Table 1: Poljargon.
polxxx = polarization xxx
quasi-scalar refers to the conventional linearising approach to radio polarimetry
    I intensity
    polvector $\vec{p}$ $\vec{p}= (Q,U,V)^{\rm T}$
pre-calibration initial correction of an observation based on prior data
self-alignment proper name for what is traditionally called self-calibration
post-calibration calibrating the errors that self-alignment leaves undetermined
polconversion mutual conversion $I \leftrightarrow \vec{p}$
polrotation rotation of $\vec{p}$ in QUV space
poldistortion product of polconversion and polrotation
poldeconversion correcting for polconversion
polvector leveling polrotating polvectors to minimise $\sum V^2$
Sky and Instrument Models joint solution of the self-align equations
heterogeneous array array in which antennas have identical optics but
  polarimetrically different feeds
New terms introduced in this paper are italicised.

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