Table 5: Overview of the most important model parameter. All abundances are given w.r.t. total H abundance.
  Model Parameters
$A_{\rm He}$ 0.1 Elemental He abundance
$A_{\rm O}$ $3\times 10^{-4}$ Elemental O abundance
$A_{\rm C}$ $1\times 10^{-4}$ Elemental C abundance
$\zeta_{\rm CR}$ $5\times 10^{-17}$ s-1 CR ionization rate
$A_{\rm V}$ $6.289\times 10^{-22} N_{\rm H_{total}}$ Visual extinction
$\tau_{\rm UV}$ 3.02 Av FUV dust attenuation
$v_{\rm b}$ 1 km s-1 Doppler width
$D_{\rm H_2}$ $5\times 10^{-18}\cdot \frac{\chi}{10}$ s-1 H2 dissociation rate
R $3\times 10^{-18} T^{1/2}$ cm3 s-1 H2 formation rate
$T_{\rm gas,fix}$ 50 K Gas temperature (for F1-F4)
$T_{\rm dust,fix}$ 20 K Dust temperature (for F1-F4)
n 103, 105.5 cm-3 Total density
$\chi$ 10,105 FUV intensity w.r.t.
    Draine (1978) field
    (i.e. $\chi=1.71~G_0$)

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