Table 3: Accepted ranges of the physical parameters (mass, luminosity and effective temperature) for variables V128, V126, V72 and V152, together with the corresponding range of apparent visual distance modulus and intensity weighted (B-V) color. For the V152 variable the range in temperature (color) has not been calculated (see text).

Mass $\log~~(L/L_{\odot})$ $T_{\rm e}$ $\mu _V$ $\langle B \rangle - \langle V\rangle$
  [$M_{\odot}$]   [K] [mag] [mag]
V128 $0.60\div0.71$ $1.595\div1.670$ $7050\div7150$ $14.92\div15.11$ $0.227\div0.240$
V126 $0.60\div0.75$ $1.683\div1.775$ $7020\div7080$ $15.12\div15.35$ $0.235\div0.244$
V72 $0.60\div0.73$ $1.643\div1.710$ $6900\div7000$ $15.04\div15.22$ $0.227\div0.237$
V152 $0.60\div0.69$ $1.666\div1.711$   $14.94\div15.04$  

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