Table 2: List of AMBER spectrograph modules with acronym definition and functions.
Optical elements Functions
SPG-INW Input slit.
Input Wheel Image cold stop.
SPG-CSY Spectrograph optics cooling.
Cooling System Vacuum, temperature, and nitrogen
  level control.
  Thermal flux reduction.
SPG-ISD Cold stop for the spatial
Imaging and Stopping filter mode (thermal flux reduction).
Device Technical operations (wide diaphragm).
  Calibration (dark).
  Beam collimation.
SPG-PMW Thermal flux reduction.
Pupils Masks Wheel Beam size definition.
SPG-IPS Thermal flux reduction.
Interferometric Photometric Beam splitting.
Splitter Beams deviation.
  Photometric images deflection on DET.
SPG-DIU Spectral dispersion.
Dispersion Unit Spectral wavelength selection.
  Spectral resolution selection.
  Spectral modulation.
SPG-CHA Beam combination.
Camera Beam focalization.

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