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Millennial calcification trends in Porites corals: Resilient skeletal density and vulnerable linear extension in response to environmental change

Guangchao Deng, Xuefei Chen, Huiling Kang, Jian-xin Zhao and Gangjian Wei
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Potential for historically unprecedented Australian droughts from natural variability and climate change

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A modern pollen-climate dataset from South Korea and its application for pollen-based quantitative climate reconstruction during the Holocene

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Early warning signals of the termination of the African Humid Period(s)

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The influence of small bipolar magnetic regions on basic solar quantities

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Understanding the secular variability of solar irradiance: the potential of Ca II K observations

Theodosios Chatzistergos, Natalie A. Krivova and Ilaria Ermolli
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Impact of Solar Activity and ENSO on the Early Summer Asian Monsoon During the Last Millennium

Po‐Ju Chen, Chi‐Hua Wu, Yue‐Gau Chen and Shih‐Yu Lee
Geophysical Research Letters 51 (3) (2024)

A pseudoproxy emulation of the PAGES 2k database using a hierarchy of proxy system models

Feng Zhu, Julien Emile-Geay, Kevin J. Anchukaitis, Nicholas P. McKay, Samantha Stevenson and Zilu Meng
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Climatic change around the 4.2 ka event in coastal areas of the East China Sea and its potential influence on prehistoric Japanese people

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Changes in lake area and water level in response to hydroclimate variations in the source area of the Yellow River: a case study from Lake Ngoring

Yang Pu, Min Zhan, Xiaohua Shao, Josef P. Werne, Philip A. Meyers, Jiaojiao Yao and Da Zhi
Frontiers of Earth Science 17 (4) 920 (2023)

Unleashing the power of the Sun: the increasing impact of the solar cycle on off-season super typhoons since the 1990s

Chau-Ron Wu, Yong-Fu Lin, I-I Lin and Jin-Yi Yu
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Centennial Variation and Mechanism of the Extreme High Temperatures in Summer over China during the Holocene Forced by Total Solar Irradiance

Lu Liu, Weiyi Sun, Jian Liu and Lingfeng Wan
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Quantitative attribution of Northern Hemisphere temperatures over the past 2000 years

Feng Shi, Mingfang Ting and Zhengtang Guo
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The effect of uncertainties in natural forcing records on simulated temperature during the last millennium

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Overview of the Spectral Coherence between Planetary Resonances and Solar and Climate Oscillations

Nicola Scafetta and Antonio Bianchini
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Long-term solar variability: ISWAT S1 cluster review for COSPAR space weather roadmap

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Decadal variability of precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau modulated by the 11-year solar cycle over the past millennium

Ying Hu, Weiyi Sun, Jian Liu, Deliang Chen, Liang Ning and Zhenghan Peng
Frontiers in Earth Science 11 (2023)

No Consistent Simulated Trends in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation for the Past 6,000 Years

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Asymmetric changes in temperature in the Arctic during the Holocene based on a transient run with the Community Earth System Model (CESM)

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Periodicities in Solar Activity, Solar Radiation and Their Links with Terrestrial Environment

Valentina V. Zharkova, Irina Vasilieva, Simon J. Shepherd and Elena Popova
Natural Science 15 (03) 111 (2023)


鎏琳 王, 亮 宁, 可凡 陈, 蜜 严, 健 刘, 征宇 刘, 燕敏 覃, 姣 薛 and 楚鑫 李
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The combined influences of Solar Radiation and PDO on Precipitation over Eastern China during the last millennium

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Impact of centennial-scale solar activity reduction on the weakened Asian monsoon event at 9.2 ka BP

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Influence and mechanism of solar radiation intensity on the interdecadal variability of strong Meiyu events during historical periods

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Solar Irradiance Modulates the Asian Summer Monsoon—ENSO Relationship Over the Last Millennium

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Solar ring mission: Building a panorama of the Sun and inner-heliosphere

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Warm Soil, Westerly Wind, and Wet Feet: Feeling and Measuring Ecological Time in the Roman World

Kaja J. Tally‐Schumacher
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Long-term changes in solar activity and irradiance

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Maximum Northern Hemisphere warming rates before and after 1880 during the Common Era

Knut Lehre Seip and Hui Wang
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 152 (1-2) 307 (2023)

Increasing nutrient inputs over the last 500 years in an Italian low-impacted seagrass meadow

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Role of solar activity and Pacific decadal oscillation in the hydroclimatic patterns of eastern China over the past millennium

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Early warning signal for a tipping point suggested by a millennial Atlantic Multidecadal Variability reconstruction

Simon L. L. Michel, Didier Swingedouw, Pablo Ortega, Guillaume Gastineau, Juliette Mignot, Gerard McCarthy and Myriam Khodri
Nature Communications 13 (1) (2022)

Evaluation of statistical climate reconstruction methods based on pseudoproxy experiments using linear and machine-learning methods

Zeguo Zhang, Sebastian Wagner, Marlene Klockmann and Eduardo Zorita
Climate of the Past 18 (12) 2643 (2022)

Was there a volcanic-induced long-lasting cooling over the Northern Hemisphere in the mid-6th–7th century?

Evelien van Dijk, Johann Jungclaus, Stephan Lorenz, Claudia Timmreck and Kirstin Krüger
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Investigating stable oxygen and carbon isotopic variability in speleothem records over the last millennium using multiple isotope-enabled climate models

Janica C. Bühler, Josefine Axelsson, Franziska A. Lechleitner, Jens Fohlmeister, Allegra N. LeGrande, Madhavan Midhun, Jesper Sjolte, Martin Werner, Kei Yoshimura and Kira Rehfeld
Climate of the Past 18 (7) 1625 (2022)

Variability of the Sun’s Luminosity Places Constraints on the Thermal Equilibrium of the Convection Zone

L. E. A. Vieira, G. Kopp, T. Dudok de Wit, L. A. da Silva, F. Carlesso, A. R. Barbosa, A. Muralikrishna and R. Santos
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Why Pacific quasi-decadal oscillation has emerged since the mid-20th century

Chunhan Jin, Bin Wang and Jian Liu
Environmental Research Letters 17 (12) 124039 (2022)

Roman Warm Period and Late Antique Little Ice Age in an Earth System Model Large Ensemble

Feng Shi, Cheng Sun, Antoine Guion, Qiuzhen Yin, Sen Zhao, Ting Liu and Zhengtang Guo
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 127 (16) (2022)

Low-Frequency Atmospheric Variability Patterns and Synoptic Types Linked to Large Floods in the Lower Ebro River Basin

J. C. Peña, J. C. Balasch, D. Pino, L. Schulte, M. Barriendos, J. L. Ruiz-Bellet, M. Prohom, J. Tuset, J. Mazon and X. Castelltort
Journal of Climate 35 (8) 2351 (2022)

The Role of Internal Variability in ITCZ Changes Over the Last Millennium

P. J. Roldán‐Gómez, J. F. González‐Rouco, C. Melo‐Aguilar and J. E. Smerdon
Geophysical Research Letters 49 (4) (2022)

Reconstructions of the Heliospheric Modulation Potential and Earth Climate Variations over the Past 20 000 Years

I. V. Kudryavtsev, V. A. Dergachev and Yu. A. Nagovitsyn
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Triskeles and Symmetries of Mean Global Sea-Level Pressure

Fernando Lopes, Vincent Courtillot and Jean-Louis Le Mouël
Atmosphere 13 (9) 1354 (2022)

Geochemical significance of Acropora death assemblages in the northern South China Sea: Implications for environmental reconstruction using branching corals

Xuefei Chen, Wenfeng Deng, Shuang Yan, Xi Liu, Jian-xin Zhao and Gangjian Wei
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 603 111197 (2022)

On the additivity of climate responses to the volcanic and solar forcing in the early 19th century

Shih-Wei Fang, Claudia Timmreck, Johann Jungclaus, Kirstin Krüger and Hauke Schmidt
Earth System Dynamics 13 (4) 1535 (2022)

Coupled stratosphere-troposphere-Atlantic multidecadal oscillation and its importance for near-future climate projection

Nour-Eddine Omrani, Noel Keenlyside, Katja Matthes, Lina Boljka, Davide Zanchettin, Johann H. Jungclaus and Sandro W. Lubis
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Drivers of Last Millennium Antarctic Climate Evolution in an Ensemble of Community Earth System Model Simulations

Olivia J. Truax, Bette L. Otto-Bliesner, Esther C. Brady, Craig L. Stevens, Gary S. Wilson and Christina R. Riesselman
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Holocene Multi‐Centennial Variations of the Asian Summer Monsoon Triggered by Solar Activity

Weiyi Sun, Jian Liu, Bin Wang, Deliang Chen, Lingfeng Wan and Jing Wang
Geophysical Research Letters 49 (13) (2022)

Centennial-scale linkages between the Indian Summer Monsoon and the solar irradiation from the Gulf of Khambhat (Western India)

Aashima Sodhi, Archana Das, S.P. Prizomwala, Chintan Vedpathak and Nisarg Makwana
Quaternary International 631 82 (2022)

Detection and attribution of summer temperature changes in China during the last millennium

Zhiyuan Wang, Jianglin Wang, Jia Jia, Xiaoyi Shi, Sisi Wang and Chunhua Pan
International Journal of Climatology 42 (12) 6384 (2022)

Exploring possibilities for solar irradiance prediction from solar photosphere images using recurrent neural networks

Amita Muralikrishna, Rafael Duarte Coelho dos Santos and Luis Eduardo Antunes Vieira
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The 852/3 CE Mount Churchill eruption: examining the potential climatic and societal impacts and the timing of the Medieval Climate Anomaly in the North Atlantic region

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ENSO-driven coupled megadroughts in North and South America over the last millennium

Nathan J. Steiger, Jason E. Smerdon, Richard Seager, A. Park Williams and Arianna M. Varuolo-Clarke
Nature Geoscience 14 (10) 739 (2021)

Surface and Tropospheric Response of North Atlantic Summer Climate from Paleoclimate Simulations of the Past Millennium

Maria Pyrina, Eduardo Moreno-Chamarro, Sebastian Wagner and Eduardo Zorita
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Documented and Simulated Warm Extremes during the Last 600 Years over Monsoonal China

Shangrong Zhou, Le Tao, Yun Su, Yue Sui and Zhongshi Zhang
Atmosphere 12 (3) 362 (2021)

Solar evolution and extrema: current state of understanding of long-term solar variability and its planetary impacts

Dibyendu Nandy, Petrus C. H. Martens, Vladimir Obridko, Soumyaranjan Dash and Katya Georgieva
Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 8 (1) (2021)

Long-term dynamics of production in western Mediterranean seagrass meadows: Trade-offs and legacies of past disturbances

Carmen Leiva-Dueñas, Antonio Martínez Cortizas, Nerea Piñeiro-Juncal, et al.
Science of The Total Environment 754 142117 (2021)

Energy Budget Constraints on the Time History of Aerosol Forcing and Climate Sensitivity

C. J. Smith, G. R. Harris, M. D. Palmer, N. Bellouin, W. Collins, G. Myhre, M. Schulz, J.‐C. Golaz, M. Ringer, T. Storelvmo and P. M. Forster
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How much has the Sun influenced Northern Hemisphere temperature trends? An ongoing debate

Ronan Connolly, Willie Soon, Michael Connolly, Sallie Baliunas, Johan Berglund, C. John Butler, Rodolfo Gustavo Cionco, Ana G. Elias, Valery M. Fedorov, Hermann Harde, Gregory W. Henry, Douglas V. Hoyt, Ole Humlum, David R. Legates, Sebastian Lüning, Nicola Scafetta, Jan-Erik Solheim, László Szarka, Harry van Loon, Víctor M. Velasco Herrera, Richard C. Willson, Hong Yan and Weijia Zhang
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Last millennium hydroclimate in the central equatorial North Pacific (5°N, 160°W)

Julian P. Sachs, Ines Mügler, Dirk Sachse, Matthew Prebble and Matthew Wolhowe
Quaternary Science Reviews 259 106906 (2021)

Solar Activity and Climate Change at the End of the Ice Age and Transition to the Holocene

I. V. Kudryavtsev and V. A. Dergachev
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Quantitative impact of astronomical and sun-related cycles on the Pleistocene climate system from Antarctica records

Paolo Viaggi
Quaternary Science Advances 4 100037 (2021)

Statistical characteristics of extreme daily precipitation during 1501 BCE–1849 CE in the Community Earth System Model

Woon Mi Kim, Richard Blender, Michael Sigl, Martina Messmer and Christoph C. Raible
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The Indian Ocean Dipole response to external forcing in the coupled model intercomparison project phase 5 simulations of the last millennium

Thanh Le and Deg-Hyo Bae
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PMIP4 experiments using MIROC-ES2L Earth system model

Rumi Ohgaito, Akitomo Yamamoto, Tomohiro Hajima, et al.
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The Solar Corona during the Total Eclipse on 1806 June 16: Graphical Evidence of the Coronal Structure during the Dalton Minimum

Hisashi Hayakawa, Mathew J. Owens, Michael Lockwood and Mitsuru Sôma
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Differing pre-industrial cooling trends between tree rings and lower-resolution temperature proxies

Lara Klippel, Scott St. George, Ulf Büntgen, Paul J. Krusic and Jan Esper
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Methodological and physical biases in global to subcontinental borehole temperature reconstructions: an assessment from a pseudo-proxy perspective

Camilo Melo-Aguilar, J. Fidel González-Rouco, Elena García-Bustamante, et al.
Climate of the Past 16 (2) 453 (2020)

Factors regulating primary producers' assemblages in Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile ecosystems over the past 1800 years

Carmen Leiva-Dueñas, Peter R. Leavitt, Teresa Buchaca, Antonio Martínez Cortizas, Lourdes López-Merino, Oscar Serrano, Paul S. Lavery, Stefan Schouten and Miguel A. Mateo
Science of The Total Environment 718 137163 (2020)

Dynamical and hydrological changes in climate simulations of the last millennium

Pedro José Roldán-Gómez, Jesús Fidel González-Rouco, Camilo Melo-Aguilar and Jason E. Smerdon
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Evaluation of multidecadal and longer-term temperature changes since 850 CE based on Northern Hemisphere proxy-based reconstructions and model simulations

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Science China Earth Sciences 63 (8) 1126 (2020)

Modelling solar irradiance from ground-based photometric observations

Theodosios Chatzistergos, Ilaria Ermolli, Fabrizio Giorgi, Natalie A. Krivova and Cosmin Constantin Puiu
Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate 10 45 (2020)

Organic matter geochemical signatures of sediments of Lake Ngoring (Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau): A record of environmental and climatic changes in the source area of the Yellow River for the last 1500 years

Yang Pu, Josef P. Werne, Philip A. Meyers and Hucai Zhang
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 551 109729 (2020)

Forecasting long-term solar activity with time series models: Some cautionary findings

Gordon Reikard
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 211 105465 (2020)

Reconstructing climatic modes of variability from proxy records using ClimIndRec version 1.0

Simon Michel, Didier Swingedouw, Marie Chavent, et al.
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“Warm Arctic‐Cold Siberia” as an Internal Mode Instigated by North Atlantic Warming

Chunhan Jin, Bin Wang, Young‐Min Yang and Jian Liu
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Teleconnections and relationship between the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Southern Annular Mode (SAM) in reconstructions and models over the past millennium

Christoph Dätwyler, Martin Grosjean, Nathan J. Steiger and Raphael Neukom
Climate of the Past 16 (2) 743 (2020)

Variation of the summer Asian westerly jet over the last millennium based on the PMIP3 simulations

Nanxuan Jiang, Qing Yan and Huijun Wang
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Global temperature modes shed light on the Holocene temperature conundrum

Jürgen Bader, Johann Jungclaus, Natalie Krivova, Stephan Lorenz, Amanda Maycock, Thomas Raddatz, Hauke Schmidt, Matthew Toohey, Chi-Ju Wu and Martin Claussen
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Medieval Climate in the Eastern Mediterranean: Instability and Evidence of Solar Forcing

Yochanan Kushnir and Mordechai Stein
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Identifying teleconnections and multidecadal variability of East Asian surface temperature during the last millennium in CMIP5 simulations

Satyaban B. Ratna, Timothy J. Osborn, Manoj Joshi, Bao Yang and Jianglin Wang
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Hydroclimatic variability in Southeast Asia over the past two millennia

Jessica K. Wang, Kathleen R. Johnson, Andrea Borsato, et al.
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The controlling mechanism of mid- to late Holocene carbon isotopic variations of Tridacnidae in the South China Sea

Zhongkang Yang, Da Shao, Yanjun Mei, et al.
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Modeling Quiet Solar Luminosity Variability from TSI Satellite Measurements and Proxy Models during 1980–2018

Nicola Scafetta, Richard Willson, Jae Lee and Dong Wu
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Oceanic and radiative forcing of medieval megadroughts in the American Southwest

Nathan J. Steiger, Jason E. Smerdon, Benjamin I. Cook, Richard Seager, A. Park Williams and Edward R. Cook
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Centennial-Scale Temperature Change in Last Millennium Simulations and Proxy-Based Reconstructions

Anders Moberg, Qiang Zhang, Qiang Li, et al.
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Decadal Variations of the East Asian Summer Monsoon Forced by the 11-Year Insolation Cycle

Chunhan Jin, Jian Liu, Bin Wang, Mi Yan and Liang Ning
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Decadal variability of northern Asian winter monsoon shaped by the 11-year solar cycle

Chunhan Jin, Bin Wang, Jian Liu, Liang Ning and Mi Yan
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Decadal variability of north-eastern Atlantic storminess at the mid-Holocene: New inferences from a record of wind-blown sand, western Denmark

Jérôme Goslin, Mariusz Gałka, Lasse Sander, Mikkel Fruergaard, Johannes Mokenbusch, Nicolas Thibault and Lars B. Clemmensen
Global and Planetary Change 180 16 (2019)