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The Rossiter-McLaughlin effect and exoplanet transits: A delicate association at medium and low spectral resolution

Yann Carteret, Vincent Bourrier and William Dethier
Astronomy & Astrophysics 683 A63 (2024)

The geometric albedo of the hot Jupiter HD 189733b measured with CHEOPS

A. F. Krenn, M. Lendl, J. A. Patel, L. Carone, M. Deleuil, S. Sulis, A. Collier Cameron, A. Deline, P. Guterman, D. Queloz, L. Fossati, A. Brandeker, K. Heng, B. Akinsanmi, V. Adibekyan, A. Bonfanti, O. D. S. Demangeon, D. Kitzmann, S. Salmon, S. G. Sousa, T. G. Wilson, Y. Alibert, R. Alonso, G. Anglada, T. Bárczy, et al.
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Measuring Elemental Abundances of JWST Target Stars for Exoplanet Characterization. I. FGK Stars

Jared R. Kolecki and Ji 吉 Wang 王
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A survey of sodium absorption in 10 giant exoplanets with high-resolution transmission spectroscopy

Adam B Langeveld, Nikku Madhusudhan and Samuel H C Cabot
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 514 (4) 5192 (2022)

Limits on the Auroral Generation of H3 + in Brown Dwarf and Extrasolar Giant Planet Atmospheres with the Keck Near Infrared Echelle Spectrograph

Aidan Gibbs and Michael P. Fitzgerald
The Astronomical Journal 164 (2) 63 (2022)

Grid of pseudo-2D chemistry models for tidally locked exoplanets – II. The role of photochemistry

Robin Baeyens, Thomas Konings, Olivia Venot, Ludmila Carone and Leen Decin
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 512 (4) 4877 (2022)

Investigation of the upper atmosphere in ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-76 b with high-resolution spectroscopy

Kiyoe Kawauchi, Norio Narita, Bun’ei Sato and Yui Kawashima
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 74 (2) 225 (2022)

Chandra X-Ray Observations of V830 Tau: A T Tauri Star Hosting an Evanescent Planet

Stephen L. Skinner and Manuel Güdel
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Probing the atmosphere of WASP-69 b with low- and high-resolution transmission spectroscopy

S. Khalafinejad, K. Molaverdikhani, J. Blecic, et al.
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Mass-loss rate and local thermodynamic state of the KELT-9 b thermosphere from the hydrogen Balmer series

A. Wyttenbach, P. Mollière, D. Ehrenreich, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 638 A87 (2020)

The potassium absorption on HD189733b and HD209458b

Engin Keles, Matthias Mallonn, Carolina von Essen, Thorsten A Carroll, Xanthippi Alexoudi, Lorenzo Pino, Ilya Ilyin, Katja Poppenhäger, Daniel Kitzmann, Valerio Nascimbeni, Jake D Turner and Klaus G Strassmeier
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Sodium and Potassium Signatures of Volcanic Satellites Orbiting Close-in Gas Giant Exoplanets

Apurva V. Oza, Robert E. Johnson, Emmanuel Lellouch, Carl Schmidt, Nick Schneider, Chenliang Huang, Diana Gamborino, Andrea Gebek, Aurelien Wyttenbach, Brice-Olivier Demory, Christoph Mordasini, Prabal Saxena, David Dubois, Arielle Moullet and Nicolas Thomas
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Combining low- to high-resolution transit spectroscopy of HD 189733b

Lorenzo Pino, David Ehrenreich, Aurélien Wyttenbach, et al.
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An HST/STIS Optical Transmission Spectrum of Warm Neptune GJ 436b

Joshua D. Lothringer, Björn Benneke, Ian J. M. Crossfield, Gregory W. Henry, Caroline Morley, Diana Dragomir, Travis Barman, Heather Knutson, Eliza Kempton, Jonathan Fortney, Peter McCullough and Andrew W. Howard
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LRG-BEASTS III: ground-based transmission spectrum of the gas giant orbiting the cool dwarf WASP-80

J. Kirk, P. J. Wheatley, T. Louden, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 474 (1) 876 (2018)

A Comparative Study of WASP-67 b and HAT-P-38 b from WFC3 Data

Giovanni Bruno, Nikole K. Lewis, Kevin B. Stevenson, Joseph Filippazzo, Matthew Hill, Jonathan D. Fraine, Hannah R. Wakeford, Drake Deming, Brian Kilpatrick, Michael R. Line, Caroline V. Morley, Karen A. Collins, Dennis M. Conti, Joseph Garlitz and Joseph E. Rodriguez
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The atmosphere of WASP-17b: Optical high-resolution transmission spectroscopy

Sara Khalafinejad, Michael Salz, Patricio E. Cubillos, et al.
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Extremely Irradiated Hot Jupiters: Non-oxide Inversions, H− Opacity, and Thermal Dissociation of Molecules

Joshua D. Lothringer, Travis Barman and Tommi Koskinen
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Illusion and reality in the atmospheres of exoplanets

L. Drake Deming and Sara Seager
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Results from a set of three-dimensional numerical experiments of a hot Jupiter atmosphere

Nathan J. Mayne, Florian Debras, Isabelle Baraffe, et al.
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Rayleigh scattering in the transmission spectrum of HAT-P-18b

J. Kirk, P. J. Wheatley, T. Louden, et al.
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A continuum from clear to cloudy hot-Jupiter exoplanets without primordial water depletion

David K. Sing, Jonathan J. Fortney, Nikolay Nikolov, et al.
Nature 529 (7584) 59 (2016)

Exoplanetary Atmospheres—Chemistry, Formation Conditions, and Habitability

Nikku Madhusudhan, Marcelino Agúndez, Julianne I. Moses and Yongyun Hu
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Simulating the escaping atmospheres of hot gas planets in the solar neighborhood

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Unveiling the atmospheres of giant exoplanets with an EChO-class mission

Vivien Parmentier, Adam P. Showman and Julien de Wit
Experimental Astronomy 40 (2-3) 481 (2015)

Defocused transmission spectroscopy: a potential detection of sodium in the atmosphere of WASP-12b

J. R. Burton, C. A. Watson, P. Rodríguez-Gil, et al.
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Spectrally resolved detection of sodium in the atmosphere of HD 189733b with the HARPS spectrograph

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GTC OSIRIS transiting exoplanet atmospheric survey: detection of potassium in HAT-P-1b from narrow-band spectrophotometry★

P. A. Wilson, D. K. Sing, N. Nikolov, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 450 (1) 192 (2015)

HST hot-Jupiter transmission spectral survey: detection of potassium in WASP-31b along with a cloud deck and Rayleigh scattering

D. K. Sing, H. R. Wakeford, A. P. Showman, et al.
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Dications and thermal ions in planetary atmospheric escape

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The escape of heavy atoms from the ionosphere of HD209458b. II. Interpretation of the observations

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The escape of heavy atoms from the ionosphere of HD209458b. I. A photochemical–dynamical model of the thermosphere

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Temperature-pressure profile of the hot Jupiter HD 189733b from HST sodium observations: detection of upper atmospheric heating

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GTC OSIRIS transiting exoplanet atmospheric survey: detection of sodium in XO-2b from differential long-slit spectroscopy

D. K. Sing, C. M. Huitson, M. Lopez-Morales, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 426 (2) 1663 (2012)

Hubble Space Telescope transmission spectroscopy of the exoplanet HD 189733b: high-altitude atmospheric haze in the optical and near-ultraviolet with STIS

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The upper atmosphere of the exoplanet HD209458b revealed by the sodium D lines: temperature-pressure profile, ionization layer and thermosphere (Corrigendum)

A. Vidal-Madjar, C. M Huitson, A. Lecavelier des Etangs, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 533 C4 (2011)

The shocking transit of WASP-12b: modelling the observed early ingress in the near-ultraviolet

J. Llama, K. Wood, M. Jardine, A. A. Vidotto, Ch. Helling, L. Fossati and C. A. Haswell
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