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The effect of nonlocal disk processes on the volatile CHNOS budgets of planetesimal-forming material

M. Oosterloo, I. Kamp and W. van Westrenen
Astronomy & Astrophysics 685 A128 (2024)

Astrochemical effect of the fundamental grain surface processes

Long-Fei Chen, Donghui Quan, Jiao He, Yao Wang, Di Li and Thomas Henning
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A Computational Investigation into the Hydrogenation of NO on Water Ice Surfaces to Rationalize the NO:HNO:NOH Disparity in Space

Samantha M. McIntyre, Courtney Ennis and Anna L. Garden
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Organic Matter in the Asteroid Ryugu: What We Know So Far

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The Formation of Imines and Nitriles during VUV Photoirradiation of NH3:C2H x Ice Mixtures

Alessandra Canta, Karin I. Öberg and Mahesh Rajappan
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Survey of Ices toward Massive Young Stellar Objects. I. OCS, CO, OCN−, and CH3OH

A. C. A. Boogert, K. Brewer, A. Brittain and K. S. Emerson
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Infrared bands of formaldehyde dissolved in liquid krypton at cryogenic temperatures and the vibrational modes ν1, ν2, and ν5 of H2CO in comets and interstellar clouds

Suresh Sunuwar, Helena Diez-y-Riega and Carlos E. Manzanares
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QM/MM Study of the H2 Formation on the Surface of a Water Ice Grain Doped With Formaldehyde: Molecular Dynamics and Reaction Kinetics

Boutheïna Kerkeni, Malek Boukallaba, Mariem Hechmi, Denis Duflot and Céline Toubin
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 9 (2022)

Infrared Spectroscopic Survey of the Quiescent Medium of Nearby Clouds. II. Ice Formation and Grain Growth in Perseus and Serpens

M. C. L. Madden, A. C. A. Boogert, J. E. Chiar, C. Knez, Y. J. Pendleton, A. G. G. M. Tielens and A. Yip
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The Molecular Composition of Shadowed Proto-solar Disk Midplanes Beyond the Water Snowline

Shota Notsu, Kazumasa Ohno, Takahiro Ueda, Catherine Walsh, Christian Eistrup and Hideko Nomura
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Massive Young Stellar Objects in the Galactic Center. II. Seeing Through the Ice-rich Envelopes

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X-ray-induced chemistry of water and related molecules in low-mass protostellar envelopes

Shota Notsu, Ewine F. van Dishoeck, Catherine Walsh, Arthur D. Bosman and Hideko Nomura
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Binding energies and sticking coefficients of H2 on crystalline and amorphous CO ice

G. Molpeceres, V. Zaverkin, N. Watanabe and J. Kästner
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Constraining Spatial Densities of Early Ice Formation in Small Dense Molecular Cores from Extinction Maps

Laurie E. U. Chu and Klaus W. Hodapp
The Astrophysical Journal 918 (1) 2 (2021)

Prevalence of Complex Organic Molecules in Starless and Prestellar Cores within the Taurus Molecular Cloud

Samantha Scibelli and Yancy Shirley
The Astrophysical Journal 891 (1) 73 (2020)

Temperature Structures of Embedded Disks: Young Disks in Taurus Are Warm

Merel L. R. van ’t Hoff, Daniel Harsono, John J. Tobin, Arthur D. Bosman, Ewine F. van Dishoeck, Jes K. Jørgensen, Anna Miotello, Nadia M. Murillo and Catherine Walsh
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Maria N Drozdovskaya, Isaac R H G Schroeder I, Martin Rubin, et al.
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Exploring the Chemistry Induced by Energetic Processing of the H2-bearing, CO-rich Apolar Ice Layer

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Physicochemical models: source-tailored or generic?

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CO destruction in protoplanetary disk midplanes: Inside versus outside the CO snow surface

Arthur D. Bosman, Catherine Walsh and Ewine F. van Dishoeck
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Detecting Weak Spectral Lines in Interferometric Data through Matched Filtering

Ryan A. Loomis, Karin I. Öberg, Sean M. Andrews, Catherine Walsh, Ian Czekala, Jane Huang and Katherine A. Rosenfeld
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The role of external far-ultraviolet irradiation in the survival of astrophysical ices in Elias 29

W R M Rocha and S Pilling
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Formation of Glycerol through Hydrogenation of CO Ice under Prestellar Core Conditions

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H2CO Distribution and Formation in the TW HYA Disk

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L1157-B1, a factory of complex organic molecules in a solar-type star-forming region

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Abundant Methanol Ice toward a Massive Young Stellar Object in the Central Molecular Zone*

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Sensitivity Analysis of Grain Surface Chemistry to Binding Energies of Ice Species

E. M. Penteado, C. Walsh and H. M. Cuppen
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Precessing Jet and Large Dust Grains in the V380 Ori NE Star-forming Region

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H-atom addition and abstraction reactions in mixed CO, H2CO and CH3OH ices – an extended view on complex organic molecule formation

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