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Prebiotic Vitamin B3 Synthesis in Carbonaceous Planetesimals

Klaus Paschek, Mijin Lee, Dmitry A. Semenov and Thomas K. Henning
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Carbamic acid and its dimer: A computational study

Cristina Puzzarini and Silvia Alessandrini
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Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Modeling of Ammonia in Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy)

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Low NH3/H2O ratio in comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) at 0.7 au from the Sun

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Effect of substrate surface treatment on the hydrothermal synthesis of zinc oxide nanostructures

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Ion irradiation triggers the formation of the precursors of complex organics in space

R. G. Urso, E. Hénault, R. Brunetto, et al.
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Experimental investigation of Fe-clay/organic interactions under asteroidal conditions

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QM/MM Study of the H2 Formation on the Surface of a Water Ice Grain Doped With Formaldehyde: Molecular Dynamics and Reaction Kinetics

Boutheïna Kerkeni, Malek Boukallaba, Mariem Hechmi, Denis Duflot and Céline Toubin
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The EXCITING Experiment Exploring the Behavior of Nitrogen and Noble Gases in Interstellar Ice Analogs

Matthieu G. Almayrac, David V. Bekaert, Michael W. Broadley, David J. Byrne, Laurette Piani and Bernard Marty
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Millimeter- and submillimeter-wave spectrum of trans-formaldoxime (CH2NOH)

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High-resolution Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy of formaldoxime-C (13CH2NOH): Ground and ν8=1 states rovibrational constants

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Carbon-grain Sublimation: A New Top-down Component of Protostellar Chemistry

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Ammonium salts are a reservoir of nitrogen on a cometary nucleus and possibly on some asteroids

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New insight into the use of latent catalysts for the synthesis of urea formaldehyde adhesives and the mechanical properties of medium density fiberboards bonded with them

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Using collocation and a hierarchical basis to solve the vibrational Schrödinger equation

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Murthy S. Gudipati, Ninette Abou Mrad, Jürgen Blum, et al.
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Formation of hydroxyacetonitrile (HOCH2CN) and polyoxymethylene (POM)-derivatives in comets from formaldehyde (CH2O) and hydrogen cyanide (HCN) activated by water

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A study of gas phase and surface formaldehyde polymerisation from first principles

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