibei Sun, Tarek Trabelsi, Joseph S. Francisco, Xiaoqing Zeng and Mingfei Zhou
Chemistry – A European Journal (2024)

A Reexamination of Phosphorus and Chlorine Depletions in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium*

Adam M. Ritchey, J. M. Brown, S. R. Federman and Paule Sonnentrucker
The Astrophysical Journal 948 (2) 139 (2023)

c-AlO2, c-HAlO2, and c-(HN)OAlH spectroscopic constants and anharmonic frequencies

Olivia A. Harwick and Ryan C. Fortenberry
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 391 111721 (2023)

A Gigantic Mid-infrared Outburst in an Embedded Class I Young Stellar Object J064722.95+031644.6

Tinggui Wang, Jiaxun Li, Gregory N. Mace, Tuo Ji, Ning Jiang, Qingfeng Zhu and Min Fang
The Astrophysical Journal 957 (1) 8 (2023)

The Photoionization Dynamics, Electronic Spectroscopy, and Excited State Photochemistry of AlCO and AlOC

Vincent J. Esposito and Joseph S. Francisco
The Astrophysical Journal 933 (2) 192 (2022)

Inefficient Growth of SiOx Grains: Implications for Circumstellar Outflows

Yuki Kimura, Kyoko K. Tanaka, Yuko Inatomi, Frank T. Ferguson and Joseph A. Nuth
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 934 (1) L10 (2022)

Dissecting the central regions of OH 231.8+4.2 with ALMA: A salty rotating disk at the base of a young bipolar outflow

C. Sanchez Contreras, J. Alcolea, R. Rodriguez Cardoso, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 665 A88 (2022)

Spectroscopic Properties of the Astrochemical Molecules [Al, O, Si] x (x = 0, +1)

Jacqueline M. Friskey, Vincent J. Esposito, Tarek Trabelsi and Joseph S. Francisco
The Astrophysical Journal 938 (2) 156 (2022)

On the optical properties of resonant drag instabilities: variability of asymptotic giant branch and R Coronae Borealis stars

Ulrich P Steinwandel, Alexander A Kaurov, Philip F Hopkins and Jonathan Squire
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 515 (4) 4797 (2022)

Low Mass Stars or Intermediate Mass Stars? The Stellar Origin of Presolar Oxide Grains Revealed by Their Isotopic Composition

S. Palmerini, S. Cristallo, M. Busso, et al.
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 7 (2021)

The Infrared Evolution of Dust in V838 Monocerotis

C. E. Woodward, A. Evans, D. P. K. Banerjee, T. Liimets, A. A. Djupvik, S. Starrfield, G. C. Clayton, S. P. S. Eyres, R. D. Gehrz and R. M. Wagner
The Astronomical Journal 162 (5) 183 (2021)

Morpho-kinematics of the circumstellar envelope of the AGB star R Dor: a global view

P T Nhung, D T Hoai, P Tuan-Anh, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 504 (2) 2687 (2021)

Kinetic Study of the Reactions of AlO with H2O and H2; Precursors to Stellar Dust Formation

Thomas P. Mangan, Kevin M. Douglas, Rachel E. Lade, et al.
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 5 (12) 3385 (2021)

The presolar grain inventory of fine‐grained chondrule rims in the Mighei‐type (CM) chondrites

Jan Leitner, Knut Metzler, Christian Vollmer, Christine Floss, Pierre Haenecour, János Kodolányi, Dennis Harries and Peter Hoppe
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 55 (6) 1176 (2020)

Inner dusty envelope of the AGB stars W Hydrae, SW Virginis, and R Crateris using SPHERE/ZIMPOL

T. Khouri, W. H. T. Vlemmings, C. Paladini, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 635 A200 (2020)

Non-stoichiometric amorphous magnesium-iron silicates in circumstellar dust shells

Hans-Peter Gail, Akemi Tamanai, Annemarie Pucci and Ralf Dohmen
Astronomy & Astrophysics 644 A139 (2020)

Rotational Spectra of Vibrationally Excited AlO and TiO in Oxygen-rich Stars

T. Danilovich, C. A. Gottlieb, L. Decin, A. M. S. Richards, K. L. K. Lee, T. Kamiński, N. A. Patel, K. H. Young and K. M. Menten
The Astrophysical Journal 904 (2) 110 (2020)

Discovery of a complex spiral-shell structure around the oxygen-rich AGB star GX Monocerotis

S. K. Randall, A. Trejo, E. M. L. Humphreys, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 636 A123 (2020)

Interferometric observations of SiO thermal emission in the inner wind of M-type AGB stars IK Tauri and IRC+10011

J. L. Verbena, V. Bujarrabal, J. Alcolea, M. Gómez-Garrido and A. Castro-Carrizo
Astronomy & Astrophysics 624 A107 (2019)

Interplay between pulsation, mass loss, and third dredge-up: More about Miras with and without technetium

S. Uttenthaler, I. McDonald, K. Bernhard, S. Cristallo and D. Gobrecht
Astronomy & Astrophysics 622 A120 (2019)

Exploring the innermost dust formation region of the oxygen-rich AGB star IK Tauri with VLT/SPHERE-ZIMPOL and VLTI/AMBER

C. Adam and K. Ohnaka
Astronomy & Astrophysics 628 A132 (2019)

Correlated nanoscale characterization of a unique complex oxygen-rich stardust grain: Implications for circumstellar dust formation

J. Leitner, P. Hoppe, C. Floss, F. Hillion and T. Henkel
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A global optimisation study of the low-lying isomers of the alumina octomer (Al2O3)8

David Gobrecht, Leen Decin, Sergio Cristallo and Stefan T. Bromley
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High-resolution observations of gas and dust around Mira using ALMA and SPHERE/ZIMPOL

T. Khouri, W. H. T. Vlemmings, H. Olofsson, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 620 A75 (2018)

The curious case of II Lup: a complex morphology revealed with SAM/NACO and ALMA

Foteini Lykou, A A Zijlstra, J Kluska, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 480 (1) 1006 (2018)

Optical Properties of Non-stoichiometric Amorphous Silicates with Application to Circumstellar Dust Extinction

Akemi Tamanai, Annemarie Pucci, Ralf Dohmen and Hans-Peter Gail
The Astrophysical Journal 845 (1) 6 (2017)

VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometry of the late-type supergiants V766 Cen (=HR 5171 A),σOph, BM Sco, and HD 206859

M. Wittkowski, B. Arroyo-Torres, J. M. Marcaide, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 597 A9 (2017)

Can alumina particles be formed from Al hydroxide in the circumstellar media? A first-principles chemical study

Sonia Álvarez-Barcia and Jesús R. Flores
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (8) 6103 (2016)

Connecting the evolution of thermally pulsing asymptotic giant branch stars to the chemistry in their circumstellar envelopes – I. Hydrogen cyanide

Paola Marigo, Emanuele Ripamonti, Ambra Nanni, Alessandro Bressan and Léo Girardi
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 456 (1) 23 (2016)

Clumpy dust clouds and extended atmosphere of the AGB star W Hydrae revealed with VLT/SPHERE-ZIMPOL and VLTI/AMBER

K. Ohnaka, G. Weigelt and K.-H. Hofmann
Astronomy & Astrophysics 589 A91 (2016)

Dust-driven winds of AGB stars: The critical interplay of atmospheric shocks and luminosity variations

S. Liljegren, S. Höfner, W. Nowotny and K. Eriksson
Astronomy & Astrophysics 589 A130 (2016)


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Near-infrared spectro-interferometry of Mira variables and comparisons to 1D dynamic model atmospheres and 3D convection simulations

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Dust formation in evolved stars and supernovae: new advances and unsolved problems

Isabelle Cherchneff
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Harald Mutschke, Thomas Henning, Akemi Tamanai, Simon Zeidler, Chiyoe Koike, Thomas Posch, Cornelia Jäger, Friedrich Huisken, Olivier Guillois, Olivier Debieu, Karsten Potrick and Torsten Schmidt
327 (2014)