Table 1: Galaxy centers.
UGC  RA   (2000)   Dec. Comments

1$^{\rm h}$10$^{\rm m}$43.0$^{\rm s}$ 49$^{\circ}$36'7'' Kinematic center
2455 2$^{\rm h}$59$^{\rm m}$42.6$^{\rm s}$ 25$^{\circ}$14'34'' Center of H I distribution
4173 8$^{\rm h}$7$^{\rm m}$8.7$^{\rm s}$ 80$^{\circ}$7'38'' New optical center
4325 8$^{\rm h}$19$^{\rm m}$20.3$^{\rm s}$ 50$^{\circ}$0'36'' Kinematic center
5414 10$^{\rm h}$3$^{\rm m}$57.2$^{\rm s}$ 40$^{\circ}$45'22'' New optical center
5721 10$^{\rm h}$32$^{\rm m}$16.6$^{\rm s}$ 27$^{\circ}$40'8'' Kinematic center
8188 13$^{\rm h}$5$^{\rm m}$51.4$^{\rm s}$ 37$^{\circ}$35'56'' Center of H I distribution
8490 13$^{\rm h}$29$^{\rm m}$36.4$^{\rm s}$ 58$^{\circ}$25'10'' Kinematic center
8837 13$^{\rm h}$54$^{\rm m}$43.2$^{\rm s}$ 53$^{\circ}$53'42'' Center of H I distribution

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