Table 1: The range of estimated apparent visual distance modulus ($\mu _V$), obtained with different methods, and the reddening values, E(B-V), provided in the recent literature for M3. The [Fe/H] values given by Zinn & West (1984: ZW), Harris (2003: H) and Carretta & Gratton (1997: CG) are also reported.
Quantity Value
$\mu _V$ $14.8\div15.2$
E(B-V) $0.01\div0.03$
${{\rm [Fe/H] _ZW}}$ - $1.66\pm0.06$
${{\rm [Fe/H] _H}}$ -1.57
${{\rm [Fe/H] _CG}}$ - $1.34\pm0.06$

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