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Constraining the turbulence and the dust disk in IM Lup: Onset of planetesimal formation

Riccardo Franceschi, Tilman Birnstiel, Thomas Henning and Anirudh Sharma
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Mid-infrared blends and continuum signatures of dust drift and accretion in protoplanetary disks

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Small Planets around Cool Dwarfs: Enhanced Formation Efficiency of Super-Earths around M Dwarfs

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Testing a New Model of Embedded Protostellar Disks against Observations: The Majority of Orion Class 0/I Disks Are Likely Warm, Massive, and Gravitationally Unstable

Wenrui Xu
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Toward a population synthesis of disks and planets

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The water-ice line as a birthplace of planets: implications of a species-dependent dust fragmentation threshold

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Influence of grain size and composition on the contraction rates of planetary envelopes and on planetary migration

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Tidal pull of the Earth strips the proto-Moon of its volatiles

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Most super-Earths formed by dry pebble accretion are less massive than 5 Earth masses

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The coexistence of the streaming instability and the vertical shear instability in protoplanetary disks

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Pebble drift and planetesimal formation in protoplanetary discs with embedded planets

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On the Diversity of Asymmetries in Gapped Protoplanetary Disks

Nienke van der Marel, Til Birnstiel, Antonio Garufi, et al.
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Giant planet formation at the pressure maxima of protoplanetary disks

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Radiation pressure clear-out of dusty photoevaporating discs

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The Mass and Size Distribution of Planetesimals Formed by the Streaming Instability. II. The Effect of the Radial Gas Pressure Gradient

Charles P. Abod, Jacob B. Simon, Rixin Li, et al.
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Are the observed gaps in protoplanetary discs caused by growing planets?

N Ndugu, B Bitsch and E Jurua
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Temperature Structure in the Inner Regions of Protoplanetary Disks: Inefficient Accretion Heating Controlled by Nonideal Magnetohydrodynamics

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Effect of nucleation on icy pebble growth in protoplanetary discs

Katrin Ros, Anders Johansen, Ilona Riipinen and Daniel Schlesinger
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Imaging the disc rim and a moving close-in companion candidate in the pre-transitional disc of V1247 Orionis

Matthew Willson, Stefan Kraus, Jacques Kluska, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 621 A7 (2019)

Characterization of Ring Substructures in the Protoplanetary Disk of HD 169142 from Multiwavelength Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array Observations

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Unveiling Dust Aggregate Structure in Protoplanetary Disks by Millimeter-wave Scattering Polarization

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Growth and Settling of Dust Particles in Protoplanetary Nebulae: Implications for Opacity, Thermal Profile, and Gravitational Instability

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Including Dust Coagulation in Hydrodynamic Models of Protoplanetary Disks: Dust Evolution in the Vicinity of a Jupiter-mass Planet

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Effect of Different Angular Momentum Transport Mechanisms on the Distribution of Water in Protoplanetary Disks

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Tracking Dust Grains during Transport and Growth in Protoplanetary Disks

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Saturn’s Formation and Early Evolution at the Origin of Jupiter’s Massive Moons

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Breakthrough revisited: investigating the requirements for growth of dust beyond the bouncing barrier

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Particle size distributions in chondritic meteorites: Evidence for pre-planetesimal histories

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