Table 2: Galaxy gas properties.
... 95 & 0.6 & 38 & 1.6 & 10.7\\
\end{array} \end{displaymath}\end{table}
a Cayatte et al. (1994); b Oosterloo & van Gorkom (2005); c Crowl et al. (2005); d We took the HI deficiency of NGC 4579 which has about the same B and H band magnitudes and morphological type. As NGC 4438, it also shows a highly truncated gas disk with a very small amount of H I; e CO gas mass from Vollmer et al. (2006); f from this paper; g Kenney et al. (2004); h Vollmer & Huchtmeier (2003); i based on the low mass and low surface brightness extraplanar H I; j Vollmer et al. (2005); k Vollmer et al., in prep.; l Vollmer et al. (2006); m Vollmer et al. (2004a).

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