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Multithermal apparent damping of slow waves due to strands with a Gaussian temperature distribution

T. Van Doorsselaere, S. Krishna Prasad, V. Pant, D. Banerjee and A. Hood
Astronomy & Astrophysics 683 A109 (2024)

Tracking the motion of a shock along a channel in the low solar corona

J. Rigney, P. T. Gallagher, G. Ramsay, J. G. Doyle, D. M. Long, O. Stepanyuk and K. Kozarev
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Small-scale magnetic flux emergence preceding a chain of energetic solar atmospheric events

D. Nóbrega-Siverio, I. Cabello, S. Bose, L. H. M. Rouppe van der Voort, R. Joshi, C. Froment and V. M. J. Henriques
Astronomy & Astrophysics 686 A218 (2024)

AWSoM Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of a Solar Active Region. II. Statistical Analysis of Alfvén Wave Dissipation and Reflection, Scaling Laws, and Energy Budget on Coronal Loops

Tong Shi, Ward Manchester, Enrico Landi, Bart van der Holst, Judit Szente, Yuxi Chen, Gábor Tóth, Luca Bertello and Alexander Pevtsov
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Thermal Evolution of an Active Region Through Quiet and Flaring Phases as Observed by NuSTAR, XRT, and AIA

Jessie Duncan, Reed B. Masek, Albert Y. Shih, Lindsay Glesener, Will Barnes, Katharine K. Reeves, Yixian Zhang, Iain G. Hannah and Brian W. Grefenstette
The Astrophysical Journal 966 (2) 197 (2024)

Energy estimation of small-scale jets from the quiet-Sun region

Fanpeng Shi, Dong Li, Zongjun Ning, Jun Xu, Yuxiang Song and Yuzhi Yang
Astronomy & Astrophysics 686 A279 (2024)

Diagnostics of the solar coronal plasmas by magnetohydrodynamic waves: magnetohydrodynamic seismology

Valery M. Nakariakov, Sihui Zhong, Dmitrii Y. Kolotkov, Rebecca L. Meadowcroft, Yu Zhong and Ding Yuan
Reviews of Modern Plasma Physics 8 (1) (2024)

Decomposing the AIA 304 Å Channel into Its Cool and Hot Components

Patrick Antolin, Frédéric Auchère, Ethan Winch, Elie Soubrié and Ramón Oliver
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Can Emission Measure Distributions Derived from Extreme-ultraviolet Images Accurately Constrain High-temperature Plasma?

P. S. Athiray and Amy R. Winebarger
The Astrophysical Journal 961 (2) 181 (2024)

Episodic Energy Release during the Main and Post-impulsive Phases of a Solar Flare

Yuqian Wei, Bin 彬 Chen 陈, Sijie 思捷 Yu 余, Haimin Wang, Yixian Zhang and Lindsay Glesener
The Astrophysical Journal 964 (2) 174 (2024)

Time evolution of X-ray bright points observed with NuSTAR

Sarah Paterson, Iain G Hannah, Brian W Grefenstette, Hugh S Hudson, Säm Krucker, Lindsay Glesener, Stephen M White and David M Smith
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 528 (4) 6398 (2024)

Probing turbulence in solar flares from SDO/AIA emission lines

Xiaoyan Xie, Gang Li, Katharine K. Reeves and Tingyu Gou
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 11 (2024)

The Plasma β in Quiet Sun Regions: Multi-instrument View

Jenny M. Rodríguez-Gómez, Christoph Kuckein, Sergio J. González Manrique, Jonas Saqri, Astrid Veronig, Peter Gömöry and Tatiana Podladchikova
The Astrophysical Journal 964 (1) 27 (2024)

Spectroscopic Imaging of the Sun with MeerKAT: Opening a New Frontier in Solar Physics

Devojyoti Kansabanik, Surajit Mondal, Divya Oberoi, James O. Chibueze, N. E. Engelbrecht, R. D. Strauss, E. P. Kontar, G. J. J. Botha, P. J. Steyn and Amoré E. Nel
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First Determination in the Extended Corona of the 2D Thermal Evolution of a Current Sheet after a Solar Eruption

Alessandro Bemporad, Guanglu Shi, Shuting Li, Beili Ying, Li Feng, Jun Lin, Lucia Abbo, Vincenzo Andretta, Aleksandr Burtovoi, Vania Da Deppo, Yara De Leo, Silvano Fineschi, Federica Frassati, Silvio Giordano, Catia Grimani, Giovanna Jerse, Federico Landini, Salvatore Mancuso, Giampiero Naletto, Gianalfredo Nicolini, Maurizio Pancrazzi, Marco Romoli, Giuliana Russano, Clementina Sasso, Daniele Spadaro, et al.
The Astrophysical Journal 964 (1) 92 (2024)

Ultra-high-resolution observations of persistent null-point reconnection in the solar corona

X. Cheng, E. R. Priest, H. T. Li, et al.
Nature Communications 14 (1) (2023)

Role of Small-scale Impulsive Events in Heating the X-Ray Bright Points of the Quiet Sun

Biswajit Mondal, James A Klimchuk, Santosh V. Vadawale, Aveek Sarkar, Giulio Del Zanna, P. S. Athiray, N. P. S. Mithun, Helen E. Mason and Anil Bhardwaj
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The Solar Minimum Eclipse of 2019 July 2. III. Inferring the Coronal T e with a Radiative Differential Emission Measure Inversion

Benjamin Boe, Cooper Downs and Shadia Habbal
The Astrophysical Journal 951 (1) 55 (2023)

Temperature of quiet Sun small scale brightenings observed by EUI on board Solar Orbiter: Evidence for a cooler component

A. Dolliou, S. Parenti, F. Auchère, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 671 A64 (2023)

Imaging and spectroscopic observations of extreme-ultraviolet brightenings using EUI and SPICE on board Solar Orbiter

Ziwen Huang, L. Teriaca, R. Aznar Cuadrado, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 673 A82 (2023)

Multipoint study of the energy release and transport in the 28 March 2022, M4 flare using STIX, EUI, and AIA during the first Solar Orbiter nominal mission perihelion

Stefan Purkhart, Astrid M. Veronig, Ewan C. M. Dickson, Andrea Francesco Battaglia, Säm Krucker, Robert Jarolim, Bernhard Kliem, Karin Dissauer and Tatiana Podladchikova
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Fe Ion Composition in Solar-Wind Streams in the Solar Corona and Heliosphere

F. F. Goryaev, V. A. Slemzin, D. G. Rodkin and Yu. S. Shugai
Cosmic Research 61 (1) 8 (2023)

The First Survey of Quiet Sun Features Observed in Hard X-Rays with NuSTAR

Sarah Paterson, Iain G. Hannah, Brian W. Grefenstette, et al.
Solar Physics 298 (3) (2023)

Understanding the Relationship between Solar Coronal Abundances and F10.7 cm Radio Emission

Andy S. H. To, Alexander W. James, T. S. Bastian, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi, David M. Long, Deborah Baker, David H. Brooks, Samantha Lomuscio, David Stansby and Gherardo Valori
The Astrophysical Journal 948 (2) 121 (2023)

The Solar Upper Transition Region Imager (SUTRI) Onboard the SATech-01 Satellite

Xianyong Bai, Hui Tian, Yuanyong Deng, et al.
Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics 23 (6) 065014 (2023)

Power-law Distribution of Solar Cycle–modulated Coronal Jets

Jiajia 佳佳 Liu 刘, Anchuan 安川 Song 宋, David B. Jess, Jie Zhang, Mihalis Mathioudakis, Szabolcs Soós, Francis P. Keenan, Yuming 毓明 Wang 汪 and Robertus Erdélyi
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 266 (1) 17 (2023)

Thermodynamic properties of small flares in the quiet Sun observed by Hα and EUV: plasma motion of the chromosphere and time evolution of temperature/emission measure

Yuji Kotani, T T Ishii, D Yamasaki, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 522 (3) 4148 (2023)

Multifrequency Microwave Imaging of Weak Transients from the Quiet Solar Corona

Surajit Mondal, Bin Chen and Sijie Yu
The Astrophysical Journal 949 (2) 56 (2023)

Multistage Reconnection Powering a Solar Coronal Jet

David M. Long, Lakshmi Pradeep Chitta, Deborah Baker, Iain G. Hannah, Nawin Ngampoopun, David Berghmans, Andrei N. Zhukov and Luca Teriaca
The Astrophysical Journal 944 (1) 19 (2023)

The Efficiency of Electron Acceleration during the Impulsive Phase of a Solar Flare

Eduard P. Kontar, A. Gordon Emslie, Galina G. Motorina and Brian R. Dennis
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 947 (1) L13 (2023)

Heating Effects of Supra-arcade Downflows on Plasma above Solar Flare Arcades

Xiaoyan Xie and Katharine K. Reeves
The Astrophysical Journal 942 (1) 28 (2023)

Detection of long-lasting aurora-like radio emission above a sunspot

Sijie Yu, Bin Chen, Rohit Sharma, Timothy S. Bastian, Surajit Mondal, Dale E. Gary, Yingjie Luo and Marina Battaglia
Nature Astronomy 8 (1) 50 (2023)

Energetics of a Solar Flare and a Coronal Mass Ejection Generated by a Hot Channel Eruption

Qingmin Zhang, Weilin Teng, Dong Li, Jun Dai and Yanjie Zhang
The Astrophysical Journal 958 (1) 85 (2023)

Fe Ion Composition in Solar-Wind Streams in the Solar Corona and Heliosphere

F. F. Goryaev, V. A. Slemzin, D. G. Rodkin and Yu. S. Shugai
Космические исследования 61 (1) 10 (2023)

Robust construction of differential emission measure profiles using a regularized maximum likelihood method

Paolo Massa, A. Gordon Emslie, Iain G. Hannah and Eduard P. Kontar
Astronomy & Astrophysics 672 A120 (2023)

Unified Relationship between Cold Plasma Ejections and Flare Energies Ranging from Solar Microflares to Giant Stellar Flares

Yuji Kotani, Kazunari Shibata, Takako T. Ishii, Daiki Yamasaki, Kenichi Otsuji, Kiyoshi Ichimoto and Ayumi Asai
The Astrophysical Journal 943 (2) 143 (2023)

Pre-impulsive and Impulsive Phases of the Sub-Terahertz Flare of March 28, 2022

G. G. Motorina, Yu. T. Tsap, V. V. Smirnova, A. S. Morgachev, A. D. Shramko and A. S. Motorin
Geomagnetism and Aeronomy 63 (8) 1218 (2023)

Observations of Magnetic Reconnection and Particle Acceleration Locations in Solar Coronal Jets

Yixian Zhang, Sophie Musset, Lindsay Glesener, Navdeep K. Panesar and Gregory D. Fleishman
The Astrophysical Journal 943 (2) 180 (2023)

The Flare Emission of the May 4, 2022 Event and Its Millimeter Component

V. V. Smirnova, Yu. T. Tsap, V. S. Ryzhov, G. G. Motorina, A. S. Morgachev and M. Bárta
Geomagnetism and Aeronomy 63 (5) 527 (2023)

Origin of Quasi-periodic Pulsation at the Base of a Kink-unstable Jet

Sudheer K. Mishra, Kartika Sangal, Pradeep Kayshap, Petr Jelínek, A. K. Srivastava and S. P. Rajaguru
The Astrophysical Journal 945 (2) 113 (2023)

Solar Atmospheric Heating Due to Small-scale Events in an Emerging Flux Region

Rahul Yadav, Maria D. Kazachenko, Andrey N. Afanasyev, Jaime de la Cruz Rodríguez and Jorrit Leenaarts
The Astrophysical Journal 958 (1) 54 (2023)

The Flare Emission of the May 4, 2022 Event and Its Millimeter Component

V. V. Smirnova, Yu. T. Tsap, V. S. Ryzhov, G. G. Motorina, A. S. Morgachev and M. Bárta
Геомагнетизм и аэрономия 63 (5) 561 (2023)

Intriguing Plasma Composition Pattern in a Solar Active Region: A Result of Nonresonant Alfvén Waves?

Teodora Mihailescu, David H. Brooks, J. Martin Laming, Deborah Baker, Lucie M. Green, Alexander W. James, David M. Long, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi and Marco Stangalini
The Astrophysical Journal 959 (2) 72 (2023)

Multi-point study of the energy release and impulsive CME dynamics in an eruptive C7 flare

Jonas Saqri, Astrid M. Veronig, Ewan C. M. Dickson, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 672 A23 (2023)

Solar flare accelerates nearly all electrons in a large coronal volume

Gregory D. Fleishman, Gelu M. Nita, Bin Chen, Sijie Yu and Dale E. Gary
Nature 606 (7915) 674 (2022)

X-Ray Fine Structure of a Limb Solar Flare Revealed by Insight-HXMT, RHESSI and Fermi

Ping Zhang, Wei Wang, Yang Su, et al.
Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics 22 (5) 055006 (2022)

Multiple Regions of Nonthermal Quasiperiodic Pulsations during the Impulsive Phase of a Solar Flare

Yingjie 英杰 Luo 骆, Bin 彬 Chen 陈, Sijie 思捷 Yu 余, Marina Battaglia and Rohit Sharma
The Astrophysical Journal 940 (2) 137 (2022)

Recurrent Narrow Quasiperiodic Fast-propagating Wave Trains Excited by the Intermittent Energy Release in the Accompanying Solar Flare

Xinping Zhou, Yuandeng Shen, Hongfei Liang, Zhining Qu, Yadan Duan, Zehao Tang, Chengrui Zhou and Song Tan
The Astrophysical Journal 941 (1) 59 (2022)

Total reflection of a flare-driven quasi-periodic extreme ultraviolet wave train at a coronal hole boundary

Xinping Zhou, Yuandeng Shen, Zehao Tang, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 659 A164 (2022)

Observations of a Flare-ignited Broad Quasiperiodic Fast-propagating Wave Train

Xinping Zhou, Yuandeng Shen, Ying D. Liu, Huidong Hu, Jiangtao Su, Zehao Tang, Chengrui Zhou, Yadan Duan and Song Tan
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 930 (1) L5 (2022)

Probing the Density Fine Structuring of the Solar Corona with Comet Lovejoy

Giuseppe Nisticò, Gaetano Zimbardo, Silvia Perri, Valery M. Nakariakov, Timothy J. Duckenfield and Miloslav Druckmüller
The Astrophysical Journal 938 (1) 20 (2022)

Review and comparison of MHD wave characteristics at the Sun and in Earth’s magnetosphere

Andrey Chelpanov, Viktor Fedenev, Aleksandr Rubtsov, et al.
Solnechno-Zemnaya Fizika 8 (4) 3 (2022)

Thermal and Non-thermal Properties of Active Region Recurrent Coronal Jets

Alin R. Paraschiv, Alina C. Donea and Philip G. Judge
The Astrophysical Journal 935 (2) 172 (2022)

A Comprehensive Radiative Magnetohydrodynamics Simulation of Active Region Scale Flux Emergence from the Convection Zone to the Corona

Feng Chen, Matthias Rempel and Yuhong Fan
The Astrophysical Journal 937 (2) 91 (2022)

The GOES‐R Solar UltraViolet Imager

Jonathan M. Darnel, Daniel B. Seaton, Christian Bethge, Laurel Rachmeler, Alison Jarvis, Steven M. Hill, Courtney L. Peck, J. Marcus Hughes, Jason Shapiro, Allyssa Riley, Gopal Vasudevan, Lawrence Shing, George Koener, Chris Edwards, Dnyanesh Mathur and Shelbe Timothy
Space Weather 20 (4) (2022)

Study of Time Evolution of Thermal and Nonthermal Emission from an M-class Solar Flare

Shunsaku Nagasawa, Tomoko Kawate, Noriyuki Narukage, Tadayuki Takahashi, Amir Caspi and Thomas N. Woods
The Astrophysical Journal 933 (2) 173 (2022)

The Temperature and Emission Measure Distribution in the Quiet and Active Solar Corona: A Bayesian Approach

Kenneth P. Dere
The Astrophysical Journal 930 (1) 86 (2022)

On the Application of Differential Evolution to the Analysis of X-Ray Spectra*

Anna Kępa, Barbara Sylwester, Marek Siarkowski and Janusz Sylwester
The Astrophysical Journal 927 (1) 19 (2022)

Toward Reliable UAV-Enabled Positioning in Mountainous Environments: System Design and Preliminary Results

Zijie Wang, Rongke Liu, Qirui Liu, et al.
IEEE Transactions on Reliability 71 (4) 1435 (2022)

Coronal loop kink oscillation periods derived from the information of density, magnetic field, and loop geometry

G. Y. Chen, L. Y. Chen, Y. Guo, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 664 A48 (2022)

Review and comparison of MHD wave characteristics at the Sun and in Earth’s magnetosphere

Maksim Chelpanov, Sergey Anfinogentov, Danila Kostarev, et al.
Solar-Terrestrial Physics 8 (4) 3 (2022)

Study of Transverse Oscillations in Coronal Loops Excited by Flares and Eruptions

Sandra M. Conde C., Rekha Jain and Vera Jatenco-Pereira
The Astrophysical Journal 931 (2) 151 (2022)

Nanoflare distributions over solar cycle 24 based on SDO/AIA differential emission measure observations

Stefan Purkhart and Astrid M. Veronig
Astronomy & Astrophysics 661 A149 (2022)

Formation of Coronal Mass Ejection and Posteruption Flow of Solar Wind on 2010 August 18 Event

Vladimir Slemzin, Farid Goryaev and Denis Rodkin
The Astrophysical Journal 929 (2) 146 (2022)

Statistical Approach on Differential Emission Measure of Coronal Holes using the CATCH Catalog

Stephan G. Heinemann, Jonas Saqri, Astrid M. Veronig, Stefan J. Hofmeister and Manuela Temmer
Solar Physics 296 (1) (2021)

Case study on the identification and classification of small-scale flow patterns in flaring active region

E. Philishvili, B. M. Shergelashvili, S. Buitendag, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 645 A52 (2021)

Decay of Solar Pores Driven by Small-scale Magnetic Reconnection Episodes

Zhike Xue, Xiaoli Yan, Liheng Yang, Jie Chen, Jincheng Wang, Qiaoling Li and Li Zhao
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 919 (2) L29 (2021)

From Formation to Disruption: Observing the Multiphase Evolution of a Solar Flare Current Sheet

L. P. Chitta, E. R. Priest and X. Cheng
The Astrophysical Journal 911 (2) 133 (2021)

Energy Budget of Plasma Motions, Heating, and Electron Acceleration in a Three-loop Solar Flare

Gregory D. Fleishman, Lucia Kleint, Galina G. Motorina, Gelu M. Nita and Eduard P. Kontar
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Electron Densities in the Solar Corona Measured Simultaneously in the Extreme Ultraviolet and Infrared

Jaroslav Dudík, Giulio Del Zanna, Ján Rybák, Juraj Lörinčík, Elena Dzifčáková, Helen E. Mason, Steven Tomczyk and Michael Galloy
The Astrophysical Journal 906 (2) 118 (2021)

Comparison of active region upflow and core properties using simultaneous spectroscopic observations from IRIS and Hinode

Krzysztof Barczynski, Louise Harra, Lucia Kleint, Brandon Panos and David H. Brooks
Astronomy & Astrophysics 651 A112 (2021)

Implications of spicule activity on coronal loop heating and catastrophic cooling

V N Nived, E Scullion, J G Doyle, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 509 (4) 5523 (2021)

Understanding Heating in Active Region Cores through Machine Learning. II. Classifying Observations

W. T. Barnes, S. J. Bradshaw and N. M. Viall
The Astrophysical Journal 919 (2) 132 (2021)

Segmentation of Coronal Features to Understand the Solar EUV and UV Irradiance Variability III. Inclusion and Analysis of Bright Points

Rens van der Zwaard, Matthias Bergmann, Joe Zender, et al.
Solar Physics 296 (9) (2021)

The relation between the energy conversion rate and reconnection rate in Petschek-type reconnection—Implications for solar flares

Matthew Goodbred, Yi-Hsin Liu, Bin Chen and Xiaocan Li
Physics of Plasmas 28 (8) 082103 (2021)

Compressive Oscillations in Hot Coronal Loops: Are Sloshing Oscillations and Standing Slow Waves Independent?

S. Krishna Prasad and T. Van Doorsselaere
The Astrophysical Journal 914 (2) 81 (2021)

The Prominence Driven Forced Reconnection in the Solar Corona and Associated Plasma Dynamics

A. K. Srivastava, Sudheer K. Mishra and P. Jelínek
The Astrophysical Journal 920 (1) 18 (2021)

Finding Spots in a CME-Related Shock Where Physical Conditions Can Emerge Favoring Type II Radio Burst Generation on 2010 June 13

Y. I. Egorov, V. G. Fainshtein and D. V. Prosovetskiy
Solar Physics 296 (4) (2021)

Physical Characteristics of Unstructured Coronal Clouds

M. Asgari-Targhi, L. Golub, M. Hahn, N. Karna and D. W. Savin
The Astrophysical Journal 910 (2) 113 (2021)

Multiwavelength and Dual-perspective Observations of Eruption and Untwisting of Two Homologous Magnetic Flux Ropes

De-Chao Song, Y. Li, Y. Su, M. D. Ding and W. Q. Gan
The Astrophysical Journal 922 (2) 238 (2021)

Thermodynamic Structure of the Solar Corona: Tomographic Reconstructions and MHD Modeling

Diego G. Lloveras, Alberto M. Vásquez, Federico A. Nuevo, et al.
Solar Physics 295 (6) (2020)

Differential Emission Measure Plasma Diagnostics of a Long-Lived Coronal Hole

Jonas Saqri, Astrid M. Veronig, Stephan G. Heinemann, et al.
Solar Physics 295 (1) (2020)