Table 1: Configuration interaction expansion used in present 36-configuration and 40-configuration calculations as well as those of Berrington et al. (2000) and Zeng et al. (2005).
Configuration 36-c. 40-c. Berr. Zeng
3s2 3p6 3d2 $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$
3s2 3p5 3d3 $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$
3s2 3p6 3d 4l $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$
3s2 3p6 3d 5l $\bullet$ $\bullet$   $\bullet$
3s 3p6 3d3 $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$
3s2 3p5 3d2 4s $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$
3s2 3p5 3d2 4p $\bullet$ $\bullet$    
3s2 3p5 3d2 4d $\bullet$ $\bullet$    
3s2 3p6 4l 4l' $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$
3s2 3p4 3d4 $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$
3s2 3p4 3d3 4s   $\bullet$ $\bullet$  
3s2 3p4 3d3 4p   $\bullet$ $\bullet$  
3s 3p5 3d4   $\bullet$   $\bullet$
3s2 3p3 3d5   $\bullet$   $\bullet$
3s2 3p5 3d 4s2 $\bullet$ $\bullet$ $\bullet$  
3s2 3p6 4d 5l $\bullet$ $\bullet$    
3p6 3d4 $\bullet$ $\bullet$    
3s2 3p6 5d2 $\bullet$ $\bullet$    
3s2 3p6 5f2 $\bullet$ $\bullet$    
3s2 3p6 5g2 $\bullet$ $\bullet$    

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