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Relation between Mass and Radius of Exoplanets Distinguished by their Density

Alberto S. Betzler and José G. V. Miranda
Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics 23 (6) 065005 (2023)

The planetary system around HD 190622 (TOI-1054)

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Penetrative Superplumes in the Mantle of Large Super‐Earth Planets: A Possible Mechanism for Active Tectonics in the Massive Super‐Earths

M. H. Shahnas and R. N. Pysklywec
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The GALAH Survey: improving our understanding of confirmed and candidate planetary systems with large stellar surveys

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First-principles equation of state database for warm dense matter computation

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Linear analysis on the onset of thermal convection of highly compressible fluids with variable viscosity and thermal conductivity in spherical geometry: implications for the mantle convection of super-Earths

Masanori Kameyama
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Recreating Giants Impacts in the Laboratory: Shock Compression of Bridgmanite to 14 Mbar

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Characterizing the possible interior structures of the nearby Exoplanets Proxima Centauri b and Ross-128 b

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Path integral Monte Carlo and density functional molecular dynamics simulations of warm dense MgSiO3

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Machine-learning Inference of the Interior Structure of Low-mass Exoplanets

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Geoscience for Understanding Habitability in the Solar System and Beyond

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