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Hydrogen recombination continuum as the radiative model for stellar optical flares

Paulo J A Simões, Alexandre Araújo, Adriana Válio and Lyndsay Fletcher
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The Greatest GOES Soft X-ray Flares: Saturation and Recalibration over Two Hale Cycles

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Main Sequence Star Super-flare Frequency based on Entire Kepler Data

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X-Ray, Near-ultraviolet, and Optical Flares Produced by Colliding Magnetospheres in the Young High-eccentricity Binary DQ Tau

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Magnitude Estimates for the Carrington Flare in 1859 September: As Seen from the Original Records

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TESS Photometric Variability of Young Brown Dwarfs in the Taurus Star-forming Region

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Observational Analysis of Lyα Emission in Equivalent-magnitude Solar Flares

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Thermodynamic properties of small flares in the quiet Sun observed by Hα and EUV: plasma motion of the chromosphere and time evolution of temperature/emission measure

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Reconstructing the XUV Spectra of Active Sun-like Stars Using Solar Scaling Relations with Magnetic Flux

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Global Energetics of Solar Powerful Events on 2017 September 6

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AU Microscopii in the Far-UV: Observations in Quiescence, during Flares, and Implications for AU Mic b and c

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Particles and Photons as Drivers for Particle Release from the Surfaces of the Moon and Mercury

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Observation of a Flare and Filament Eruption in Lyman-$\alpha $ on 8 September 2011 by the PRoject for OnBoard Autonomy/Large Yield Radiometer (PROBA2/LYRA)

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Solar Physics 297 (3) (2022)

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Stellar Superflares Observed Simultaneously with Kepler and XMM-Newton

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Detection of Flare Multiperiodic Pulsations in Mid-ultraviolet Balmer Continuum, Lyα, Hard X-Ray, and Radio Emissions Simultaneously

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Search for flares and associated CMEs on late-type main-sequence stars in optical SDSS spectra

Florian Koller, Martin Leitzinger, Manuela Temmer, et al.
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Giant white-light flares on fully convective stars occur at high latitudes

Ekaterina Ilin, Katja Poppenhaeger, Sarah J Schmidt, et al.
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A New View of the Solar Interface Region from the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS)

Bart De Pontieu, Vanessa Polito, Viggo Hansteen, et al.
Solar Physics 296 (5) (2021)

Detection of Optical Flares on the Selected G-M Dwarfs from Long-term Photometric Series

N. I. Bondar’, M. M. Katsova and A. A. Shlyapnikov
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Numerical Simulation of Sub-Terahertz Emission of the Flare Chromosphere: the Event of July 4, 2012

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Activity of TRAPPIST–1 analog stars observed with TESS

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Flare energy release and avalanche ionization of plasma by runaway electrons in lower solar atmosphere

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The morphology of average solar flare time profiles from observations of the Sun’s lower atmosphere

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