Table 4: Observed and modeled depolarization of synchrotron emission in several regions of NGC 4254 due to differential Faraday rotation, Faraday dispersion, and gradients in RM. The regions are marked in Fig. 5b.
  Obs. DP(3.6/6.3) Diff. FR Far. Disp. Grad. RM
1) Southern outer magnetic arm $1.08\pm0.02$ $ 0.99\pm0.01$ $ 0.99\pm0.01$ $ 0.99\pm0.01$
2) Western outer magnetic arm $1.14\pm0.14$ $ 0.97\pm0.02$ $1.00\pm0.01$ $0.98\pm0.01$
3) Northern inner magnetic arm $1.04\pm0.17$ $ 0.99\pm0.01$ $1.00\pm0.01$ $0.98\pm0.01$
4) Central part $0.57\pm0.18$ $ 0.66\pm0.28$ $0.70\pm0.04$ $0.91\pm0.11$
5) SW optical spiral arm $0.89\pm0.04$ $ 0.99\pm0.01$ $0.86\pm0.06$ $ 0.99\pm0.01$
6) NE optical spiral arm $0.72\pm0.15$ $ 0.91\pm0.07$ $0.89\pm0.15$ $0.94\pm0.04$

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