EDP Sciences

Duties and meetings

The Board of Directors:

  • Owns the copyright of the journal through the European Southern Observatory (ESO).
  • The Members of the Board are appointed by the scientific organizations of the adhering countries.
  • Decides on general publication policy.
  • Appoints the Editors, who are responsible for deciding what is published in the journal.
  • Places contracts for the publication of the journal with the help of the ESO.
  • The procedures of the Board of Directors are defined by the Standing Rules (PDF file).

Annual meeting of the Board of Directors in early May

  • The Editors present the Editors report for the preceeding year.
  • The finances of the Board of Directors for the following year are approved. These include the national contributions paid by the member countries, and the budget for the editorial offices
  • The Board of Directors agrees with the publishers the number of pages to be published in the following year. The price per page to be published is specified by the contract with the publisher which is signed every five years. The institutional subscription for the following year is then determined by the number of pages to be published.
    The price per published page has fluctuated but was as low in 1998 as in 1978, and even stayed at the same level after the merging of the Supplement Series into the Main Journal as of January 2001.
  • The minutes of the meeting are not published. Summaries of recent Board meetings are available. Bonn 2008.