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Probing the Nature of Rotation in the Pleiades, Alpha Persei, and Hyades Clusters

C. J. Hao, Y. Xu, L. G. Hou, S. B. Bian, Z. H. Lin, Y. J. Li, Y. W. Dong and D. J. Liu
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The Factory and the Beehive. V. Chromospheric and Coronal Activity and Its Dependence on Rotation in Praesepe and the Hyades

Alejandro Núñez, Marcel A. Agüeros, Jason L. Curtis, Kevin R. Covey, Stephanie T. Douglas, Sabine R. Chu, Stanislav DeLaurentiis, Minzhi (Luna) Wang and Jeremy J. Drake
The Astrophysical Journal 962 (1) 12 (2024)

Ongoing hierarchical massive cluster assembly: The LISCA II structure in the Perseus complex

A. Della Croce, E. Dalessandro, A. Livernois, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 674 A93 (2023)

Seismic and spectroscopic analysis of nine bright red giants observed by Kepler

H R Coelho, A Miglio, T Morel, N Lagarde, D Bossini, W J Chaplin, S Degl’Innocenti, M Dell’Omodarme, R A Garcia, R Handberg, S Hekker, D Huber, M N Lund, S Mathur, P G Prada Moroni, B Mosser, A Serenelli, M Rainer, J D do Nascimento, E Poretti, P Mathias, G Valle, P Dal Tio and T Duarte
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 527 (3) 8535 (2023)

Significance mode analysis (SigMA) for hierarchical structures

Sebastian Ratzenböck, Josefa E. Großschedl, Torsten Möller, João Alves, Immanuel Bomze and Stefan Meingast
Astronomy & Astrophysics 677 A59 (2023)

Benchmarking Gaia DR3 Apsis with the Hyades and Pleiades open clusters

Wolfgang Brandner, Per Calissendorff and Taisiya Kopytova
Astronomy & Astrophysics 677 A162 (2023)

Precise Age for the Binary Star System 12 Com in the Coma Berenices Cluster

Rex Lam, Eric L. Sandquist, Gail H. Schaefer, Christopher D. Farrington, John D. Monnier, Narsireddy Anugu, Cyprien Lanthermann, Robert Klement, Jacob Ennis, Benjamin R. Setterholm, Tyler Gardner, Stefan Kraus, Claire L. Davies and Jerome A. Orosz
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Approach of the Hyades star cluster to the Solar system

S V Vereshchagin, V V Emel'yanenko and M D Sizova
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 513 (2) 2958 (2022)

Investigating dynamical properties of globular clusters through a family of lowered isothermal models

Chia-Hsuan Cheng and Ing-Guey Jiang
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 519 (1) 445 (2022)

A tale of caution: the tails of NGC 752 are much longer than claimed

Henri M J Boffin, Tereza Jerabkova, Giacomo Beccari and Long Wang
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 514 (3) 3579 (2022)

Asymmetrical tidal tails of open star clusters: stars crossing their cluster’s práh† challenge Newtonian gravitation

Pavel Kroupa, Tereza Jerabkova, Ingo Thies, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 517 (3) 3613 (2022)

Disconnecting the Dots: Re-examining the Nature of Stellar “Strings” in the Milky Way

Catherine Zucker, J. E. G. Peek and Sarah Loebman
The Astrophysical Journal 936 (2) 160 (2022)

The evolutionary state of the chemically peculiar members of the open cluster NGC 2516

N V Kharchenko, A E Piskunov, S Hubrig and M Schöller
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 515 (2) 3094 (2022)

Topography of the Young Galactic Disk: Spatial and Kinematic Patterns of Clustered Star Formation in the Solar Neighborhood

Emilio J. Alfaro, Manuel Jiménez, M. Carmen Sánchez-Gil, Néstor Sánchez, Marta González and Jesús Maíz Apellániz
The Astrophysical Journal 937 (2) 114 (2022)

Comparison of Gaia and Hipparcos parallaxes of close visual binary stars and the impact on determinations of their masses

Mashhoor Ahmad Al-Wardat, Abdallah M. Hussein, Hamid M. Al-Naimiy and Martin A. Barstow
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia 38 (2021)

TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME). IV. Three Small Planets Orbiting a 120 Myr Old Star in the Pisces–Eridanus Stream*

Elisabeth R. Newton, Andrew W. Mann, Adam L. Kraus, John H. Livingston, Andrew Vanderburg, Jason L. Curtis, Pa Chia Thao, Keith Hawkins, Mackenna L. Wood, Aaron C. Rizzuto, Abderahmane Soubkiou, Benjamin M. Tofflemire, George Zhou, Ian J. M. Crossfield, Logan A. Pearce, Karen A. Collins, Dennis M. Conti, Thiam-Guan Tan, Steven Villeneuva, Alton Spencer, Diana Dragomir, Samuel N. Quinn, Eric L. N. Jensen, Kevin I. Collins, Chris Stockdale, et al.
The Astronomical Journal 161 (2) 65 (2021)

Stellar Parameterization of LAMOST M Dwarf Stars

Jiadong Li, Chao Liu, Bo Zhang, Hao Tian, Dan Qiu and Haijun Tian
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 253 (2) 45 (2021)

The impact of massive stars and black holes on the fate of open star clusters and their tidal streams

Long Wang and Tereza Jerabkova
Astronomy & Astrophysics 655 A71 (2021)

The Gaia–ESO Survey: Membership probabilities for stars in 63 open and 7 globular clusters from 3D kinematics

R J Jackson, R D Jeffries, N J Wright, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 509 (2) 1664 (2021)

Evidence for Radial Expansion at the Core of the Orion Complex with Gaia EDR3

Cameren Swiggum, Elena D’Onghia, João Alves, Josefa Großschedl, Michael Foley, Catherine Zucker, Stefan Meingast, Boquan Chen and Alyssa Goodman
The Astrophysical Journal 917 (1) 21 (2021)

Pleiades or Not? Resolving the Status of the Lithium-rich M Dwarfs HHJ 339 and HHJ 430

John Stauffer, David Barrado, Trevor David, Luisa M. Rebull, Lynne A. Hillenbrand, Eric E. Mamajek, Rebecca Oppenheimer, Suzanne Aigrain, Herve Bouy and Jorge Lillo-Box
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Kinematic modelling of clusters with Gaia: the death throes of the Hyades

Semyeong Oh and Neil Wyn Evans
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 498 (2) 1920 (2020)

Not all stars form in clusters – Gaia-DR2 uncovers the origin of OB associations

Hans-Walter Rix, J M Diederik Kruijssen and Jacob L Ward
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 495 (1) 663 (2020)

Search for the sub-stellar lithium depletion boundary in the open star cluster Coma Berenices

E. L. Martín, N. Lodieu and V. J. S. Béjar
Astronomy & Astrophysics 640 A9 (2020)

Cluster Difference Imaging Photometric Survey. II. TOI 837: A Young Validated Planet in IC 2602

L. G. Bouma, J. D. Hartman, R. Brahm, P. Evans, K. A. Collins, G. Zhou, P. Sarkis, S. N. Quinn, J. de Leon, J. Livingston, C. Bergmann, K. G. Stassun, W. Bhatti, J. N. Winn, G. Á. Bakos, L. Abe, N. Crouzet, G. Dransfield, T. Guillot, W. Marie-Sainte, D. Mékarnia, A. H. M. J. Triaud, C. G. Tinney, T. Henning, N. Espinoza, et al.
The Astronomical Journal 160 (5) 239 (2020)

Radial-velocity search and statistical studies for short-period planets in the Pleiades open cluster

Takuya Takarada, Bun’ei Sato, Masashi Omiya, Yasunori Hori and Michiko S Fujii
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 72 (6) (2020)

The Gaia-ESO Survey: a new approach to chemically characterising young open clusters

M. Baratella, V. D’Orazi, G. Carraro, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 634 A34 (2020)

The Gaia-ESO Survey: membership probabilities for stars in 32 open clusters from 3D kinematics

R J Jackson, R D Jeffries, N J Wright, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 496 (4) 4701 (2020)

Runaway and walkaway stars from the ONC with Gaia DR2

Richard J Parker, Eero Vaher, Jos de Bruijne and Christina Schoettler
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 495 (3) 3104 (2020)

Magnetic field and prominences of the young, solar-like, ultra-rapid rotator V530 Persei

T.-Q. Cang, P. Petit, J.-F. Donati, et al.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 643 A39 (2020)

The Relation of the Alpha Persei Star Cluster with the Nearby Stellar Stream

Victoria V. Nikiforova, Maxim V. Kulesh, Anton F. Seleznev and Giovanni Carraro
The Astronomical Journal 160 (3) 142 (2020)

Spectroscopic and astrometric radial velocities: Hyades as a benchmark

I C Leão, L Pasquini, H-G Ludwig and J R de Medeiros
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 483 (4) 5026 (2019)

DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm for the Detection of Nearby Open Clusters Based on Gaia-DR2two

Xu Shou-kun, Wang Chao, Zhuang Li-hua and Gao Xin-hua
Chinese Astronomy and Astrophysics 43 (2) 225 (2019)

HAZMAT. V. The Ultraviolet and X-Ray Evolution of K Stars

Tyler Richey-Yowell, Evgenya L. Shkolnik, Adam C. Schneider, Ella Osby, Travis Barman and Victoria S. Meadows
The Astrophysical Journal 872 (1) 17 (2019)

Kinematics in Young Star Clusters and Associations with Gaia DR2

Michael A. Kuhn, Lynne A. Hillenbrand, Alison Sills, Eric D. Feigelson and Konstantin V. Getman
The Astrophysical Journal 870 (1) 32 (2019)

Distances and parallax bias in Gaia DR2

Ralph Schönrich, Paul McMillan and Laurent Eyer
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 487 (3) 3568 (2019)

Pushing Automated Abundance Derivations into the Cool Dwarf Regime: A Test Using Three G and Two K Stars in Praesepe∗

Marwan Gebran, Marcel A. Agüeros, Keith Hawkins, Simon C. Schuler and Brett M. Morris
The Astrophysical Journal 871 (2) 142 (2019)

Gaia stellar kinematics in the head of the Orion A cloud: runaway stellar groups and gravitational infall

G P Garmire, M A Kuhn, E D Feigelson and K V Getman
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 487 (3) 2977 (2019)

Radial velocity confirmation of K2-100b: a young, highly irradiated, and low-density transiting hot Neptune

O Barragán, S Aigrain, D Kubyshkina, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 490 (1) 698 (2019)

Membership and fundamental parameters of the Praesepe cluster based on Gaia-DR2

Xin-hua Gao
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 486 (4) 5405 (2019)

On the structure of the Pleiades cluster

J Krełowski, A Strobel, G A Galazutdinov, A Bondar and G Valyavin
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 486 (1) 112 (2019)

The Lithium Depletion Boundary and the Age of the Hyades Cluster∗

Eduardo L. Martín, Nicolas Lodieu, Yakiv Pavlenko and Víctor J. S. Béjar
The Astrophysical Journal 856 (1) 40 (2018)

BANYAN. XI. The BANYAN Σ Multivariate Bayesian Algorithm to Identify Members of Young Associations with 150 pc

Jonathan Gagné, Eric E. Mamajek, Lison Malo, Adric Riedel, David Rodriguez, David Lafrenière, Jacqueline K. Faherty, Olivier Roy-Loubier, Laurent Pueyo, Annie C. Robin and René Doyon
The Astrophysical Journal 856 (1) 23 (2018)

Berkeley 51, a young open cluster with four yellow supergiants

I Negueruela, M Monguió, A Marco, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 477 (3) 2976 (2018)

A Gaia study of the Hyades open cluster

Stella Reino, Jos de Bruijne, Eleonora Zari, Francesca d'Antona and Paolo Ventura
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 477 (3) 3197 (2018)

Identification of young stellar variables with KELT for K2 – II. The Upper Scorpius association

Megan Ansdell, Ryan J. Oelkers, Joseph E. Rodriguez, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 473 (1) 1231 (2018)

Stellar activity with LAMOST – II. Chromospheric activity in open clusters

Xiang-Song Fang, Gang Zhao, Jing-Kun Zhao and Yerra Bharat Kumar
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 476 (1) 908 (2018)

Memberships of the Open Cluster NGC 6405 Based on a Combined Method: Gaussian Mixture Model and Random Forest

Xinhua Gao
The Astronomical Journal 156 (3) 121 (2018)

K2-136: A Binary System in the Hyades Cluster Hosting a Neptune-sized Planet

David R. Ciardi, Ian J. M. Crossfield, Adina D. Feinstein, Joshua E. Schlieder, Erik A. Petigura, Trevor J. David, Makennah Bristow, Rahul I. Patel, Lauren Arnold, Björn Benneke, Jessie L. Christiansen, Courtney D. Dressing, Benjamin J. Fulton, Andrew W. Howard, Howard Isaacson, Evan Sinukoff and Beverly Thackeray
The Astronomical Journal 155 (1) 10 (2018)

Fundamental Properties of Co-moving Stars Observed by Gaia

John J. Bochanski, Jacqueline K. Faherty, Jonathan Gagné, Olivia Nelson, Kristina Coker, Iliya Smithka, Deion Desir and Chelsea Vasquez
The Astronomical Journal 155 (4) 149 (2018)

The inflated radii of M dwarfs in the Pleiades

R J Jackson, Constantine P Deliyannis and R D Jeffries
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 476 (3) 3245 (2018)

A Large Moving Group within the Lower Centaurus Crux Association

Bertrand Goldman, Siegfried Röser, Elena Schilbach, Attila C. Moór and Thomas Henning
The Astrophysical Journal 868 (1) 32 (2018)

The evolution of surface magnetic fields in young solar-type stars II: the early main sequence (250–650 Myr)★

C P Folsom, J Bouvier, P Petit, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 474 (4) 4956 (2018)

Membership determination of open clusters based on a spectral clustering method

Xin-Hua Gao
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 70 (4) (2018)

A High-precision Trigonometric Parallax to an Ancient Metal-poor Globular Cluster∗

T. M. Brown, S. Casertano, J. Strader, A. Riess, D. A. VandenBerg, D. R. Soderblom, J. Kalirai and R. Salinas
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 856 (1) L6 (2018)

A New Look at an Old Cluster: The Membership, Rotation, and Magnetic Activity of Low-mass Stars in the 1.3 Gyr Old Open Cluster NGC 752

M. A. Agüeros, E. C. Bowsher, J. J. Bochanski, P. A. Cargile, K. R. Covey, S. T. Douglas, A. Kraus, A. Kundert, N. M. Law, A. Ahmadi and H. G. Arce
The Astrophysical Journal 862 (1) 33 (2018)

Characterization of Stellar and Substellar Members in the Coma Berenices Star Cluster

Shih-Yun Tang, W. P. Chen, P. S. Chiang, Jessy Jose, Gregory J. Herczeg and Bertrand Goldman
The Astrophysical Journal 862 (2) 106 (2018)

Zodiacal Exoplanets in Time (ZEIT). VI. A Three-planet System in the Hyades Cluster Including an Earth-sized Planet

Andrew W. Mann, Andrew Vanderburg, Aaron C. Rizzuto, Adam L. Kraus, Perry Berlind, Allyson Bieryla, Michael L. Calkins, Gilbert A. Esquerdo, David W. Latham, Gregory N. Mace, Nathan R. Morris, Samuel N. Quinn, Kimberly R. Sokal and Robert P. Stefanik
The Astronomical Journal 155 (1) 4 (2018)

Hubble Space Telescope Trigonometric Parallax of Polaris B, Companion of the Nearest Cepheid*

Howard E. Bond, Edmund P. Nelan, Nancy Remage Evans, Gail H. Schaefer and Dianne Harmer
The Astrophysical Journal 853 (1) 55 (2018)

A 2MASS/AllWISE Search for Extremely Red L Dwarfs: The Discovery of Several Likely L Type Members of β Pic, AB Dor, Tuc-Hor, Argus, and the Hyades

Adam C. Schneider, James Windsor, Michael C. Cushing, J. Davy Kirkpatrick and Evgenya L. Shkolnik
The Astronomical Journal 153 (4) 196 (2017)

The Factory and the Beehive. III. PTFEB132.707+19.810, A Low-mass Eclipsing Binary in Praesepe Observed by PTF and K2

Adam L. Kraus, Stephanie T. Douglas, Andrew W. Mann, Marcel A. Agüeros, Nicholas M. Law, Kevin R. Covey, Gregory A. Feiden, Aaron C. Rizzuto, Andrew W. Howard, Howard Isaacson, Eric Gaidos, Guillermo Torres and Gaspar Bakos
The Astrophysical Journal 845 (1) 72 (2017)

Zodiacal exoplanets in time (ZEIT) – II. A ‘super-Earth’ orbiting a young K dwarf in the Pleiades Neighbourhood

E. Gaidos, A. W. Mann, A. Rizzuto, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 464 (1) 850 (2017)

Zodiacal Exoplanets in Time (ZEIT). V. A Uniform Search for Transiting Planets in Young Clusters Observed by K2

Aaron C. Rizzuto, Andrew W. Mann, Andrew Vanderburg, Adam L. Kraus and Kevin R. Covey
The Astronomical Journal 154 (6) 224 (2017)

Poking the Beehive from Space: K2 Rotation Periods for Praesepe

S. T. Douglas, M. A. Agüeros, K. R. Covey and A. Kraus
The Astrophysical Journal 842 (2) 83 (2017)