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ESO and EDP Sciences sign new contract for Astronomy and Astrophysics (June 2009)

A new contract for the publication of the scientific journal Astronomy and Astrophysics (A&A) has been signed with EDP Sciences (EDPS), by Prof Tim de Zeeuw, Director General of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), and Dr Jean-Marc Quilbé, Managing Director of EDPS, at the ESO Headquarters in Garching near Munich, Germany.

It is a great pleasure for the Board to announce that the contract for the production of A&A from January 2010 has been signed at ESO with EDP Sciences. Thus, for a renewed period, EDPS will continue as the publisher of A&A”, said Professor Georges Meynet, Chairman of the Board of Directors of A&A.

The Board is in charge of managing the journal. It consists of representatives of A&A’s 23 member countries plus ESO, which has handled the legal matters of A&A since the journal was established in 1969.

Astronomy & Astrophysics is owned by and operated for the astronomical community, and it is important that we make sure that we have the best available publisher for the journal”, said Prof de Zeeuw.

EDPS is excited to be continuing as the publisher of this major journal of astronomy, which is an important vehicle for the dissemination and archiving of high quality science results”, said Dr Quilbé.

Following a “call for tender” issued by the Board to select a publisher for the coming years, EDPS emerged as the optimum choice. The Board thanks all bidders for their interest in A&A.


Earlier News

Board of A&A issues Call for Tenders (April 2008)

Astronomy and Astrophysics (A&A) originated in Europe and is now one of the most important journals of Astronomy in the world. It publishes about 19000 pages per year. In parallel with the printed versions, there are electronic versions.

As the contract with our current publisher will end on 31 Dec. 2009, the Board of Directors of Astronomy and Astrophysics (the "Board") now invites offers from potential publishers. Science publishing including publishing in electronic form is evolving rapidly and the Board needs to examine regularly the general conditions to produce our Journal under the best conditions.

Thus, the Board is calling for Tenders from firms that would be able and interested in publishing A&A for an initial period of 3 years with the option of extensions. The contract will be established between the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere (ESO) on behalf of A&A and the selected bidder.

For detailed information and deadlines see A&A "Call for tenders" (now inactive).

New scientific editorial structure for the Letters section (May 2005)

The Letters Editor, Dr. P. Schneider, will complete his terms of service on 31 January 2006. A&A is indebted to him for his thoughtful and competent editing over the past several years. As a consequence of his departure, the Board has decided to restructure the manner in which the Letters will be handled as of 1 January 2006. The Associate Editor-in-Chief, Dr. M. Walmsley, will also become Editor-in-Chief for the Letters, and he will forward the Letters to the appropriate topical Associate Editor to organize the reviewing process. Likewise, the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. C. Bertout, will become the Associate Letters-Editor-in-Chief. This change will permit a more specialized treatment of Letters in the future and also allow Letters to benefit from language editing. Hence, after 1 January 2006, manuscripts for Letters should be submitted via the A&A Manuscript Management System (MMS) that is already in place for Main Journal submissions. Letters submitted before that will be handled by the current Letters Editor even after 1 January 2006.

New Associate Editor positions (May 2005)

Considering both the increased workload on the Associate Editors due to the above change and the continuing specialization of sub-fields in astronomy, the Board decided to open two new positions for Associate Editors, one specialized in Cosmology with a particular interest in theoretical aspects and the other in Observational Stellar Physics.

Applications are invited for these two new positions. The Associate Editors are expected to have a broad knowledge of astronomy and astrophysics and to have expertise in one of these two sub-fields. Candidates should have a strong record of published research in astronomy and astrophysics, should have experience as a referee and/or journal editor, and be prepared to commit the time needed to oversee the peer review of up to three hundred papers per year. Limited support for office equipment and secretarial help, as well as an annual indemnity, will be provided to the Associate Editors, and the initial term of appointment is three years.

Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, and a concise covering letter that summarizes the candidate's qualifications and the reasons for seeking an Associate Editor position. The likelihood of support from the home institute for the task should also be discussed in the application. Applications should preferably be e-mailed or sent/faxed to the Chairman of the Board of Directors:

Dr. Georges Meynet
Geneva Observatory
CH-1290 Sauverny
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: +41 22 37 92205

Applications received by 1 October 2005 will receive full consideration.
Informal inquiries about the positions may be directed by e-mail to Georges Meynet.

New A&A memberships (May 2005)

At its meeting in Tartu, Estonia on 8 May 2004, the A&A Board of Directors decided to grant observer status on the Board to Brazil, Chile, and Portugal (Sandqvist 2004, A&A, 426, E15).

On 6-7 May 2005, at its meeting in La Laguna, Spain, the Board of Directors admitted these three countries to full membership in A&A, starting 1 January 2006.