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Gaia Data Release 3

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An Integrative Analysis of the Rich Planetary System of the Nearby Star e Eridani: Ideal Targets for Exoplanet Imaging and Biosignature Searches

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Confirmation of the Long-period Planet Orbiting Gliese 411 and the Detection of a New Planet Candidate

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Combining high-contrast imaging and radial velocities to constrain the planetary architectures of nearby stars

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The HD 181433 Planetary System: Dynamics and a New Orbital Solution

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On the Feasibility of Intense Radial Velocity Surveys for Earth-Twin Discoveries

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Far-ultraviolet Activity Levels of F, G, K, and M Dwarf Exoplanet Host Stars*

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The Test Case of HD 26965: Difficulties Disentangling Weak Doppler Signals from Stellar Activity

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Planet Detectability in the Alpha Centauri System

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An irregular discrete time series model to identify residuals with autocorrelation in astronomical light curves

Susana Eyheramendy, Felipe Elorrieta and Wilfredo Palma
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Discovering New Worlds: A review of signal processing methods for detecting exoplanets from astronomical radial velocity data [Applications Corner]

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SONS: The JCMT legacy survey of debris discs in the submillimetre

Wayne S. Holland, Brenda C. Matthews, Grant M. Kennedy, et al.
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New planetary systems from the Calan–Hertfordshire Extrasolar Planet Search

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The LCES HIRES/Keck Precision Radial Velocity Exoplanet Survey

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Color Difference Makes a Difference: Four Planet Candidates around τ Ceti

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APF—The Lick Observatory Automated Planet Finder

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