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Abundances of iron-peak elements in accreted and in situ born Galactic halo stars

P. E. Nissen, A. M. Amarsi, Á. Skúladóttir and W. J. Schuster
Astronomy & Astrophysics 682 A116 (2024)

Extremely metal-poor stars in the Fornax and Carina dwarf spheroidal galaxies

R. Lucchesi, P. Jablonka, Á. Skúladóttir, C. Lardo, L. Mashonkina, F. Primas, K. Venn, V. Hill and D. Minniti
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Simultaneous Constraints on the Star Formation History and Nucleosynthesis of Sculptor dSph

Mithi A. C. de los Reyes, Evan N. Kirby, Alexander P. Ji and Evan H. Nuñez
The Astrophysical Journal 925 (1) 66 (2022)

Metallicity-dependent nucleosynthetic yields of Type Ia supernovae originating from double detonations of sub-MCh white dwarfs

Sabrina Gronow, Benoit Côté, Florian Lach, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 656 A94 (2021)

Evidence for sub-Chandrasekhar Type Ia supernovae from the last major merger

Jason L Sanders, Vasily Belokurov and Kai T F Man
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 506 (3) 4321 (2021)

G 112-43/44: A metal-poor binary star with a unique chemical composition and Helmi stream kinematics

P. E. Nissen, J. S. Silva-Cabrera and W. J. Schuster
Astronomy & Astrophysics 651 A57 (2021)

New Type Ia Supernova Yields and the Manganese and Nickel Problems in the Milky Way and Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies

Chiaki Kobayashi, Shing-Chi Leung and Ken’ichi Nomoto
The Astrophysical Journal 895 (2) 138 (2020)

Manganese Indicates a Transition from Sub- to Near-Chandrasekhar Type Ia Supernovae in Dwarf Galaxies*

Mithi A. C. de los Reyes, Evan N. Kirby, Ivo R. Seitenzahl and Ken J. Shen
The Astrophysical Journal 891 (1) 85 (2020)

Chemo-dynamics of outer halo dwarf stars, including Gaia-Sausage and Gaia-Sequoia candidates

Stephanie Monty, Kim A Venn, James M M Lane, Deborah Lokhorst and David Yong
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Nucleosynthesis imprints from different Type Ia supernova explosion scenarios and implications for galactic chemical evolution

F. Lach, F. K. Röpke, I. R. Seitenzahl, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 644 A118 (2020)

VLT/FLAMES high-resolution chemical abundances in Sculptor: a textbook dwarf spheroidal galaxy

V. Hill, Á. Skúladóttir, E. Tolstoy, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 626 A15 (2019)

Evidence for Sub-Chandrasekhar Type Ia Supernovae from Stellar Abundances in Dwarf Galaxies∗

Evan N. Kirby, Justin L. Xie, Rachel Guo, Mithi A. C. de los Reyes, Maria Bergemann, Mikhail Kovalev, Ken J. Shen, Anthony L. Piro and Andrew McWilliam
The Astrophysical Journal 881 (1) 45 (2019)

Neutron star binary orbits in their host potential: effect on early r-process enrichment

Matteo Bonetti, Albino Perego, Massimo Dotti and Gabriele Cescutti
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Evidence for a Sub-Chandrasekhar-mass Type Ia Supernova in the Ursa Minor Dwarf Galaxy

Andrew McWilliam, Anthony L. Piro, Carles Badenes and Eduardo Bravo
The Astrophysical Journal 857 (2) 97 (2018)

Stellar Abundances for Galactic Archaeology Database. IV. Compilation of stars in dwarf galaxies

Takuma Suda, Jun Hidaka, Wako Aoki, Yutaka Katsuta, Shimako Yamada, Masayuki Y. Fujimoto, Yukari Ohtani, Miyu Masuyama, Kazuhiro Noda and Kentaro Wada
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Carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars in the SDSS–APOGEE data base

C. L. Kielty, K. A. Venn, N. B. Loewen, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 471 (1) 404 (2017)

GaiaFGK benchmark stars: opening the black box of stellar element abundance determination

P. Jofré, U. Heiter, C. C. Worley, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 601 A38 (2017)

Detailed chemical composition of classical Cepheids in the LMC cluster NGC 1866 and in the field of the SMC

B. Lemasle, M. A. T. Groenewegen, E. K. Grebel, et al.
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Janet E. Colucci, Rebecca A. Bernstein and Andrew McWilliam
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Men-Quan Liu and Zhong-Xiang Wang
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Solar abundance of manganese: a case for near Chandrasekhar-mass Type Ia supernova progenitors

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Detailed abundance analysis from integrated high-dispersion spectroscopy: globular clusters in the Fornax dwarf spheroidal

S. S. Larsen, J. P. Brodie and J. Strader
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