Table 5: Modeling of the southern magnetic arm of NGC 4254 by stretching/shearing and compression processes. The radio properties of the N magnetic arm are regarded as the initial conditions for the S magnetic arm (region 3 and 1 in Table 2, respectively). The compression and stretching factors were adjusted so as to yield the observational values (given in italics) of synchrotron emissivity ratio S2/S2 or the degree of polarization in the southern arm p2 (see Sect. 3.4).
  stretching $\eta$ or S2/S1 p2
  compression $\zeta$ factor    
Observed - $2.0\pm 0.2$ $0.37\pm 0.03$
Stretching 1.53 2.0 0.39
Stretching 1.47 1.8 0.37
Compression 1.24 2.0 0.29
Compression 1.84 8.1 0.37

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